Wreath Memory: Sergei Kachanovskii

Sergei Kachanovskii was one of those about whom they say — svetlanosny. Sister Natalia convinced that he became interested in the case of the environmental movement. Having reddish graduate diploma Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (now the Belarusian Polytechnic Academy) and brilliantly defended in Moscow Ph.D. thesis, becoming an assistant professor pile alma mater, he did a great scientific career just as every proper step defines the principles of moral purity."He, unfortunately, did not become a head of the department, nor anyone else. Simply, he could not respond to the ideas of the Renaissance. When perestroika began, he and his friend, also

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Never until now we do not resist the power of face-to-face

October 30 marks the 20th anniversary of the first mass rally in honor of the memory of days Protz "Dzyady." Rally October 30, 1988 was against the will of dispersed. Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski was a participant in those events, then-president of the public association of writers’ Tuteyshyya "and one of the signers of the application for the rally. Now he remembers Dzyady 1988:"Before I got prazdnichkom official prosecutor warned that in case of riots I will be prosecuted. Accordingly, psychological stress was quite strong. This time we have never openly confronted the authorities, we can say — face

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Russian language enemies of the people has been reduced to the status of foreign

* "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928 under the title "The soldiers in the battle for kulturnasts" notes: "Cultural flood carries along with of net, freshest gnille water and debris. If applied vaenkaram poured into the barrel of the rifle sand when climb to each other in the chest, when the Red Army ranks thriving mat. This — gnille, gryazyuka garbage from which you want to clear decisively and energetically. "Commissar of Education V.Pivavarav BSSR in 1938 wrote in the pages of "Stars", "Enemies of the People did everything likely to prevent the accession of our kids Russian Socialist Belarus to the

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Amnesty International condemned the beating on Freedom day

"Amnesty International" condemned, as it is said in a statement, "excessive use of force" against participants in a peaceful demonstration on March 25 2008 in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. According to eyewitnesses — human rights activists and journalists — police beating people with batons and kicking, were arrested more than 100 people, 76 people were convicted. Was beaten and detained journalist "Nasha Niva"Andrei Liankevich beaten two Lithuanian TV journalists."Amnesty International" requests immediately release all those who have been imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their views."Amnesty International" urged the Belarusian authorities to respect

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Will the civilization in public toilets?

It is estimated that every dollar invested in this case, can bring a 900% profit. At what income is calculated Belarusian entrepreneurs that are taken for the construction of toilets?According to UN statistics, almost a third of the population of the planet, or 2.5 billion people have no access to toilets equipped. Once a day, about 800 million people spends at least half an hour on it to find more or less comfortable place to send their own physiological needs. By the way, each month on such searches average person spends 15 hours.In the factory, and the metropolitan area of

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L.Gryaznova: This time a man — nothing trader — everything!

 Lyudmila Hraznova — PhD in Economics. In the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation was Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Budget, Taxes and Duties, signed under demanding impeachment Lukashenko. Came to the organizing committee civilian initiative "Charter 97", the last four years — Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian party. Lyudmila Hraznova headed registered in Vilnius public association "Union of Human Rights." Now she answers questions about journalist Alexander Ulitenko own actual eyes, civilian values.Alexander Ulitenok: "How exciting for you to deal with: politics or economics?"Lyudmila Hraznova: "The economy has already become a memory for me … Politics

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Zhodishki: There should be a war. Such a world must not

Zhodishki — the perfect place. Perfect for its scenery. It lies on the shore of the highest Vyal where disclosed colorful view of the wooded reverse saves. Perfect for its monuments of architecture. Jesuit monastery mill, a church, a brewery. Nowhere is there a trace at least some zanyadbanastsi. Among the indigenous inhabitant Zhodishak, historians and local historians, Oleg Missoula

Correspondent"Zhodishki not make memories murdered village. Houses are not poor. Richly machines."Oleg"In Zhodishki appropriate people live. Here live all hosts. And to say that live here killed Zatsyukany do not understand anything, no wonder I would not say. Here

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Cartoons have deposited in the KGB

About 30 people were in the square chain along Independence Avenue, holding portraits of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin, businessman Victor track and youth activist Andrei Kim. The rally lasted about 20 minutes. Some passers-by, which was much in this time on the area, approached the picketers.The policemen drove into the courtyard of the Palace of the Republic three paddy wagons, watching the picketers were operational and movies. But the protesters were not touched.UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko Pronunciation:

"I think we can only solidarity to fight this regime, with its aggressive attitude towards its citizens. That’s what our mental victory: we

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Adam Globus: Consequences of those events — fatal

"In 1-x, about my participation in those events. Was such an association of young writers’ Tuteyshyya", which by virtue of the events involved not only in literature, but expressed and active social and political position. We had a world of its own, and we not suit Russian empire in which we lived. Accordingly, we have written an application for the march and rally.

The fact there happened later. Earlier nobody beheld, that the Belarusian people go to the rally. I myself, when I saw how many people came, very taken aback because I was not ready for it. But, for

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Prosecution Statistics spoil visyak

This was stated by Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Victor Prus. More than 580 rapes and 1351 murders of recent years so far remain unsolved. Last year, police uncovered 34 murders last year. Is it possible to disclose the atrocities of recent years?"The older the sin, the least it is clear"Previous managing operational investigative group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to disclose the number of murders in the terrain of the Vitebsk region Mieczyslaw Mushroom states that there is a possibility of disclosing atrocities and many years later. With the passage of time may seem new incidents that at

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