Forum2000 — action in support of democracy in Burma

On the situation with human rights in M» yanme (current title Burma), where the reigning military power and during recent protests people were killed, many speakers recalled the forum. After a lot of interest in the eyes of today’s meeting rushed that breast identification marks — the badge — on which is written — delegate, observer, press — overlap badge with an international Buddhist flag. It has been explained to me then that means painting with crossed colorful column. This color Buddhist flag states. These estimates were distributed at the entrance to the main hall meetings and virtually raskhoplivalisya. Distributed

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A.Milinkevich about democracy, about the opposition, about the radar

Karatkevich: What might be the results of such forums?Milinkevich: some think that it is an empty waste of time and money that people are going to — day chatted and parted. But in the 1-x, attracts outstanding people — experts, former and current policy. And I think that is very fundamentally hear each other, because in the world of Internet communications as much live contact means a lot. I — for such forums.Karatkevich: With whom you already had meetings scheduled with anyone else?Milinkevich: There was a meeting with Madeline Albright, was also a working meeting with the Minister of Foreign

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Reddish church prayed for teachers and Belarusian Writers

Mass in the parish church of reddish arranged rector, priest-master Vladislav Zavalniuk. He said:"Today we also pray especially for teachers. Thanks to everyone who really gets this foundation in the education and development of our people. Among us very pochetaemy sovereign Ryhor Baradulin our recognizable poet, who, for his possible love for the fatherland through God, through spirituality. And we come together in a spirit of prayer with all the masters words, all the poets and writers of Belarus. God bless, that language was unblemished, in different values of net. To assist in the formation of the word through the

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Night Siege — October 5,

Fascinating topic discussions are members of society Living magazine minsk_by. It concerns ethics debate on cell phones.According to the user utro_na_unistar, in Germany for sonorous discussion by phone in public places or listening to music resounding can be fined. But we who occasionally make a remark.lunniy_malchik offers: "First we need to wean these people swearing obscenities and urinate in the elevator. "ml_forever does not think: "And while there Phones The average person will not be yelling into the phone for the entire bus, as well as will not urinate in the elevator and through the word matsyarytstsa."mrkonopko: "And here I

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Poll: Why do people play casino?

Man: "Some of the people who walk into a casino wants to just relax. And usually they know how much money you can throw out there. Vacationed received epinephrine. And there is a certain section of people who rely constantly there to win. This can in principle be . For anyone missing fifty thousand to half a million and someone seems a little, and you need to play on. But those that althought win, should the brakes at a certain time. There’s also all the luck, but only a certain time. And then you start to play from the pocket

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Democrats produce social guarantees

Scientists believe: the government should provide social benefits to people who have suffered due to the fault of the country, and those who have either not yet have the energy to make himself. Real capacity for it. The presentation was held under the auspices of the State Executive Committee united democratic forces. His manager said Anatoly Lebedko Radio Liberty:"This document has drawbacks. And we will use it during campaign in House of Representatives. If Democratic candidates will go to the people, they will not only criticize the actions of the authorities, and show close to reality proposals possible solve the

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Anniversary of the murder of Politkovskaya: People have lost the chance to find out the truth about Chechnya

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "The latest newspaper" where Anna Politkovskaya worked styled mobile phone journalist:"By calling this number, hundreds of persons. By Anna Politkovskaya went from failure. It was obliged take over some functions of the state in helping people affected by war in Chechnya. This phone she heard a lot of curses and threats. Heard the words of gratitude. This phone is assigned a meeting at which she received the most important information about corruption in the Russian Federation. "Dmitry Muratov said that "newcomer newspaper" resume phone number — so that people can call now employees Politkovskaya.

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EU countries supported the European March

Viktor Ivashkevich during a press conference, told reporters that despite the arrest of informational materials (newspapers, leaflets, stickers calling to participate in the "European march"), people know about the campaign, which will be held on October 14 in Minsk."How many people will come? As much as people in Minsk considers themselves as Europeans. At the moment of every citizen depends — will go Belarus European method, or we will be people in the swamp. Released 100 thousand — train go the direction of Belarus. Come one tyscha — only one percent have on Belarus will the European method.So, everyone —

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Some they say: Let me be put, and will not work!

In Grodno employment service mark: on the 18th of the decree, those who have to make their own content to the state price toddlers called "obligated persons". For their enterprises created "armor", and must come there for employment. And the company such person should take the job during the day. Says Head of Employment Service Alexander Dyamidik:"From the beginning, we asked 175 people to these" obligated persons "employed 128 permanent job. In the main this is, of course, people who are long time antisocial lifestyle, in fact — alcohol abuse. Anything can happen, it happens to come drunk on the

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Citations a day or — October 2

"What a country — and that of Parliament. Shamefully me, since I worked here six years. Then head nobody would come to keep people in the building. That now happens, just shameful. Wrote that the people on the physical level is not allowed to have violated their constitutional rights. Four complaints in the book means only one thing — they do not need anyone. We wrote the text for the moment even more than there for Three years . "Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka — about the current transfer in House of Representatives 40 thousand signatures demanding

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