Social service agencies of the Kemerovo region have new cars

24 cars "Gazelle" are collected at the Novgorod automobile factory. Of these ten cars are designed for mobile field teams, ten more will work in the status of a "Social taxi" and four to institutions of social services for families and children.

Mobile mobile teams — it's "office on wheels", which is equipped with modern computer technology, communications, air conditioning and a gasoline generator for autonomous electricity supply, which will organize the work, even in the open field. Thanks to mobile services, people living in remote villages and towns will be able to draw up the documents for

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Learning PR

PR for the winter.

Today I read everything in the LJ and came to the conclusion that znayuchi can do PR on the fight against all with anything. The main thing to possess knowledge about the laws of nature and social processes. Here for example is possible to deal with winter.

December 1, write a post Learn about what you as a child frostbitten feet, hands, nose, ears, eggs, and since then your life is torn down, both physically and psychologically. In this regard, you are no longer going to tolerate the winter and will fight it. As

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Calls: Heroes call violators

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Telephone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.In the Central district court of Minsk last of a group of young people who took part in a meeting of businessmen on January 10. As they say prosecutors, due to protest a

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Why charity in Belarus is forced temper?

Participants: writer Simon Bookchin and philosopher Alexander Gritsanov.Why subbotniki held?Valery Karbalevich: "Sabbathians as a relic of Russian era continue to be held in Belarus. Moreover, as in Russian times, they are forced temper. Funds earned at a volunteer, go to the purchase of equipment for medical institutions. Objective generous. But why generous, humane objectives seek to achieve coercive means, why in other countries are not held such subbotniki? Semen Bookchin: "It’s really a vestige savetskastsi. It is mixed with legal, moral, any other lawlessness in which we live. Here is a combination of cynicism and official charity. Government should first

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Popov: It is time to discuss the moratorium

So he replied to the question "Freedom" about his personal relationship with this dilemma.The reason for my question was Speaker appeal rapporteur on Belarus of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Andrea Rigoni, that official Minsk imposed a moratorium on the death penalty. This appeal to the leaders of both houses of the National Assembly even printed "Narodnaya Gazeta" — official newspaper of the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus.Vadim Popov, by the way, admitted: "Many states do not have to type stuff Rigoni, say, troubled people.""We released a report Rigoni. Now let’s see how it will respond

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Lukashenko met with Patriarch

Taking patriarch Alexander Lukashenko said: "Belarus — Orthodox country, and the rate that we once took, we will follow. Wishes So our people." Now patriarch Capital and All Russia Alexy IIconducted a divine service in Minsk Holy Spirit Cathedral. To worship could not pass all the faithful gathered at the church. Door guarded by riot police. But could look for worship on bolshennomu monitor that was installed on the street near the cathedral. The Patriarch said that he was not the first time visit to Belarus and sees "great and abundant fruit of joint work for the benefit of the

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Street appeared Todor Klyashtorny

Paszkiewicz: "Kamenetskaya land worthy, I think, said 105 anniversary of his own famous countryman Todor Klyashtorny. Was a full house of people over hundreds of school children and youth. Staged readings, read poems and sang songs in the word Todor Klyashtorny. As it is not quite spring- vernal warm day on earth happened Lepel prazdnichek reverence and majestic ganaravannya Belarusian poet "I asked Maya Klyashtornaya share impressions of the current celebration.

in the center of the street naming dubbed Todor Klyashtorny

Klyashtornaya: "I have a very strong memory. Motherland father Riverlands — close about Stone, but it’s all the same.

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Anatoly Lebedko candidacy

In 1-x, the participants are going to spend part of an informal forum for October Square or structure in the City Committee. In-2, for the first time in many years Party chairman will be elected to another database.First part of the forum will be held in the office of the BPF. Usually in this room is hard and weaving people. And 220 delegates to the congress, said Anatoly Lebedko favorite games: "It will be carried out in Spartan criteria. And we have previously say that female delegates and delegates who are over 60, have the right a place where you

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We contrasted the church — the club …

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928, informs: "In lenkutkah and barracks with slogans, held readings, conversations with the Red Army on the anti-religious theme. Together with friendly organizations held a general meeting on" The Cultural Revolution and religion "and staged an anti-religious play … All the Red Army will be shrouded in mass work and, obviously, do not go to church. We contrasted the church — a club clerical luhtse — reasonable fun. ""Star" in 1958, writes: "From the brochure" Is there a god? "P.Pavelkina reader will find out why there were different peoples of different religions and different gods. While white

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Hunting hope that the courts fair

Reporter: "At the moment we are interested in the 1st lawyer. How do you think the courts are fair in Belarus?"

Man: "By bolshennomu account — fair, I think so."

Reporter: "What you can not suit in court, what points?"

Man: "Spabornasts process just a little too weak. This new phenomenon, it has not yet developed as we would like. "

Reporter: "How do you think, as a lawyer affects on the process?"

Man: "It is my belief, I think he still has an effect better than it was 10 years ago.

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