Ryhor Baradulin: Dum spiro spero …

Vasily once remarked: "We have what movement — from the disgusting to the worst." And our fellow countrymen with Basil, Usha people, fun-sad joked: "We have lived and will live, and people clap after the mountain." Tale "wall" — a prophetic parable about the fate of Belarus, which from the 1st regime falls into a different mode, but still, as the Latin, dum spiro spero. Long as I live — spadyavayusya. Belarus was, is and will be forever. Hero parable naked hands wading through a stone wall. And that eventually …Read Bykov. Throughout June, every day, Freedom on the waves

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We remind the tree with a hollow-vygnilay sartsavinay ….

Last week, the regular courts of so-called "case of 14." Another three participants in January and February of mass protests businessmen, like their predecessors, are punished by restriction of freedom.I’ll start from the letter of the current conversation on this topic, from Aleksandr Ivanovich from Minsk. Speaking about the results trials activists and entrepreneurs’ movement, the listener writes:"Curiously goes: for the same offense punished some angry and others — do not touch. Remember, factory workers" Motovelo "were also dissatisfied with wages and labor criteria. And they also took to the streets and blocked the Partisan Avenue. So what? Mode did

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We get confused with their failures at officials underfoot

Before the fall wait for the heat in communal apartments, Belarusian citizens in accordance with an old Russian habit must for at least 5 days in his own frostbitten perfectly devoid of heating a home. In these days of cool October debate about how power saves on the comfort and health of the people can be heard at work and in public transport, and in the hospital. Write about it and the audience in his letters to the "Freedom". On one of these messages and start the current conversation. We wrote Anna Rabushko saleswoman from Minsk: "In fact we do

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Until when will judge the young heroes of Belarus?

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 375293912224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.Ministry of Belarus offers money to introduce a single income tax rate — 12%. Comment listener: Man: "The proposal is to improve the tax system. Regain old and suffering people all the benefits not give them the means to fight even in trains. A means to fight those who currently live in Drazdy. Their means are great —

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House with residents while nobody buys

The fate of the inhabitants, according to the terms of the auction, the new owner must take care. Auction was not held, there were no volunteers.Inhabitants 2-houses on the street Mickiewicz, in the center of town, received a letter from the Design Institute, in which a warning that their homes sell at auction. Designers in place already planned to build houses a cafe. One of the houses in the private property, and the other — in a communal. Despite the fact that the pre-war building houses, people outraged sheet itself, as none before them did not come for nothing in

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Gomel: Treadmill tax for all people — it is incorrect

Lady: "Never very badabout attitude. Have a salary that 12 percent of the tax will be sensitive to me. "Lady: "Tax must be progressive. If a person gets a huge salary if he has a lot of money, let him pay more "Man: "If the total income exceeds 15 million, then take a 15 per cent tax. Earlier abroad take 9 percent. A fifteen and nine — 24. Divide in half — goes twelve. But not everyone has a gross income above 15 million. Innovation affects household budget, on a person’s income. " Lady: "I understand that the new tax

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M.Subach: I do not regret that participated in protests

Aired May 26 Yuri Bushlyakov: "What attitude you after a day or present in court, then you are looking for an excuse?"

An acquittal, I hope not. I think that the sentence can be even more Myagenkaya than my companions, who were tried before

Misha Suboch: "The mood after a day or current chipper, although slightly tired. First memories were very positive. I was amazed how it paradoxically, that the witnesses, who called for the prosecution, says the truth. It was a personal one and a businessman, and Director GUM supermarket "Central" store "Gourmand." They all talk about the fact

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Suspects cacti

The club is headed by a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Shitikov. Sovereign states Shitikov:"The deputy director of the city center of culture Dmitry Tver said team director Tikhonov we will not give any more space, because there is no center of Tipo cacti no utility. May 30 years we were needed, we have an honorable title "People’s Club". Notable exhibitions were. People do was to their liking. Who funds the culture is not enough. New Director-General considers that cacti unnecessary Belarusian citizen. "Club "Lafafora" was created in 1973. About 10 years amateurs kaktusavody conducted their classes

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Head lice (pediculosis)

Head lice — tiny blood-sucking insects that are easily passed from person to person. Despite the fact that in nature there are up to 150 species of lice, they are strictly specific parasites and parasitic only in certain animal species. Man can become infected with head lice only from other people, but not from a sick cat or guinea pig.

There are three types of lice that cause pediculosis a person — head, pubic and body lice.

Head lice — are insects grayish white color, size 2-4 mm. Typically, they are found on the scalp, but can affect

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Jubiljar CHigir Misha: Of course, life is managed

Misha CHigir born May 24, 1948 in the village of Brotherly Kopyl district farming family. In life Misha Chyhir had everything: rapid career growth and a conclusion.In 25 years he has headed the district office of the State Bank of dumplings. Worked in the Central Committee of the PBC, but realized that the party work — it’s not his job. Returned to the banking sector.Misha Chyhir three times invited to a very prestigious Faculty Metropolitan monetary institute. In Moscow gave the apartment, but chose CHigir Minsk, unwilling to leave Belarus, could not throw parents.First 1990 ruled "Belagroprombank" then one of

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