Mogilev mini markets close without asking buyers

Traders blame the decree number 760, which took away their right to hire workers who have not reported their relatives. Decree forced them to finish the job and deprived of income. In a dispute with the bureaucrats businessmen suffer buyers who used to go on these mini-markets.Authorities have eliminated only one market. He was not far from the open not so long ago the supermarket "Hippo". The market had 20 businessmen. BACKGROUND closure — substandard sanitary and fire regulations."One market, which was closed, entrepreneurs may invest a dime, do not want. Those who invested, want to make the reconstruction of

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Opposition developed Epistle to the disappointed

Dominant messages will be an appeal to the disenchanted population.Political scientist Vaclav Oreshko, who heads a group of professionals, reads the work began with interviews of different focus groups. Was necessary clarify that at the moment more worries people. It turned out that in the country there was quite a large group of disappointed. Vaclav Oreshko explain what it did for the people:"They are politically undecided. These are people who have no political convictions, the harsh political leanings that were not, for sure, political supporters Lukashenko. This — very exciting group."Vaclav Oreshko notes on her mood affect first significant rise

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How can we reach disappointed?

These questions are answered independent sociologist Alexander SasnouTsigankov: "As far as most people in the Belarusian society, which can be called disappointed — those who do not believe neither the president nor the opposition?"Sasnou: "It should be noted that in almost all societies, a significant part of the population flegmantichno relates to what is happening in politics. But in a society like ours, most political problems immediately causes division of the population into two groups. 1st never support the existing power — it achieves up to 30 percent, the second is almost always supported by the authorities and by seeking

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The Church must speak out in defense of human rights

Ulitenok: "What Your responded cusps of apalyachvanne position and anti-Belarusian church in Grodno?"Rudkovskii"Some priests and believers have expressed some solidarity here. But many consider it unjustified step in the sense that, say, for what was to speak in public form. My answer is: do not be afraid of publicity. If social problem, it is more likely to permit. Overcome certain difficulties easier for us to work together than when it is closed, tabuizavanaya. "Ulitenok: "What the state and prospects shmatkanfesiynastsi in Belarus — from time to time say, for example, will soon gain weight evangelists?"Rudkovskii: "The specifics of the evangelical

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House of Writers Olga Ipatova Felix Batorino, Michas Tychina

IN MEMORIAMOlga Ipatova "Shark Creative Kastus me flabbergasted"February 2nd Belarusian community in Canada last farewell to the 1st of the brightest writers Belarusian postwar emigration Kastus Shark. About his work and a place in the history of the state of literature second half of the XX century, says a popular writer Olga Ipatova. Questions asked her Valentine Aksak. Valentine Aksak"Olga, when the first time you heard the name of the writer Konstantin Sharks?"Olga Ipatova"It’s the name I read in the underground emigre literature, which in Grodno in the 70s secretly gave us a young writer and his staff, unforgettable Alex

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Protest small business

14:40 Vyacheslav detainees Siuchyk and Ales Makaeva of Leninsky Districttransferred to the Investigation Committee. 14:00 Baranovichi. Trials of applicants meeting Nikolai, Black-moustached Oleg, Pasko Andrei Makarov and Anatoly Radkovnow not take place. People kept in court from 9 am to 13, and later moved to the meeting on February 19. 13:25 Provoker. tried to disrupt the accreditation of journalists Lithuanian Radio and "German Wave"Police did not touch it. 13:23Entrepreneurs and public activists sprawled with the junction of Kuibyshev and Communist. 13:15. Businessmen in building ONT not allowed Victor Gorbachev said second group of businessmen must pass the petition BTRC

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Autukhovich works driver

It continues the tradition of his office cab, he had to enter into. Find a job he owed under the terms of leniency.Do Autukhovich configuration in the labor room: on the wall appeared artistic composition with white-red-white flag and emblem of "The Chase". He reports that the current time is the driver, however, does not carry passengers. Funds have not yet received, but will be three thousand rubles."Under the guise of" "Nika-taxi" at the moment goes 31 machine — more than was once his own. All machines his former phone number — "22222." However, steel cab save reads Avtukhovich.Avtukhovich"Now is

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Belarusian spy in Austria turned thief

Members of "greenish" made sonorous statements komplote political and espionage.On the days of the story was the sudden development. According to the verdict of the Austrian court, the robbers computers recognized 19-year-old Belarusian, who, according to the Austrian press, is a drug addict and a thief. Some time reversing the Austrian government, despite numerous protests in society, acquired several 10-s expensive fighter aircraft "Eurofighter 2000" co-production of Germany, Italy, Spain and England. Austria’s political opposition led by the "greenish" said corruption and initiated the creation of a special parliamentary commission to investigate the case. According to the testimony of opposition

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Started Vienna Forum against human trafficking

Yesterday sovereign Martynov made a presentation in which "gave an assessment modern international efforts to combat human trafficking and provided a strategic vision this prepyadstviya in the context of the existing threats and challenges ", — reported the press office of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.Neither the report the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov at the Vienna Forum, nor on the website MIA freshest no statistics on how many in Belarus trafficking victims as criminals punished for it. On the website — the data in 2000-2005.In the past year in the U.S. State Department report on human trafficking

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Rice: Belarus — critically principled U.S. country

According to Russian news agency "Announcements", speaking on February 13 in the U.S. Senate, Rice said that the administration of the White House included a request for economical 2009 60 millions of dollars to finance a special fund to support democracy and Human Rights. "Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights will allow us to maintain the main applets in the field of democracy and Human Rights in such critical concepts motivated countries such as China, Belarus, Our homeland, Liban, North Korea, Thailand, Venesuela, Somalia, Myanmar and Pakistan, "- said Rice.

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