Z.Paznyaka: Bulls did not let out of sight Kurapaty

It happened soon after the publication in the newspaper "Literature and Art" article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road death." On June 19, 1988 reads opener Kurapaty Zenon Pozniak:"Day June 19, 1988, when the total came out to march and rally Kurapaty there lives in my consciousness, and very true. Thousands of people went into the forest and Kurapaty all scattered. Between the trees and shrubs were silent, in complete silence … And only steps and rustling forest grass underfoot …I heard this is something magical. I felt what’s happening something I could not explain. This rustling human Levinov —

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Bulls glorified own people, not power

At the grave of Vasil Bykov — moderate bunches of blue cornflowers, who adored writer, daisies, white and reddish pinks. In the morning there was no organized rallies, simply approached by people with flowers and silent stood at the grave … Talking to people:Dzyadok"For me, the Bulls — that Belarus is the conscience, it’s true. I have it work, I reread" longish way home ", wonder how he managed to survive."Prince"For me it is a real example of Belarusian".Veteran"Vasil Bykov as old soldiers, we often talked about the war and the postwar period. Bykov I know not only from his

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20 years ago the first procession to Kurapaty

Rally and march were organized by activists of the youth, as it was known, informal organization "Cleanup". Mentions her favorite Sergey Vitushko:"I submit applications and Viktor Ivashkevich, but the rally was banned. We were called to the republican prosecutor’s office and warned that we break the law. I ran into a memory phrase, that if you have power, then we will protect both you and your laws. The police were at the rally, but there was no repression, and we paid 50 rubles fine. rally was scheduled at the tram ring greenish Luga, and there were people walking in the

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Now — the day of birth of Vasil Bykov

Vladimir Domashevich was editor of the first 2-books Bykov. "Crane’s cry" and "third missile" into the hands of a man who saw a creator extraordinary talent anddid everything likely to hold books through censorship slingshot. This understanding is left for life and resulted in a sincere friendship. That piece of writing to Vladimir Bykov Domashevicha, dated 18th May 1965:"Vladimir Maksimovic, my dear man! Just read in the "youth" your article and was touched. Great for you to thank you for your attention and kind care. I always remember and never forget what you did for me in the beginning of

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Center for children with learning disabilities has opened in Nizhny Novgorod

An integrated center for the education of children with disabilities in Autazavadskaya opened on the eve of the Nizhny Novgorod.

The center has everything a child could as quickly as possible to adapt to life and sports hall, classrooms and art therapy and exercise therapy.

That's such a huge leaps they move through life. Children with intellectual disabilities are confronted daily with the huge obstacles that they are not easy. It is therefore 15 — 16 years they desire all others not in children as well as adults more. Ivan Sheludyakov, the pupil: "The main thing in life

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This law obstacles to our work will not do

Andrei Klimov arrested April 3, 2007. The occasion was an article on the web, in which, according to the views of the investigators, calling for the overthrow of the existing government. In September, the policy was sentenced to two years in prison. He was released in This year February 15. "I personally am not afraid that the Web we may be limited because we do not live in Turkmenistan. We are still in Europe, and telecommunications are moving forward. People live own life, not paying attention to power. This is also a common form of protest. Time does not stand

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Danuta Bichel: He was calm as the sky

Bulls for some reason justified "Alpine Ballad" — say, a lot of the lyrics in this story. I think it’s a great product, in which love carries victory over death. Everyone has inside light and darkness. And different people have different dispose of this gift from God. Bulls on creativity burned darkness, darkness darkness destroyed. At night created dramatic scenes, funny day peraklyuchavsya born — had within itself such a switch. Went out to the people crowded tranquility kindness, attention, love — hoarse, tired, but not relaxed. That he was from Protz — restraint, balance, intelligence, wisdom, blagaslavlenne.Not so long

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The whole country is 800 square meters

Today in St. Petersburg, Russia opened a unique layout with reduced copies of all that we have: cities, forests, lakes, the cosmodrome and even people.

Then everyone feels Gulliver. Average growth of the people of this country — just over one and a half centimeters. All life on the layout less than the usual 90 times. In order not to miss anything, we have to literally stick your nose where it should be, but to strain the eyes and ears need not.

From the center of St. Petersburg of Peter and Paul Fortress — perfectly clear to Moscow —

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Passion in the park

"Im 30 years old! 30 years that tree! There were blue spruce, reddish maples, oaks! There were a lot of beautiful trees! Already destroyed it all!".There were quite constructive expression:Pensioner: "President, Why did not he come?"Lady: "He would never come. He has his own area spotless, lovely. "(Laughter from the crowd)

At the site were "paddy" and the bus with the commandos. Several young men dressed in dark shirts and pants tucked into boots, walking around the crowd. Reporters saw that a couple of times they came and sat in the car "Lada", driving which was policeman.

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Authorities do not want, that people knew about the case of Shiloh

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 375293912224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.Activist Junior Front Ivan Awl expelled from school in Saligorsk without letting pass the final exam. Comment listener:Man: "After I heard about the case of Ivan Shyla, I’m a day or the following three closely read the official Belarusian newspapers with the aim to find at least some comments on this topic. But tests have been in vain.

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