Headache? Do not work too hard!

Hardly in the world there is at least one person who would never in my life had a headache. Sometimes the pain is frequent and prolonged, but generally people are faced with the fact that my head hurts "from overwork", on a case by case basis. And then the doctors diagnosed as "tension headache."

What kind of stress that is in question? And why do some people head hurts more than the other? Try to understand.

Tension headache, according to experts, is the most common form of Headache. According to statistics, it accounts for over

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Journalists arrested, that did not report the truth

Young Man: "arrest, likely will not transmit on promotions. Indeed. We only Belarusian TV shows to say: we have in the main only elderly people live who are satisfied with pension. And if they see the truth, our management is unprofitable . Himself I do not watch the Belarusian TV, get information from people. "Young Man: "Yes we have complete control in general, journalists are arrested, so there was no disk imaging is not desirable to the authorities."Youth"Likely aim — to intimidate, to keep a tight rein on all. Carrot and stick policy: one day whip, the second day —

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Bow to the courage of our youth

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the proclamation Belarusian People Republic in Minsk ended mass arrests and beating protesters. Students ‘Freedom’ discussions are this topic:


Lady: "How many times I bow to the courage of our youth. What happened on March 25, see the whole world. Izymatelstva over such people do not have in any country. "


Man: "The events of March 25 showed the global society that the world hockey championship in Belarus can not hold."


Man: "We need to hold events where the authorities give permission Minsk. Toddler pulled again into political games. "


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To clink on Akrestin people come

Reporter: "Who are you looking for?"Lady: "My brother is here. Mama I’m sorry, but he deserved — let sits."Woman: "My name is Rita. We came to meet each other. They took him and gave three days for handing out papers dedicated to the 25th of March".Guy: "My name is Alexander. We civilian movement" For Freedom. "

Reporter: "How did it on 25 March to the friends of your movement."Woman: "Detained 1st close our friend, but was released because he is a minor. But with the second did not know where he is and what happened to him. We were able

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8 degrees for 5 days, Stalin had approved

In Minsk at the memorial complex "The Pit" was accomplished mourning ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto. Role in her adopted country’s president Alexander Lukashenko. Comment listener:Andrew, Pinsk: "Lukashenko at the memorial event mentioned the Berlin wall, destroyed almost 20 years ago. It was destroyed by politicians for friendship among peoples. At us a fabulous Federal Government, which is already 10 years old, too, like built in the name of people. But the personal ambitions of the President and other politicians condemned the project unfinished, or it, as they say, to fool people. More

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ISHS. A day in the life of the BNR

LETTER TO Aunt Martha, who emigrated to the United States in nine tyscha 30 3-rd yearBaranovichi, March 25, 2008Dear Aunt,Now decided to tell you a little about our life after the collapse of Russian Union. Remember that you are not asked about it again, but somehow passed and only now, regarding the contest Radio Liberty "Day in the Life of the BNR," wanted to answer your questions. Along the way, it will send a letter to Radio Liberty. Well the same. will print …If you went to America in 1933 when she married Uncle Vanya, the Belarusian People’s Republic was

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Castalia itself was not long!

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite declares every Sunday in the review calls for the week. Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52 open 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Held in Minsk Trials yesterday detained participants of the street action on day Will. The security forces broke up a rally on March 25. Detained 88 people.

Certainly that would not matter to a tribunal horrible, certainly will verdict

On the same day, Alexander

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Baranovichi: Now 14 people will judge

In Chancery Court Baranovichsky also collate information about scheduled on this day trials of participants in civilian protest on March 25.Yesterday, the central square in Baranavichi gathered several 10-s people who have moved under white-red-white flags Cross to the victims of political repression, which is installed on the street Smolensk. Policemen broke off the action. 14 participants were detained and transported under escort to the police station Baranovichi. Among them human rights activist Sergei Housha, a member of the movement "For Freedom" Syritsa Victor, a priest of the Greek Catholic Church Eugene Malinowski and others.

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Activists were detained and beaten on the list

Now police in Minsk is about hundreds of detainees. In Russian police station are about 50 people, about 25 in Factory in Guerrilla and more than 20 people.People who went to the police station in a paddy wagon factory said that their cell phones were taken, and they had no ability to communicate with their relatives.It became clear that the policemen who ruled crackdown on his hands were lists of those people that they must first hold, and later they have detained those people under the so-referred to as "cleansing." Artur Finkevich very beaten; Dmitry Dashkevich many bruises on his

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BNR — one of the steps of the Belarusian statehood

Man: "For me personally, it means, there was such a Belarusian People’s Republic. At the moment it Republic of Belarus. This — our history, and it must be respected. "Lady: "Ninety years ago Republic was formed. I live in this Belarus. This — my homeland, my home, it’s my everything. "Man: "I do not know anything about BPR."Lady: "One of the stages of formation of the Belarusian statehood — this means to me the Belarusian People’s Republic."Man: "The Belarusian People’s Republic — Republic, which defended its honor, not to succumb to pressure other states and declared its independence. "Man: "People

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