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That you have ruined a man’s life!

In Minsk district tribunal came youth activists, most of whom joined the democratic movement after March 2006. Dmitry Liseenko was on the dock not one, but a citizen who does not know his associates — Camo Dadalyanam. Despite the fact that Dmitry was being held August 9 2007, associates only recently learned about the criminal case. At the trial it became clear that the charges became only eyewitness, whereby Dmitry Tipo had psychotropic drugs and counterfeit bills euro. Themselves not physical evidence investigators have found.Dmitry in his own final statement said that he was subjected to psychological and physical pressure.

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In the House of Writers Prilutsky Sergey Sergey Sys, Michas Tychina

LITPRATSESSergei Prilutsky "literary group does not interest me""Nineties forever" — so called collection of poems by Sergei Priluky, published in the journal bibliyatechtsy "verb". The name of the poet perfectly clear in youth literary circles. He — the winner of 3 competitions, which were held by the Belarusian PEN Center, a member of several international literary festivals. His poems were published in an anthology of young creators, but came out in book form for the first time. Valentine Aksak talked with the poet.Valentine Aksak"Sergei, a new decade, century and millennium came to, when you were only 20. And your book

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We need seven speakers. One for each region

"Lim" on this week 1938 he writes about the book "Belarusian folk and revolutionary songs": "In the 3rd section presents the song" recruiting "and serfs, who for sovetskogo people forever a thing of the past. This section opened successfully song" And there for Suloyu "(from" Letters Belarusian people majestic Stalin "), which connects the accursed past Belarusian people with the fate of workers in Western Belarus, Poland oppressed fascist."Same "Lim" in 1948 year report M.Katsara prints at the II Congress of the Union of Russian painters of BSSR. Namely, the painting A.Volkava "Rout German groups near Minsk," he says, "In

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T.Keysi: Minsk demands illegal and unjustified

U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey said Washington will continue open a discussion this question with Belarus, but is not aware of any plans to reduce embassy staff.As you know, Belarus urged to reduce the number of employees of the South American Embassy after, U.S. imposed sanctions against the company "Belneftekhim" due to violations Human Rights in Belarus. The U.S. has already recalled its own ambassador from Minsk and reduced embassy staff from 27 to 17 people, as sought Belarusian side.

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Mogilev in NATO will not

Man: "I do not know that hunt them. When hunting, it is their right."Reporter: "For us, for Belarusians, there is the danger?"Man: "I did not see any of the Baltic states, Poland or from threats. Same thing there."Sovereign Incline age: "I think that decent to them there will be nothing. Romania joined NATO and others, but decent for the people to do nothing. They imply that something will give them for free. Tipo protection from Russia. If Our homeland gas will not, then the NATO Russia almost begin to bombard. "Lady: "I do not like it. There somehow alien. Ukraine

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Take away the constitutional rights and freedoms may at any time of

Pochetaemye listeners! We are grateful for your submission and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book "Freedom Library" with the signatures of the founders. Telephone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Phone mobile for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Young activists of the democratic movement on April 2 of the Russian embassy in Minsk launched white-red-white flags and posters "of — not Europe — yes." So they tried

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New MPs are likely to raise the retirement age

"Private with society, on the one hand — and the government bureaucracy, on the other: either they, in your opinion, are understanding?""The Company is currently in dire apathy — is a reaction to what is happening in the state, it is — a form of protection against it. In our society, in my opinion, there was a tragic situation: we have a bureaucrat, the law and only later — people. A must opposite: people — the law — and, then, a bureaucrat. ""Lud trust law?"Of "ordinary people do not believe in the validity of law. Since behold the: first law

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R.Bovm: there is a sense of confusion on the part of the regime

Correspondent"The question sent to the website," Freedom "," How much more a government like the U.S. will listen i do non-legitimate power requirements Lukashenko (I requirements for the last month of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to the South American embassy)? "

Bohm"We only recently got new requirements [reducing the number of employees of the embassy in Minsk], and of course we believe these requirements illegitimate and baseless. No grounds for such claims on their part. Makarom Not so countries must lead the interaction between them. We fully litsezreem no grounds for such claims, but we consider them, and

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Now meeting and a concert of solidarity with political prisoners

This politician said Sergei Skrabets who together with his brother Alexander and Valery Frolov Skrabets are applicants shares. Authorities allowed only meeting and a concert on the anniversary "Unity of Belarus and the Russian Federation" and the procession from Academy forbade.Sergei Skrabets believes that action can take the role of about three hundred people:"Not only Belarus, and the Russian people, and all the nations of the former Soviet Union suffered from Stalinism. On this we will also read. And only if we combine our efforts, we will be able to defeat totalitarianism, authoritarianism our statesah. After all, it is dependent

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April 1 15 years ago under Maladziechna found gold

First mention of the old days in honor of the god of laughter relate to the old Rome. In 1564 in France, the lord Charles THEIR issued an order according to which the New Year celebration was postponed from April 1 to January 1. Some people continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1. Above them joked, holding empty gifts.According to another version, prazdnichek laughter originated in ancient India. There March 31 marked prazdnichek jokes.A day of laughter famous people of Belarus remember what jokes they celebrated on April 1 in different years.April 1, 1993 on the waves "Belarusian

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