Famous people have insinuated days of Freedom

It was one of the greatest acts in the history of Belarus

Belarusian enlightener and American scientist, 97-year-old Boris Keith March 25 considers one of the greatest prazdnichkom in their own lives:"After all, it was one of the greatest acts in the history of Belarus — the act of independence — the most fundamental and the most precious thing in the life of every nation in the world. When I was a teacher Vilna Belarusian gymnasium, we celebrated every year on March 25, going to everything and our Director Radoslav Ostrovsky gave a great speech, and we were all

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Greetings from the Chairman BNR Ivonka Survila

Dear fellow citizens!Welcome to the stately anniversary in the life of the Belarusian people: ninetieth anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic.After a century of terrible captivity and ethnocide, after 4 years of famine and remorse caused by someone else’s war on the Belarusian land, our people found themselves in the strength and dignity to announce to the world that he too wants to live free in this land that he also has the right to be the owner’s own home.III charters BNR — Act or 25th March — an important document in our modern history.

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Council Belarusian People’s Republic declares Republic nizalezhnayu …

"Belarusian path" on this week 1918 year report of the meeting of the Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic, March 24: "Meeting on these issues lasted 10:00. With both sides made 26 speakers. When electrified air was adopted by an overwhelming majority a resolution filed "nizalezhnikami": "I’m glad the Belarusian People’s Republic declares Republic nizalezhnayu and this gives relatively charters."Under the heading "Fist broke out" "Belarusian village" in 1928 he writes: "At the meeting, some farmers — poor spend samaabkladanne want to build a school. But how was put to the vote, with his pryhvasnyami Belko said that for samaabkladanne

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Gritsenko and Potapov voluntarily … exchanged babies

"Free Belarus" in 1918 published a telegram chairman of the executive committee of the Council and the All-Belarusian Congress of German Chancellor Gertlingu "now recognized throughout the world of culture right to samaadnachenne peoples will claim, that only is the population of Belarus, the method of free narodnago golasavannya, vyrashylo question about his own state ownership. ask will allow our delegate nibavna come to Berlin to work at addressing issues related to the Belarusian lands. ""Star", year 1938. Newspaper endeared performance Attorney BSSR S.Novikov: "In the mountains. Rechitsy by criminal negligence nursing clinics were exchanged kids 2-Rozhanits … correct formulation

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Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha in Moscow. I warmly congratulate all Muslims on the occasion. I would also like to thank all of you that does not lead to provocations and attempts to ignite war in the mezhkonfensionalnoy soil.


Today is Eid al-Fitr, the first day after the end of the post — one of the main holidays in Islam. Tens of thousands of Muslims came as usual for morning prayers in the mosque, near Prospekt Mira. Come here tens of thousands of Muslims 2 times a year for many years, but every time for the locals

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Will a day — 2007 and 2006. As it was

First, in 2006, state television almost every day to scare viewers attacks, economic and political unstable, if the choice is in favor of candidates of the democratic movement. 10s distributors propaganda materials were still behind bars for a day or three weeks before the election.Those who dare to enter the day of voting area, even threatened with death. But gathered on the square for more than 10 thousand people. The next day put the tent. Camp stood almost four days. In Minsk, the bullpen did not have enough cameras on hundreds and hundreds arrested. In the courts in the morning

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CCP BPF activists patrol Kurapaty

In Kurapaty Forest I met five members of the CCP BPF, patrol members. Among them, party spokesman

"Most were watching, so here again, not vandals have done their evil deeds. Couple of times a day, late in the evening members of the CCP held in small groups on the memorial area, looking to here everything was in order, not to thieves roamed here. We always do it, here in order to avoid these dramas that took place here. And we will defend our shrine of blasphemy, of Satanists. " Before you go to Kurapaty forest, I called the police officer

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Influenza: prevention

Time to graft

The greatest danger flu is for children aged up to three years, seniors over 60 and people with chronic diseases. For these categories of the population flu can be deadly. It is among them, after suffering flu frequently reported complications — pneumonia, neuritis of the facial nerve, meningitis. The most effective way to protect against the flu is vaccination, it significantly reduces the possibility of complications and death. Today it is possible to be vaccinated two weeks before the start of the epidemic.

Now used as a foreign vaccine — Vaksigripp (France), Inflyuvak (Holland), Fluarix

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The unique multi-year study of Russian geneticists

Genetic studies of people in this country have begun long ago. During the persecution of genetics they moved into the shadows, but then resumed with renewed vigor: studied peoples of the Caucasus and the Pamirs, Central Asia, and especially the small peoples of Siberia. But here's the Russian unlucky, because more people were not considered such an interesting subject. However, scattered populations of Russian studies were conducted at all times.

In 2000, our team (Medical Genetic Research Center) gathered into a common database all the accumulated information, and since 2001 we are holding their own

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Reason volatile area

Serbiya 2000, Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004, Kyrgyzstan 2005 — a chain of this latest "Spring of Nations", each of the links which occurred specifically in such a scenario. Bad sample to repeat the experience these states Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, despite the reverse result, did not deny the moral conclusion — the area is always right.But, as so often happens in history, principles raises doubts not a defeat but a victory. Exemplary in this respect was the experience of Kyrgyzstan. Well, "tulip" Kyrgyz revolution, which was accompanied by pogroms and generally inspired "velvet" which was quite rough, refers to the

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