Hidden facts of Russian history

No instant doubt! .. Information put into the human genetic code. Had to learn the true story — we would not be unique in the world and none of us would not have to humiliate and destroy! .. Tarasov

Before we talk about the history, I would say that the term "history" has content that distorts the true events.

In Russia has always been a true Russian, and were the Russian annals, and Russian Tradition!

"Vstar wrote True Russian" — Vladimir Dahl (1801-1872 gg. — Russian writer, lexicographer, anthropologist, author of "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language").

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Riddles Cimmerian civilization

Cimmerian people is one of the oldest nations in Eastern Europe and the first tribe of the region title, which remained in the earliest written sources. Mysteries of the Cimmerian civilization still not solved and leave a lot of difficult questions for historians and archaeologists associated with their origin and history.

The ancestral home of the Cimmerian tribe is the basic version of the Lower Volga region, from which the 1000 years before our era began promotion in the northern Black Sea. Kimry city, located in the Tver region of modern Russia, to this day keeps the name Cimmerian

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Flooding in the Novgorod region can podtopit over 1.1 thousand houses

Flooding in the Novgorod region can podtopit 17 settlements inhabited by more than 2.1 thousand people, according to a Thursday at the site of the regional GUMCHS.

"The highest levels of water during the spring flood waters in most areas are expected above historical averages," — said in a statement.

According to him, flooding possible in Veliky Novgorod, as well as in 17 locations in Krestetsky, Novgorod, Parfinsky, old Russian and Chudovsky areas. The greatest harm can bring flooding towns and Proletarian Krasnofarforny.

In the area of high water may be about 0.9 thousand houses, which are home to more

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In Kadnikova Vologda region has opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

In the city of Vologda region Kadnikov February 28 opened kindergarten "Ladushki"

Construction of a new two-storey building of the kindergarten number 4 in Kadnikova began in 2011. Its capacity is 80 people (4 groups of 20 people). Total Area of kindergarten — 1593 square meters.

The cost of the kindergarten "turnkey" is 60 million rubles, which includes not only the construction of the building, but also landscaping, equipment, porches, play equipment on recreational areas, the purchase of furniture and equipment for the catering department and laundry equipment for sports and music halls ,

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Russ lives!

Gone are the old days forever. Were myths, fairy tales and someone's memories, recorded in the accounts and re-written several times by unknown authors. The history of the old and ancient Russia remains a great mystery. In reading the various historical sources, it seems that in the old days in Russia lived a fairly primitive Slavic tribes. They contemptuously called them heathens. A life in Russia is really only started after the introduction of the Christian religion. Two — three decades ago suddenly have new sources that ancient Russia represented the contrary, as a nice, strong, highly spiritual and highly

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The myth of the black savage pre-Christian Russia

Pre-Christian history of Russia is often shown in a dark color, our ancestors in her "wild" barbarians in animal skins living by hunting and fishing in the primeval forests and swamps. The only bright spot, the Vikings look normal, "brought" the light of the foundations of civilization to Russia (according to the Norman theory) and Princess Olga savages trying to instill the principles of Christianity. As a result, the majority of Russian citizens pre-Christian history of Russia — a real terra incognita ("Unknown Land" from the Latin.).

In fact, at the present time, Russia needs a bit of German

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People get rid of programs imposed — debunking the myths

Myth number 1 — Vaccines strengthen the immune system.

Annual vaccination of children against influenza adversely affects the formation of cross-immunity against different types of the virus, Doctors Medical Center "Erasmus" (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

The conclusion is simple — used today inactivated seasonal flu vaccine does not protect prostone vaccinated against pandemic influenza, but also prevent the formation geterosubtipicheskogo immunity, which does not help protect vaccinated infection.

A revision of the existing strategies of influenza vaccination to the development of vaccines that can protect children not only from seasonal and pandemic strains of influenza virus.


Myth number

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Bloody baptism of Rus. As it was

Christianity captured Rus in 988 AD. e. during the reign of Prince Vladimir. How did this happen?

You can read the official version of the official history of Russia, for example Ishimova of "History of Russia", Novosibirsk, 1993 brief picture was supposedly was. Prior to Prince Vladimir paganism reigned, and Russia boomed.

Neighboring nations persuaded Vladimir to go to their faith, and to him came many ambassadors from Kama Bulgars, of German Catholics, the Jews and the Greeks, and everyone praised his faith. Vladimir initially evaluated these faith in beauty invented. Consulted with the boyars. They told him, "Everyone

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That killed the last wild crocodiles in Russia?

Read the famous Englishman Jerome Gorseya notes, dates from the end of the XVI century. In 1589 he once again goes to Russia. Keep in mind that 100% of foreigners visiting Russia, and later Russia, were not only merchants or ambassadors of the documents, but foreign agents. Spies, to put it simply. Or the Holy See, or any European monarch. And their notes — a kind of reports to the center. So here is what this Horsey. (Quoted by Jerome Horsey. Writings on Russia. XVI — early XVII century. M.: Moscow State University Press, 1990.)

And still

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In the Altai, a new type of human

40,000 years ago, this place was in the Altai melting pot of civilizations. Photo: RIA Novosti

The study of fossils from the Denisova cave has changed our understanding of the origin of Homo sapiens. Number of publications devoted to the fate of the Neanderthals, in fact, always been pretty tight. But in the past year, this background information has changed, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. One of the sensational — in the journal Science (from 26.08.11, v. 333): "Who were Denisovtsy? '. In it, American researchers say that by mixing with Neanderthal Man Altai (Denisovans), whose remains

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