Bush: America is working for the freedom of Belarusians

Now our people standing in front of the latest fighting enemies who kill the innocent and seek to subject millions of its own force, totalitarian power, "- said George Bush, remembering the victory of freedom over Russian communism and Nazi fascism in the 20th century that.

In countries such as Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe, people continue to live under oppressive regimes

"But we remain convinced that the light of freedom i overcome this mist. To come today, we should support the young democracy in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. In countries such as Belarus,

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Viagra: pros and cons

Scientists have developed a new preparation to increase blood flow to the heart muscle and lower blood pressure. However, it has not met expectations. But it was observed that the preparation provides significant blood flow to male genitals, and as a result, improves the quality of erections. This drug has been called "Viagra".

It is only when a man feels a natural sexual arousal, and when sexual intercourse is completed, the penis naturally returns to the relaxed state. In other words, the "Viagra" affects only the natural mechanisms of erection and this was its undeniable novelty and secret

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Psychic sketch of terrorist

Drakakhrust: "Andrew, on the basis of what you know about Minsk explosion on July 4, with your experience and discussions with those who planned it not the most horrific terrorist attacks in Russia, which is a mental portrait of the organizer of the explosion in Minsk could you draw?"Babitsky: "I believe it was all the same group of people. This kind of sabotage or terrorist attack, which obviously will affect many people and will have a very severe political consequences — they require a group of rudeness. Either we can read about some of the curved freedom lone man with

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Day of solidarity in Vilnius — shares in the morning until the evening

In youth rally that was held by "Studalyans" (organization YSU), "Young Front"And" Mutiny " assumed the role of more than 20 people, activists joined and Belarusians, who arrived in Vilnius in personal matters and the case learned about the action. Young people in the form of theatrical affairs expressed their own protest against repression in Belarus and namely latest arrests in the case of an explosion. Young people holding a large banner with the words "Do you have the nuts and bolts, then you drink juice? Then we come to for you!." Youth handed a petition to the Embassy employee

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The number of Internet users in Russia grew to 70 million people, 49% of the population

The number of Internet users in Russia in 2011, according to preliminary data, increased by 5.4% — up to 70 million people, told reporters on Monday the head of the Russian Ministry of Communications Igor Shchegolev. Thus the number of Internet users in the country was 49% of the 142 million 857 thousand people living in Russia, according to the Federal State Statistics Service.

 Photo source:4pda.ru

"Compared with 2010, the rate has decreased, but the audience continues to grow", — quotes RIA "Novosti" Minister, I remind you that in 2011, Russia ranked first in the number of Internet

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Kalyakin: Formation of district commissions were opaque

"For Statements had would go some business. But the situation in the country flip statements. People who wish to become members, pursue, in connection with the explosion without sufficient grounds were detained 16 people, among them activists of political parties, heads of the election headquarters of democratic candidates. "Yesterday’s meeting of the executive committees, which were formed DECs by views Kalyakina, passed transparently, not all executive committees be allowed at these meetings representatives of the opposition, with all this power and not explained to the motives by which decisions were made. "Just read to someone previously compiled list of which

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The number of units of a voluntary fire brigade in Russia has exceeded half a million people

The number of personnel of public institutions volunteer fire department in Russia this year has exceeded half a million people (526,970).

July 29 in Astrakhan oblaati completed the first all-Russian volunteer fire departments charges of

According to the MOE, in the subjects of the Russian Federation now has 25450 public associations of fire protection. On their arms is almost 15,000 units of the basic fire-fighting equipment and more than 10,000 devices.

Volunteer firefighters provide protection to the 24,840 communities that are home to 9,790,000 people.

rite of initiation into the volunteer fire Orenburg Region (June 2012)

Until the end of

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Mogilev: only two opposition members in the composition of district election commissions

In total, 240 people claimed commissions. Executive Committee and the Presidium of the Regional Council approved the Mogilev region 169 people at 13 election commissions.

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In area 34 Pukhovichi unreliable person

On Saturday, July 12, to the police station Pukhavichy district that is located in the village everybody caused Tatiana and Anastasia Rysevets — Mom and daughter. They, as it turned out, included in the list of 34 persons in respect of whom the police Pukhavichy district begins to conduct investigative actions. The purpose of the investigation — to learn the likely involvement these people an explosion in Minsk. Ladies offered to make fingerprints and pass a saliva for analysis. Mom and daughter refused do without warrants. Representatives Democratic Forces were able to obtain a copy of the list of 34.

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Two procession, two rallies

Rally in memory ended by laying flowers on the graves of executed victims of Stalinist repression. Active participants of the action were not divided by party affiliation and together lit candles and laid flowers. First meeting became chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski the cross. Specifically, there gathered marchers who walked from the "East" cemetery. "Lists for the execution of people, of course, most of them exported to Kurapaty in 1937-1940 years, personally approved by Stalin and Molotov. Sadly recognizable list of September 15, 1937, where Stalin and Molotov put their autographs in condemning in the first category, and it means shot

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