Calendula officinalis, popularly known as marigolds, revered since ancient times, and for various advantages

Botanical Reference

Calendula officinalis (marigold) is a herbaceous annual plant height of 40-70 cm. Calendula ranked among the family Asteraceae. Its stem enveloped glandular hairs, erect, ribbed, strong. Marigold leaves sessile, alternate, upper lanceolate, the lower obovate, oblong. Fruit plants — achene, matures in August. The flowers bloom from June to late autumn, reed, red-orange color. They are collected in large baskets. Homeland calendula -Average Asia, South and Central Europe. In Russia, it is cultivated as a medicinal and ornamental plants. Growing calendula is in many farms.

We collect and store

For the treatment of stockpiled medicinal plant flower

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Committed to ecology.

Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based firm which focuses on sustainable living practices. The organization has come about in 2008 with the merger of Chitra K Vishwanath Architects and the Rainwater Club. The work spans and integrates various sustainable practices in architectural design, water management, rain water harvesting, waste water recycling and sanitation practices. The broad objectives include improving long-term water security, lowering water demand and the use of locally- sourced materials, reducing the ecological footprint of the new buildings while providing an energy-efficient built environment that does not compromise on comfort or aesthetics

In the Biome website,

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And you will be cured, and I will cure

Cats, horses, dolphins … animals can heal people and having fun doing it. NOTE, absolutely free, and sometimes at the cost of their health and life

Animaloterapiya — so-called treatment involving animals as doctors. And though the recognition it has received relatively recently, in the 50s of the last century, about the animals’ ability to influence people positively known since ancient times. The ancient Greeks wrote: "The greatest happiness of the Earth lies on the back of a horse"Noting the benefit of riding for people. Hippocrates noted that horse riding helps wounded recover and leave the state of melancholic

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Black Death


After enjoying generations of sunshine and warmer climes, Europe had undergone an unprecedented population boom that saw more people living on the continent than ever before. At the turn of the first millennium there were 24 million people in Europe, and by 1340 this had reached 54 million.

Entire countries were straining at the edges of their farmlands and eating into the forests, and the availability of food was beginning to reach the limits of population support. A dire evil, however, stalked the land, just as the Little Ice

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Vitaly Gibert: Dreams come true obligation

The winner of the 11th season of «The Battle of psychics,» not only impressed the audience with his exceptional gift, he was truly loved magician country. So who he is — an ordinary man or explorer of the truth? Where does your teaching, what they think, and to aspire to?

Vitaly, I heard that the last time you do not give interviews — what is that?

— After the «Battle of psychics,» I realized that our media is only interested in my personal life: what my car, I sleep with someone. And I do not need it all —

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Watch a three-sheeted (trifol) is also known by the Latin name Menyanthes trifoliata L. belongs to the family of shift (Menyanthaceae)

Botanical Reference

Watch a three-sheeted — a perennial herb. Rootstock long, creeping, knotty, spongy inside, root adventitious roots. The leaves are trifoliate, on long petioles amplexicaul up to 30 cm. Sheet share obovate, tselnokray-set, with subtle water stomata on the edge. Flower arrow without leaves, length of 20-40 cm, ending racemose inflorescence. The flowers are pale pink corolla five-blade, the blades are inside the velvety omission. Fruit — capsule with small seeds. It flowers in May and June, fruits ripen in July and August.

We collect and store

Collect leaves in a phase of full development after flowering (July —

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The country is an abstraction. Lin Sampson believes that if you do the maths you can extract from it what you need.

We are in the country, yippee! The Aga is on (it has taken three people and most of the night to get it working), a Karoo lamb is gently roasting. The vegetables are beyond green. Outside, hens peck and in a nest of straw lies that most perfect of objects, a new-laid egg.

There’s a lot of rustic foregrounding, a vegetable «forest» and a canopy of trees. Everything is popping, even the farmers wife. Around here fecundity is

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In the headquarters of the elected «Popular Front»

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Stray and needy IN THE MIDDLE AGES


When it comes to the Middle Ages, is usually remembered kings, knights, crusades, castles and magnificent cathedrals. But it is rather a grand facade. Most people with great difficulty, earns his bread throughout life. ‘Frequent war reserves full devastation, desolation and famine in the Middle Ages were commonplace. And nobody, not even The sovereign lords, was not immune from having to join the ranks of vagrants, beggars and wanderers internally.


What is this song because of the bend in the road? Step aside, Miss respected people, they go to the holy places. Pay attention

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A fistful of dollars

Back in the day, or at least back in my day, the way to make money from your music was to send a cassette out (yes, I know I don’t look it but I am older than 35) almost at random, hope someone would sign you on the strength of it and become a superstar pop diva overnight. That’s what we did back then, but it didn’t work for me, nor did it with 99.99% of the rest of the poor sods who tried it.

Nowadays, thank the Lord, there are a stack of other ways to make money from

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