More insecure when innocent people are punished for crimes

It is no coincidence we approached Mieczyslaw Ivanovich with a proposal to become a public editor this week. Improvised explosion device during mass celebrations in Minsk on the night of July 4th, which affected more than fifty people, generated a lot of questions. Namely, how to rescue people from the maniacs of the new millennium — the terrorists?This week, in conjunction with Mieczyslaw Mushroom we try to uncover themes that exposed the explosion in Minsk on July 4, and even earlier, in 2005, carried on the agenda of a day or two explosions in Vitebsk. Are law enforcement agencies to

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Explosions in Minsk and Vitebsk could organize one person

Search the offender is over all probable fronts, but Vitebsk track is a priority. Certain details of the production of bombs and their placement among the people in Minsk and Vitebsk similar. For disk imaging publications can make a homemade bomb at least some from the chemist to find appropriate circuit in the network. According to investigators precedents, almost always homemade bombs are on the mental level nyavravnavazhanyya people.

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Kondrusiewicz condemned the blast in Minsk

It is reported by the press service of the Conference of Bishops of the Church in Belarus."More than 50 people were injured whereupon explosion. It was not able to make the person who really loves God and close, it could not be a true Christian, it might not be a person who lives Gospel. Disease of the world today — the spiritual "sclerosis". Cost to pray for such people, that they took the path of return. If a person with something or someone does not agree, if there is a problem, you should solve it with love, not anger, "-

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Mogilev detained 65 people

As they sat down, a policeman forced everyone to leave and drove the bus to the parking lot. 2 more people who went to the taxi, the police at the station. And 2-brought out of the bus in Byalynichy, and keep in office, there is no connection with them. Artur Finkevich believes that the police withdid it specifically to disrupt the role of Mogilev members of the movement in stocks. All potential protesters gave their passport data, whereupon they were released. Activists of the movement said that many police officers at the station in the form and civil. Tags: young,

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Mogilev not release activists in Minsk on Dzyady

A group of activists from sixty people gathered in the afternoon to go to Minsk to take the role of Classically procession to Kurapaty dedicated memory of days Protz Dzyady. By youth activist Rostislav Pankratov, when all gathered at the bus ordered, at one point the police arrived and said that it is broken. The driver, an activist says, they took documents. To activists policemen were no claims. "We then decided to go to the bus, but when they came to the bus drove us all the same policemen. As we agree with marshrutnikami, these same people come here in

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We profitably release Kozulin

"And do not do it from the sufferer. Time will come to release it under the law, and no one there to hold will not," — said Alexander Lukashenko. — Understand, we profitably Kozulin release, he will destroy all opposition. All! They’re poor, worry, require me to hold him in jail at least until the parliamentary elections … Well, later, when you ate yesterday with the President from the same bowl, and later begins to vilify the president … Such person in general should not be allowed to power. This is a decent man! " President of Belarus said the

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Prazdnichka man hunt, and he celebrates

"For me it prazdnichek completely alien. I feel like in another country. A nation as I think, becoming more and more than on such prazdnichkom. They are here in front of my window all come and go. Since this country, more in this town, nothing happens. People must have at least some prazdnichek. Man wants to enjoy Choc something even if and does not know what he is pleased. Show there is something there any dancing, colorful paint there, there’s huge amounts of money revolve. Why not have a look? Man lives in a funny day, and he should be

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Opposition to a single queue with BRYU

Unlike the previous parliamentary elections, the opposition to This time began to act without delay.Sergei Obrazovsky, first secretary of the Minsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Belarusian, said, "Freedom", which came to executive committee, when the clock was still without five-eighth in the morning. Yet found who will accept documents in a queue orgotdela: "Youth icon BRYU. And he immediately takes a quick first paper. And I say, "Excuse me, young man, but in fact there is a queue." And he says that you are walking somewhere. I agree that walking, but walking to find out who

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Zhalbiny by Iancu Kupalu

Afternoon at the Church of St. Roch on the Golden Jam accomplished by Janka Kupala mass. A 16-hours of intellectuals, the public came to the monument Kupala Military Cemetery to lay flowers, read poems of the poet.Literary critic, composer’s complete works Kupala Doctor Misha Mushinskii said:

Scion Kolas Michas Miscavige"What in Belarus, Belarusian nation has Yanka Kupala — is a great happiness. After all, what is expressed in his works, is embodied in a beautiful artistic expression — is philosophy, and morality is, this man’s dreams, the dreams of the people. This is his ethics, this is his idea of

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Friendly: build chemical plant despite protests

In the central square of the village everybody who has become a common gathering place for people who are protesting against the construction of a chemical plant in the area Russian Company "August-Bel", gathered about a thousand people. This is largely middle-aged people who came to work at the station TEC-5, youth, many mothers with a sidecar.Also here, law enforcement officials in civilian clothes who all removed. Some of them, vice-chairman rayotdela, delivered and said that action is not sanctioned and that people will be held accountable. This amicable people responded with applause, cheers, whistling.Whereupon took the floor and one

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