Belarus to display on suicides

According to the highest standards is considered an indicator of 20 cases per 100 thousand population. Belarus recorded version 41.5 per 100 thousand people, reports Consulate Office in Belarus. What prerequisites suicides that drives people to such a move?In the first three months this year 635 Belarusians committed suicide. Once a day went out of life an average of seven people. Compared to last year, the number of suicides rose almost 9%.Welfare of the country has no effect on the number of suicidesAbout 80% of suicide attempts are made by people who was ill on depression, says psychiatrist Igor Sorokin.

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On Krasnapolshchyne make superkalgas

Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander Vetoshkin declares that the reorganization will allow the district to raise the efficiency of the economy. Meanwhile are independent experts do not believe in such a total reorganization and bureaucrats do not know how will work reorganized economy. Authorities have not yet finished the reorganization, and people have started to leave the area.In Mogilev district Krasnopol’skii more affected by the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. There are only six agricultural companies, which employ about a thousand people.How will the economy in Krasnopolie reorganized the executive committee does not know."No one here in

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Z.Paznyaka V.Buyvol and about 20 years the truth about Kurapaty

This year, 20 years to the discovery of Kurapaty, June 3, 1988 in the newspaper "Literature and Art" was written article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road perdition." Please tell me you remember your recollection of this article, when it became known the truth about executions of thousands of innocent people near Minsk.

Dzyady 2000. First left Valery BuffaloBuffalo: Memoirs were that revealed the full truth about the way of the cross of our people and the disaster of the Russian occupation. Worried then that I experienced my colleagues at the State Art Museum, where I worked. Most of us

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On Dzyady will be two processions

Applicants shares Dzyady received permission to march and rally of Minsk city executive committee and the executive committee of the Minsk district. At 12 o’clock, people will gather at the Eastern Cemetery, as 20 years ago. After honoring the memory of all recognizable public figures will march in Kurapaty, where memorial service will be held. Members of the Conservative Christian Party on the same day will be a separate procession from the watch factory buildings.Applicants shares Lavon Barshcheuski and Viktor Ivashkevich said that action on Dzyady sanctioned by the authorities. 20 years ago Vskhodnik cemetery in Minsk accomplished first mass

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In defense of the Slonim Newspapers collected 600 signatures

 Signature, according to activist Ivan Shaggy, collect a variety of people — the readers of the newspaper, as the district center and the villages. The text of the terms under which citizens asked not to close the beloved newspaper that "not engaged in politicking and impartially and comprehensively deals with actions in the area and the country." Sheha: "Very different people subscribe: and intellectuals, workers and farmers …" So makarom inhabitants of Slonim reach, so local authorities not only closed in the Grodno region is independent publication — "Gazeta Slonim."Recall that the "Newspaper Slonim" continues to be under threat of

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Grandparents-88 Among the important events of the twentieth century

20 years ago, October 30, 1988, thousands of residents of Minsk, who came to Eastern graveyard to celebrate a day of memory Dzyady were brutally dispersed by police. Who gave orders to disperse and beating people? Are the authorities were used against people firearm? What events in the same row are Santa-88? This is what we are talking with the poet Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. 

"In assessing those events are now often blasphemous things"

Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Vladimir, you worked in 1988 the main editor of the youth magazine" The Source ", the founder of which was the

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Again fined activist Sergei Obrozovsky

Sergei Obrazovsky disagrees with the verdict. He says that in the Saturday, March 29 was at a football match, which was held at the stadium in Svislochi. Fans had a lot of, discussions between them and the police thought the meeting. Sergei Obrazovskogo accused of organizing an unsanctioned meeting at the stadium."I read them in the eye:" What are you doing wrong, then you must make the law that is. You do not eligible break it yourself. Do not do evil to others. But they do it! "Sergei Obrazovskogo 2nd time punishable by a fine. During a rally on March

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Each political prisoner — Library of the believer

Activists organizing committee of the "Belarusian Christian Democracy" put in a transfer for political prisoners Andrei Kim, Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and D.Liseenke Bible translated into whiteRussian language, book "What’s the point" in the translation of Arthur Volsky, Josh Makdavela book "Not just a carpenter," as Yuri Rapetskogo book "Return to primary human condition" and "new life in Christ Jesus."Activist organizing committee Seviarynets Paul explained the purpose of the campaign "Freedom":"I only know one thing: in those circumstances where question about life and death, freedom and unfreedom, the most required books — the word of God, the Bible — a

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Reddish customs entrepreneurs sidestep

Gain control over the movement of goods for personal items through customs border of Belarus particularly alarmed small entrepreneurs who gave the product in Poland and Ukraine. Gomel Svetlana knows biznesmenka:"We are not perfect. Twice I ride in Chernigov — per product for groceries. Other times myself and buy the unit.’ve Got three kids. Troy! Boots, jacket, shirt, vest, pants, some sneakers, another right — Strip the same … It’s at this point I bring in can not. "Lightweight womens clothes of trades in the market of the regional center and the young biznesmenka who introduced Tamara. Her business was

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Gorodenco that unwilling numaravatstsa: We have a name!

Two Grodnenkoy — Lena SURBA and Tatiana Meshcheriakova — Demand that they had been issued a passport without an identification number. They wrote a complaint to the Tribunal, the Leninsky District town with a request, so he ordered the police to do it. Now the referee Lyudmila Zhukovskaja could see the complaint and did not satisfy them. Grodno region Tribunal for the first time deciphered such cases.First appeared in court Lena SURBA — true to its name the passport data Leonardo. She explained that as orthodox believer fears that using the identification numbers can produce complete control over one’s personal

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