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Skirmish in Minsk for a day paratrooper

Photo GallerySeveral 10-s people tried to pass the monument to fallen soldiers-internationalists that the peninsula Tears in Troiza. SWAT police rassek column into two parts: Part blocked in the Trinity Suburb and part near the bridge. Just there is a skirmish, which resulted in was delayed about 10 ka man. According to witnesses at the scene and was the new chief of the Minsk SWAT.

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Your slimming man

Thousands of articles have been written on how to lose weight women. A little less — about how to lose weight men. And what should a woman whose man decided on such an ordeal as weight loss? How to motivate men who have excess weight, how to maintain it during a severe and prolonged struggle with pounds, how to help after weight loss. These and other questions are answeredMariyatMukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.

Usually men women later realize that it is time

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Battle for the collection: from 6.00 to 24.00

From 9 am I next to the workshop in the agricultural cooperative Makarovtsy Berestovitsky district. Most of the harvesters slid on the field and around the 1st zealous master. Greeting, ask how this year goes cleaning. Man: "Normally, I have 15 years in the food processor. This year’s collection is very good, I do not remember such." Reporter: "A harvester is not bad either still often have to fix?" Man: "Well, of course, do not compare with those that were previously. Easier to manage, view from the cockpit profitable. And when you’re in the cockpit, there is no dust." Reporter:

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Your family is mature or problematic?

How well do you live now in your family? Many are not even the same question. It is considered that if the family has no apparent conflict, then everyone is satisfied with the situation. Therefore, many put up with a life that seems to them more or less successful, and do not assume that the family situation can change at once. Many see their family life do not like spending time with friends, but as a battlefield or heavy, unbearable burden. Hundreds of family types can be divided into two great classes: mature and problematic.

The atmosphere of

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The collection of signatures: People fear

On their own experiences "Freedom" told contender for deputatstvo, a member of the liquidated power party "Hope" Natalia Zaitseva.Ms. Zaitseva not the first time participating in campaign. In This year she fights for the parliamentary seat in Mogilev-Oktiabrsky number 86. On the same district administration head and running the October district of Mogilev Evgeny Lebedev.Activities of the group Natalia Zaitseva in less than two weeks gathered 600 signatures. Ms. Zaitseva notes that the signature in comparison with previous campaigns has become more difficult to collect:"People are afraid. People are tired, they do not believe neither the opposition nor the authorities.

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What’s great about Putin has done for Russia? (With statistics)

I regularly ask the same question. What good did Putin for Russia for the last 10 years? Every time you see this, I wonder what people have short memories. They have already managed to forget partially thoroughly nineties.


Remember the crisis of '98, when the dollar is less than a month has jumped from six to twenty rubles? Remember the faces of the people who at the time were large debts in dollars?

Purely for comparison, from January 2000 to the current date dollar exchange rate has changed to one ruble, from 28 to 29 rubles.

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What did villagers to plant? He already in prison!

During a private trip to Kamenetz district, Brest region, Alexander Lukashenko warned Governing farms "of rigid responsibility" for poor-quality cleaning and untimely sowing. He referred to crime as a low harvest."Until a couple of people not put — do not understand" — allocated Lukashenko.How to react to the statement of the head of the country villagers living on the reverse side of the country — in the village of Golden Horn Vetkovskiy District?Prince"What did villagers plant? He and so in vain works: If he gets 150-200 thousand, working morning to night — besides plant? He already in prison! Earn in

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Against Kurapaty vandals is not opened

This is the first case where the hooligans managed to catch the hand. Earlier, the police had not once ringleader cases on vandalism, but This time criminals could not find. Check on the incident on November 1 conducts local policeman. Sergei Myaleshka Within 10 days, he must determine — to initiate criminal proceedings or not. Recall: members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Oleg Sviridov and Ales Macs duty in Kurapaty. After 9 pm they saw as two young people came out of the tunnel and began to fell to the ground crosses, established at the graves of victims of

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Opposition can not divide a neighborhood

MogilevFavourite Mogilev regional organization of the United Party, Vladimir Shantsev civilian came from the list of candidates for parliament. And oh so this explains the background:

Neither saboteurs from the authorities failed to bring us so much harm as those who do not wish to make their decisions

"It was a decision of the Political Council of the UDF one district — one candidate. But Political Council was unable to reach, so the decision was made. Process, as they say, went on the slide. Neither saboteurs from the authorities failed to bring us so much harm as those who do

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Lukashenko wants to capitalize on the global food doldrums

In This year sale of goods supply abroad must reach 2 billion dollars. In the criteria hungry riots in several regions of the world, in the words Lukashenko, God gave Belarusians chance, once oil companies — to capitalize on the rapid growth of food prices. As an example, Lukashenko referred to the United Nations statistics, according to which in the next year from hunger Worldwide may die 17 million people. Before leaving the Brest region of Belarus President focused on the fact that at the moment of the grain they say more than oil and gas, because, according to him,

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