Combating human trafficking: Belarus has work

It is stated in the report that once a year preparing and monitoring department of combating human trafficking State Department. The notion of illegal trafficking covers acts which fall victim to the sex appeal of labor or slavery.According to the report for 2007, Belarus trafficking is both a source and transit countries. From it or through her sex slave exported to Russia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Bahrain, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan, in many EU countries. Citizens of Belarus sold in the upcoming labor slavery in Russia.Acts of the Belarusian authorities do not yet conform to one hundred percent the lowest standards,

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So that was not shameful …

1st of the favorites of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Ivan Shyla, an inhabitant of the town of Soligorsk expelled from school the other day, the final exam.For the first time in many years, the school administration, where he studied off, refused to obey the illegal pressure the authorities and was obliged to resign herself.

Respect these people for the fact that they did not go against his own conscience

I’m not familiar with the former director of the school № 4 Soligosk Senkova Olga Ivanovna and her deputy Yelena Ivanovna Semchankavay, but I respect these people for the fact that

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A.Sannikav: Olga Senkova Act gives us all hope

Andrew Sannikov act as Director commented Soligorsk school number 4 Olga Senkova:"It is very courageous step, it is welcome. He gives us all hope. Hope that in the country there are conscientious people who are ready to defend not only their dignity. In this case, and the dignity of his own students. Such people may must be Example. Unfortunately, in soon we seldom hear of such actions. We know that many people are dissatisfied with the existing order, but they choose conformist, timeserving way. I think that this one way or another in their impact, since it is impossible to

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With adlichentsav grow famous personalities

Meanwhile world experience clearly shows: some expelled for "improper" plainclothes position either for academic failure later become known to the whole world. In the past year the other day session Yuri Oleynik expelled from the fourth year of the Academy of Management under the President. Formal occasion steel Tipo absenteeism, which had accumulated over half Oleynik. In almost all universities "sweep" problem students with a lot of passes or censure — business as usual. But walking in the Jura honors preceding session passed with an average score of 9.0. According to himself, this was the precondition exceptions they initiated a

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Availability for the Swedish film was not

The event takes place in the framework of the Days of Culture of Belarus in Sweden and will last from 4 to 13 June.Queue before Kassim "Central" cinema lost 30 minutes before the session began, together with tickets for the first of several films in the Festival films Swedish cinema. Were particularly stubborn, asking unnecessary ticket."I have read the information about the festival is now in the subway in the morning when driving to work — and decided to come here."And when he came, empty seats in the cinema "Central" was not …The current movie "You’re alive," directed by Roy

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Chemical Technology landfill opened in Cherepovets

It is based on the Cherepovets Chemical Engineering College. This is a prime example of a public-private partnership in the modernization of education. Creating a test site was made possible with the cooperation of "Fosagro-Cherepovets," City Hall, the Department of Education and the College. An agreement on further cooperation with all interested parties signed in school today.

Range — this is another great step in the implementation of strategic guidelines for the preparation of highly qualified personnel for enterprises, in particular, the chemical industry.  

"We have a complete understanding of how the situation will

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Invalids of the first group — second-class citizens?

Inhabitant of Mogilev, disabled the first group appealed to Vladimir Antennal executive committee on October permit in sanatorium. He was refused. According Usikova, referred to the lack of specialized sanatoriums in Belarus for the disabled.The hospital also disabled pronounced that resort to it in general is prohibited."He has a heart disease, which in the sanatorium are not taken. This is common practice. Decree of the Minister of Health," — the "Freedom" in the hospital.In personal discussions doctors say: the first group of people with disabilities do not emit virtually vouchers to sanatoriums. In these there is no disabled rehabilitation potential.

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Kurapaty: honoring happened detained Siuchyk

20 years ago, June 3, 1988 in the weekly "Lim" was originally written and Poznyak Shmygaleva "Kurapaty — the road of perdition." For the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the truth about the executions in Kurapaty Radio Liberty arranged contest "My Photos — my Kurapaty." Now Kurapaty passed mourning ceremony, which took place in the process of awarding the favorites of the competition. Competition Coordinator — Hanna Sous.Sous"I stand close to the Cross of Suffering. From 250 shots, which were sent to the contest, very huge amount — it photographs of the cross. Here weave around people — people

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European Belarus plans to collect one million signatures

More intensively collecting signatures will be scheduled directly with the agitation of the election campaign. But now for Belarus in the European Union have expressed several 10’s of thousands of people, says one of the campaigners Zmiter Barodka:"It may be noted that while collecting signatures none of our people have not seen negative things signatories to the idea of Belarus’ accession to the EU. People express or positive attitude, or indifferent, but not negative. These signatures are a demonstration of euros choice of the Belarusian people. And we wish that this response of the Belarusian people heard in Europe and

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At that soul rests Belarusian dictatorship?

Man: "What had found support? It’s probably since time immemorial is as Belarusians in this geopolitical situation are, because for them only to quiet it was, none of my business, but would not have wars. And you can see it used by our current government. But not all of these, of course, Belarusians, although most probably such. This is used, plans are being made for this — economic and political, in primarily . "

Authority had found that people needed

Another man: "Power had found that people needed. Opposition could offer a policy which would have corresponded to the interests

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