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Under the hum from the Eastern cemetery to Kurapaty Forest

About five hundred people gathered today at the Eastern Cemetery. Among them were the chairman of BPF, Lavon Barshcheuski his deputies, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Viktor Ivashkevich, Alexei Yanukevich Chairman of the Joint civilian party, Anatoly Lebedko favorite "Young Front". Zmitser Dashkevich Participants of the rally laid flowers on the graves, Vladimir Korotkevich, Pimen Panchenko, Misha Tkachev, Vasil Bykov, Anatoly Bogatyrev, Gennady Karpenko Igor HermyanchukBelarusian and other recognizable figures. Laying flowers at the tomb of Vasil Bykov Barshcheuski Lavon said:"Before the death of Vladimir Korotkevich Vasil Bykov not very keen on public display any of their properties, which he really had.

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Lyabedzka: The authorities have started political terror

"The authorities have taken political terror. We will encourage people to come to the rally of solidarity. Currently worth and the question of boycotting the elections, who appointed himself Lukashenko. He pushes us to boycott it campaign.This is a demonstration of the power of helplessness as she works unprofessional. What does it mean to come to the person to break, break down the door, pick up nails and arrest the person. It’s just is a campaign to intimidate the people, that they should not perceived role in the elections. Lukashenko is afraid of these elections and wants to make the

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McCain adviser threatened ambassador to Minsk

The other day in an interview with Washington Times Graham said that Americans are "mental decline" and is "zhalbitav civilization." Private messages Broadcasting CBS News sends a clear answer to these words of McCain, in response McCain Councillor threatened that he would send his ambassador to Belarus."Phil Graham says on my behalf. I speak on their own behalf, and I strongly disagree." I believe that a person, for example, here in Michigan, lost his job, is not in the mental decline. And these people did not whine. " Asked by journalists to comment on the information that McCain if he

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In his native town of Larissa Heniyush asked her books

On the morning of the center Zelva currently crowded: construction workers, many passers-by on the market are trading hassle, retirees are drawn to the church. I’m just in the center of the square. On the one hand executive committee, on the other — a monument to Lenin. I ask passers-by — in connection with which such reconstruction? Man: "This city is preparing for the 750th anniversary."Reporter: "Do you have to upgrade?" Man: "It is clear that so." Spades: "How can such like, when such blue spruce and then pavyrezvali How can a man like?" 2nd lady: "But there we have

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Version explosions

We bring you the first part of the transmission.What was the explosion that occurred in Minsk during the celebration days of the republic? This is a terrorist attack? Hooliganism? Something else? Which version you seem more possible?

Kalinkina: I quickly tell which version seems less possible. I think that hooliganism — what they say now representatives of the Ministry — this is indescribable version. Just as to collect, as it turns out, two explosive devices from the nuts and bolts must not be a bully, you need to do it consciously, knowing that you’re all talking about it in the

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In snowy Legion did not prepare terrorists

"Snow-white legion" never engaged in training of terrorists, it was a military-patriotic organization that already 5 years is not valid. There, people engaged in sports, studied the history, language. I know many of these people, I worked with them and do not believe that these people something to be able to. These are ordinary Belarusian patriotic people. "Prince Milinkevich completely rejects the theory that the Tipo opposition activists might be involved in the explosion on July 4 in Minsk."It’s not in the style of a civilian society activists, and recent years we have shown that ruled in favor of the

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Deepest festival

Not only the light that in the window — it’s true. But it is also true that the world is not just somewhere far away. Because the question: "festivals? .. — Cannes? Venice? Carlsbad?" — I have the second year in a row say, "Deepest," Magnificat "; suitcase and collect food to look cinema.

"Magnificat" in the deepest — is Catholic Festival of Christian films and television programs, but to no avail secular people would hesitate to serious words "Catholic" and "Christian." It is not the number of mentions the name of God, and not the presence of crosses, candles

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What if beaten or mock the police?

Meanwhile defenders recommend what to do in case of abuse and torture by the police. Social democrat Statkevich not so long ago he suffered the same izymatelstva as Ales Yasiuk. It a couple times in the bullpen razdyavali naked in Akrestsin after detention per share on May 1 in Minsk. "Apparently, they preferred razdyavanne … May 1 for the first time in the slammer administrative radyavali me what it is, absolutely … that they are not clear. I think it was an attempt to mental pressure. After the trial, I searched three times, once to his shorts, and later want

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Dzyady — 2008: online reporting

15.35 Kurapaty rally ended. People all together sang "God Almighty." Now they put candles, flowers lozhut install kryzhy.15.25 Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Sergey P. .. 15:35


Valery Buffalo, secretary answers the CCP BPF, said at the rally — "We must follow the example of courageous Georgian people and defend our homeland in accordance with the Constitution of the brutal occupier."

15:10 At the rally, the deputy chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky, who urged people every year and comes in Kurapaty Chelyuskinites Park, where there were mass executions.

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A. Gulak: Acts policemen even lead to death of people

"From time to time such acts even lead to a languid consequences perishing people.’s Very difficult to such cases case to bring closure for logical. We can not examine these statements themselves, we can only appeal to the law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts, lawyers help find, connect the press. "By Oleg Gulak, Police usually mends izymatelstva not political activists, and individuals with little social status — the homeless, zapivoh alcoholics. "With such a category they do not stand on ceremony, and you can believe in any fears that the police are doing with such people, because, unfortunately, it is very

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