2nd Stormy weekdays diplomatic mission

To transfer paper was involved painstakingly prepared clerk Stanevich mission. Applications for Belarusian passports each week was less — a few months of the mission, all the resources of the unregistered Belarusian population in Latvia is almost completely dried up. Consular revenues braked. Mission desperately fought for physical existence.Another petitioner wrote:"Ladies and gentlemen,Being born, Belarusians, although British by birth, and knowing that I can be useful to our Republic, I have the honor to offer their services to the Government of Belarus.Born in 1897 in Vitebsk province of British parents, I was brought up in Petrograd in the gymnasium of

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V.Supranovicha: Celebrate not yet learned

Supranovich: Celebrate in our country have not yet learned. And prazdnichkom, are presently are, what they are transformed in the process … — I would not like, that in the current situation prazdnichkom March 25 would be municipal. And that is all turned into such things as, for example, prazdnichek town — when people take to the streets in the city just for the purpose of drink. Remained in the memory of the 90s, when the procession came really a lot of people. Unlimited number of flags. Lovely festive … I personally think that the day of Liberty — it

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What if made unreasonably restricted to leave?

At the border crossing in Grodno Valery Shchukin learned that hit the travel ban list of people. Cause the former deputy guards not been explained: "We started to understand and have found that I have in these" dark lists. "Then I called the phone through a special duty, and they confirmed. Said: I am sorry, we have for you to have no complaints, but the Interior Ministry has brought you to these lists." Valery Shchukin insists it before the law "untainted". Past MP recalls that more year reversed was punished for the incident during the election campaign, but a fine

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In Vilnius forgiven Vera Shostak

Vera Symonavna recently celebrated its 90th anniversary and first this year in the transfer of "Belarusian abroad" (aired January 15, 2007) on our radio on the occasion of the anniversary and sounded her latest interview in which she said, among other:"I am a happy man. Nobody I never prick, although I have always treated all people with great confidence. And I did not have bad friends. I have no feelings of jealousy — if I love someone, I hunt to all adored him . And my motto in life: the birth of a man to do good to all living

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It is necessary that the government has listened to the voice of ordinary people

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite proclaim every Sunday in the review calls for the week. Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24. Let’s start with a phone call to the listener recently imposed restrictions of access to education. Victor: "About studying in the field of nomenclature. It was already in Russian times when it was necessary characteristic specialty-recommendation. Do it, so do not prohibit children from

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Conversation with the prospect scares Commission applicants

Exactly a month later registered candidates will sit before a special commission that will decide: is a person place on the faculty — or do not need to waste time and take exams? One of the largest "reception Fri" entrants — Belarusian Municipal Institute — our correspondent visited.In accordance with zatsverdzhanymi year’s "Rules of admission to universities" in the competition for higher education for the professions to which allocated special requirements, are eligible individuals who have successfully passed professional psychological conversation. The list — "government", "governance and law", "governance and economy", "international affairs", "international law", "Law", "economic law", "journalism" and

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Z.Paznyaka: front reached the truth

Frontovtsy Dear, dear Belarusians! 

19th October 1988 accomplished a great event today and the history of Belarus — the patriots of the Fatherland and Freedom was created Belarusian Ludetion Front "Revival".  

It was a momentous event in the history of civilization and its Belarusian secular freedom struggle against the occupation and destruction. Liberation Front ideas, based on the example of the 25th March and the standard BPR raised to fight the best men of the people, made it in the vanguard of the Russian parliament and peaceful method led to victory over communism, before gaining real independence of Belarus,

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BNR was unwelcome state

In the political history of the Belarusian People’s Republic of separate space occupied by three statist documents — three charters, adopted on 21 February 9 and March 25. About their role in the development of the Belarusian statehood, cultural renaissance times BNR Rada also about the relationship to the Belarusian People’s Republic of Belarus — a conversation with historian Anatoly Sidorevich."Experienced Belarusian politicians in 1918 were in no hurry to declare a political choice of Belarus, hoping a sudden Bolsheviks wiser?"Michas Scoble: "Anatoly, remember, in the poem" Mother tongue "Pimen Panchenko, poetically describing the names of all 12 months, written

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F.Vyachorka: Half flags and leaflets to mass actions selects police

Public Editor this week — Franak Vyachorka. The morning after the 90th anniversary of the BNR it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. In 2005 graduated from the underground National Humanities Lyceum Kolas. From 2005 to 2008 he studied at the Faculty of Journalism, from the third year is February 18 2008 after a 15-day arrest for "neprelichnuyu abuse" was expelled. In the midst of numerous public commitments Franak Vyachorka — Information for mass opposition actions.Ulitenok: "How many people are willing to rally on March 25?"Vecherko: "About 20, not to be mistaken subjects — political parties, public associations … That thousands

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Over 90 years in the Soviet Union election was not and will not be

Maria Ivanovna: "Good morning, my precious Radio Liberty!Let the sun shine, open doors And will Kozulin with formidable bullpen. A izymatelstva over us, from among those that lie in the grave! They have worked hard as those giants!Reverence with all this servile in the country had not. In their early heart always, forever from you loafers! We love the motherland. That was a free edge Kozulin, son, come quickly! "Ivan Karpovich, Minsk: "I wish to speak on the issue of elections in Russia. During the 90 years of existence, the Union of Russian elections have never been and never will

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