Our rulers bad trying to catch up with the life of Germany

Lady: "We, for sure, deliberately did not live to such awareness to change his life to the best. " Man: "All the bad luck that we benevolent people. That he was more stubborn, then we would live better. Our power only in the language and in the tele works for the people. Get retirement, as if to add, but prices grow faster, ahead. And again the same: we do not need to look at other countries — and there is bad and there. Do to here was excellent! "

Failure that we benevolent people. To was more stubborn, then we

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Who prevents the House of Representatives to introduce Belarusian card?

Now in Europe celebrate Victory day. In 1945, May 8 was signed the capitulation of Germany in the second World War I. We got a call:Man: "Stalinist repression in the main carried out before the war. Winning the war Stalin assist America and Britain. Stalin was sitting between Roosevelt and Churchill as a hero, Generalissimo! After the war passed in ’63. And now remember how many people were killed by Stalin’s repressions, including in Kurapaty. Why so late clarification came brains? Hitler came to liberate people from the Russian Stalinist yoke of despotism. A West supported despotic tyrant. So biting

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FMS: Compatriots abroad has become easier to return home.

Compatriots easier to return home

The new version of the State program of assistance to voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots realized in Russia since January this year. For full-scale operation of its subjects, countries should consolidate their regional programs. FMS hoped that this work will be completed by the summer, after which the implementation of a new version of the Program will unfold in full force.

To learn how to simplify the procedure for moving to Russia for Russians living abroad, in what regions of the country immigrants get the

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FMS has announced a record number of migrated to the Russian compatriots

The population of Russia since the beginning of the year was supplemented by more than 40 thousands of compatriots who have moved to their home country resettlement program — it was a record under the current program.

"Total (in the program since 2006) profit 104,000 people, and in the current year — 41.5 thousand people," — said the head of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) Konstantin Romodanovskiy, noting that in 2012 came to 40% of the total numbers.

Speaking at the first meeting of the committee on migration Council on International Relations at the Russian president,

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Flotilla Ship Repair Center asterisk enriched modern tug

On Sunday, December 16 to the area of "Sprockets" entered tug "Alexander sighted people." The path length of three thousand nautical miles from the building to the home port, which runs through the five seas, the new tug yagrinskoy shipyard went for ten days.

The tug was built at the shipyard of "Leningrad Shipyard" Pella "in 2012. Its main feature is the use of an engine full-circle rudder propellers and higher in comparison with other tows "Sprockets" power of the main engines. These qualities of the new tug will conduct ship's shifting and tilting the ship without additional

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Chernobyl Way No arrests

Drumbeat and shouts "No — Nuclear power plant!" Youth activists from various movements and organizations received from the Academy of Independence Avenue and the street to the chapel Surganova victims of the Chernobyl disaster. A few young people in the civilian police confiscated European symbols and flags.According to observers, police and journalists in the march "Chernobyl Way" was attended by a little more than 3 thousand people. According to the official Minsk police disk imaging in Charnobyl Way took the role of around 750 people. As told mainly management Interior Mengaryvykankamu, during movement of the column number of demonstrators reached

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Chernobyl Path ended moment of silence

16:50 Chernobyl Way-2008. ended People laid flowers to the monument to Chernobyl victims, lit candles and commemorated the moment of silence. Closing remarks were made by Paul Seviarynets. People. began to diverge Several 10’s of anarchists went to the bus stop on the street Orel.. SWAT police surrounded the mass In several human MVD seized flags, symbols, flags of the spear..Detention was not 16:40 Why anarchists left column?Column anarchists who did not wish to participate in an authorized rally at Bangalore continues to move down the street Orel. Is guarded by police. One of the participants in the march

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Friendly: Cabinet meeting ended around August-Bel


They gathered at the village square near the monument to victims of the Chernobyl disaster, because a significant part in friendly consists of settlers from Pripyat, from Chernobyl.Inhabitants amicably gathered about 6 thousand signatures under an appeal to the higher authorities. But the local administration started to put pressure on them to withdraw these signatures because it was decision to hold an urgent meeting current. So makarom, action was held almost spontaneously.One of the activists active group to hold this meeting made a rather short speech. She told that they accessed in all instances, to all the officials, but

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Those Dzyady — the fact of state history, awareness of themselves as a people

"I was amazed at the" Dzyady "number of people who I did not know. If the other day on the formation of "Martyralegu" we were going to church, I was there a significant portion of people knew. And here … Do not even remember who I was. Feeling at the moment, that I was alone, without friends in the mass.

Remember those huge machines with water jets — it was the first time and was viewed very seriously. But surprisingly, that there was some kind of horror. Just split the weight of the "pigs", the mass became more

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To forget Chernobyl

(Drakakhrust 🙂 "Belarus in their own history knew the terrible humanitarian disasters — wars and epidemics. How people perceive Chernobyl — as another disaster in a number of others, or as something exceptional? Svetlana Aleksievich, what do you think?"(Aleksievich) "I believe that Chernobyl — one of the major events of the twentieth century, despite wars and revolutions. But if you only read about our geography — Ukraine, Belarus — those who are more affected by Chernobyl, we do not realize that with we came. It happens, but it is not meaningful. silent our writers, our philosophers are silent. I’ve thought

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