20 years ago, the Organizing Committee was formed BPF

Keep a narrow strip of paper on which is written a carbon:

"Institutional Group on the Belarusian Committee of Remembrance of the Victims of Stalinism (Committee 58) invites you to take part in the constituent assembly, which will be held on October 19 at 18-00 Russian, 15 (Cinema House, Minsk). At a meeting of the Committee, "58" will be accepted programm action, exhausted, elected leadership and working bodies. "

(The number "58" — the number of articles of the Criminal Code of Stalin, which were shot and sent to the Gulag millions of victims).

  It gave

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In the house the night of detention against the will of anyone not being driven

On the outskirts of the street Kara renovated former dormitory. Here is house contents night — the first in the area and the second in the country. The first person I met here, became director. Valentin SpeechSpecifies which made luxury renovated the building: double-glazed windows, new tile, painted throughout, brand new furniture.

"Grodno nocturnal house night stay of persons of no fixed abode" In addition that people are given shelter here for the night, helping them to return the passport to get a pension. Reporter: "In the town at the moment a lot of bloodless, why it is not

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Should the authorities to release all political prisoners?

The issue of release of political prisoners in Belarus now stands among the first Fri requirements to the Belarusian authorities and the opposition and the West. A what they say ordinary people on the streets in Minsk on the question whether segodnyaschy power to release all political prisoners?Man: "I believe that all political prisoners need at the moment to release. Pardoned them. Needless to keep people. I believe these people comprehended his actions. Convinced what you need release them into the wild. "Man: "I think so. Since in the definition of" political prisoner "lies a certain injustice. This dictates my

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Separated Ira Kazulina

16:15. At the cemetery in Tarasavafuneral ceremony ended Ira Kazulina People razyazhzhayutstsa the cemetery. 16:00.At the grave of Ira Kazulina poured burial mound, set wreaths, baskets of flowers. Melody sounds of Frank Sinatra "My Way" 15:40 "May the all-powerful God will give to you, our sister, Ira, drink endless source of life" — under the words priest Vladislav Zavalniuk coffin.body Ira Kazulina lowered into the ground 15:30. Vladislav Zavalniuk priest blessed the grave. Word took Alexander Kozulin. His speech was very sensual., People weptAlexander Kozulin stressed that Ira sacrificed her life for him urged all to charity, love for

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Lukashenka expressed solidarity with Kozulin

They went to Independence Avenue Church of Saints Simon and Lena, where accomplished prayers for the dead.

Before the rally on October Square gathered huge amount of employees militia men in civilian clothes. They did notice and claimed by the people to disperse. But people lined the avenue with portraits Ira Kazulina with flowers and candles. Among those who came to support the family Kazulins and express their positions were people of different ages. Many young people:Correspondent "Today the weather is not good, there is a rain, a lot of police on the streets. But you came … "Woman: "In

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Y. Kazulina appealed to Lukashenko

It reads:"Mother passed away on our hands. And we know her dearest wish — to behold own spouse a free man. This is her desire is already in the past … The mother did not wait.

Let us, daughters, mother bury a Christian and simply human, moral laws. So that it is the most expensive man, wife of Alexander, — managed to say goodbye to her. "

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Half a million Belarusians malnourished

These and other questions are answered Economist Mike Zaleski.Tsigankov: "How many poor people in Belarus and this figure has changed in recent years?"

Mike ZaleskiZaleski: "We even legislation notion of poverty is not — we always invent something. So our neo-invented the concept of" poor. "But what is" not much "? If you take the Belarusian approaches, the poor thing was in 1999-2000 — Global Bank estimates, 47 percent. Then she began to fall, because we went a good income from oil, and could throw more funds for public welfare, to raise pensions. Now the structure of poverty we have

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N. Khalezin: We confuse the 1st person with all the people

Sunday sound transmission to the monarch ordered Khalezin theme: "What the community thinks about the ability of Belarusian emigration." Now Nikolai Khalezin summarizes the results of the week.— Approached the end of the week, and hunt to remember what did it happen?But I still do not know exactly what happened? Since not happen again crossroads things: once again did not match important social routes — people go to One way, and power in the other …For example, the government assures us that there is no crisis. And people say something else: it is not just knocking on the window, and

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Service in the Belarusian army will be reduced to one year?

So Makar, soldier conscripts can be equated to their counterparts with higher education, which serve one year after graduation.Reduction of the term as Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev, will be due to the "intensification of combat training and cost of modern trenazherav." Specific date when these innovations will be implemented until called.Or will not be in the army to give specialty "sweep of the broom?"General Valery Frolov one hundred percent of the defense department divides the initiative on the reduction of life. Such an issue on cpadara Frolova, long overdue, because in modern Belarusian army combat training real soldiers are not

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How to comment on the release Zdzvizhkou?

"Certainly, punish conclusion — this execution"The creator of the Christian Democratic Party Paul Seviarynets Pronunciation:"Liberation Zdzvizhkou — is another fact in the chain of political liberation. How illegal detention were so unusual from a legal point of view look release. But it all fits into the logic of negotiations with Europe. March 2, until the election of Medvedev regime must establish good relationship with Europe, that was something to blackmail Russia. Because political prisoners are currently the bargaining chip in such immoral and here’s a great game. In any country in Europe do not put people in jail for this

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