Sign savetskastsi — Khrushchev

"Of course, outside the city began to look better. But if you combine this with the purity of the Stalinist architecture … it can, and it looks as Europeans, and in my opinion — on the contrary," believes Tatiana."I’m uncomfortable in this town, but I never is a comfortable, "- she admits."To ask for call sign savetskastsi Minsk, I remembered to Khrushchev. Given that Khrushchev once colonized people of the barracks, then it was made. But it is quite different in their look, if you compare with the housing, which in those being constructed in Europe, "- says an employee

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Ivan Shyla protect picket and stretching

About the structure of the Ministry of Education, young people unfurled a banner "School for All".Watchmen threatened that they would call the police. But protesters stated that they will stand as much as it deems necessary.Deputy Manager of the Metropolitan district police appeared on the site of the action, but when the young man went to transmit the petition to the Ministry of Education demanding dissolution of the municipal institution.Participants of the rally stated that, in their opinion, the case of expulsion from school Ivan Shyla discredit the teaching profession in the eyes of not only students, and educators themselves.

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City presses its air

"Malyankovska-Khrushchev’s concern for citizens brought us blechnyya development. These houses are to this day. Development scheme has not changed", — says the artist."People that are drawn to the city, the reversed controlled. Friday — out of town, on Sunday evening — back. Why? Because people tend to natural. This also indicates comfort," — says the Sovereign Markovets."As for cultural life, and it is practically not. Almost everything is done on entuziyazme and altruizme. But this is not an indication that occur any configuration. Museums are also trying to think of something to attract viewers. But something new yet. I can

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Want to know what is waiting for Ukraine in the EU? Ride to Bulgaria

REX Agency published an interview with the leader of the Bulgarian social movement "Slavic Unity" Dimitar Zdravkova online edition of the "verb". Bulgaria — a country, which joined the European Union. How has the situation changed? Do you feel the Europeans? Yes, we joined the European Union, not just the European Union came into us. We still have the same corrupt government, the same corrupt officials coupled with stringent standards, rules, techniques Union. We were destroyed, crushed by the European Union.

Yes, they give us some tranches to development, but what happens to the money — no

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Round dance at the samovar. In Astrakhan in vogue party

More recently, in the square of Peter I in the center of Astrakhan on Saturdays overcrowded. Bright sun dresses, embroidered blouses, dances, fist fights and tea from a samovar. Spend time having fun and interesting, but at the same time and get acquainted with ancient traditions evening can be anyone.

The idea of an evening (from the word evening) is not new. Vecherki in Russia were an integral part of the life of our ancestors. In the villages, young people gathered each evening — relax and have fun after a long day at work, having participated in

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Personality Poznyak was decisive

Researcher of the history of post-war anti-communist resistance, Ph.D. Misha Chernyavskii recalls today:

Misha Chernyavskii"My first recollection was — a huge number of people. People were very rapidly. Old, middle-aged, high school students, even kids. Were on their faces and persistence. And the idea, and the zeal to break through this wall that’s communist. Maybe so as the wind was going inclined such forward. Kupalovskaya And I remembered: "Who goes there?" came Belarusians. came out to be called human. Indeed tired already be something ghostly network builders. Well, and what were these water cannons, police had a lot of and

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Political reeducation through barracks

Semen Pechenko he served in the regiment of Radio in Novogrudok. In 2004, shortly before the demobilization, sent in "Our Niva"Letter with his impressions of the army. And first of 2005, began to publish in the newspaper articles on the linguistic dilemma in modern armed forces of Belarus. At the end of 2007 materials, which have been published in over half a year, entered the book" In the Belarusian army recruits gift . "On the basis of its own army experience Semen Pechenko not exclude: if you want an army system can set a target to bring down specific oppositionist

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Sexy corrupting youth general phenomenon?

In Belarus, for disk imaging professional project "Family Health" on motherhood, youth, reproductive health Lena Rusakov, any 13th begins the girl sexy life to 14 years, every fifth — up to 16 years. Most of the women in Belarus U20 has experience sexy relationship. By the way, the Belarusian statistics in this is no different from the world.7% of births occur in girls in the age of 16.Gynecologist Larissa Mavryshchava expresses a common concern of doctors:"Of early onset of sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners increases the risk of infection by different sexually transmitted infections method, including virus papilemy

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Listen record rally in the October 30, 1988 th

Remember Dzyady 1988

Belarus — rally on "Dziady", 30Okt1988, Minsk People: Quiet!

Belarus — Kurapaty photo competition, 68

Exclusively in Kurapaty, according to incomplete data still killed about 200 thousand people of different nationalities, the innocent victims of the Stalinist terror. The time will come, and meat understand that here near Minsk in the 30s happened one of an array of horrible tragedies of the 20th century. The time will come, and the painful memory of the world’s population Kurapaty title takes place next to the names of the Buchenwald and Auschwitz. Woe to those people whose memory is

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Presented Globus Mogilev

They came to see the many Mogilev, mostly young people. According to the organizers, the exhibition — one of the rarest in Mogilev abilities for young photographers to express themselves. Presented at the exhibition are not united by a common theme. Most of the founders met through the web, where the actual and exhibited their work. That’s why the organizers decided to call the exhibition "Untitled — 2008", which translates into whiteRussian language means "no name" or "Untitled".100 presented at the exhibition of works really hard to connect one theme, except that the youth of their creators, thirst to experiment

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