Tram sobriety to catch 14.00 to purchase a bottle

October 16 from 14.00 in Minsk forbade the sale of alcoholic drinks, said BelaPAN control department info and public relations Minsk police Alexander Lastouski.Policemen visit disadvantaged families, become familiar with the situation, where live everyday brawlers.October 16 through the town will ride "tram sobriety": police offer passengers not to use today Liquor.All districts of Minsk will work Mobile drug items.Restaurants and cafes will serve customers in the ordinary mode, reports Interfax.Chief Narcologist town Sergei Milk said that the volume of alcohol consumed, Minsk comes in the middle of the top three favorites of European capitals — almost 12 liters. of

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Did Masherova chance to get to the Kremlin?

Relatives of party leader and some historians to this day do not believe in coincidence Masherova death because they believe that capital comrades seriously annoy self-sufficient politician who could lead the Soviet party nomenclature. Youthful on the background of dilapidated old Kremlin, Peter Masherov profitably looked at the gallery of the Politburo, using human respect and authority. But, says Natalya Masherova daughter party favorite, after as rumors about the imminent transfer Masherova to Moscow as chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the attitude has changed significantly. It became the first opponent to build. Those cases uniformly and

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Lebedko: People in Belarus are converted to a live product

As reported by the official website of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, the main goal of the Forum — increase international awareness of the public about the problems of human trafficking, search innovatorskih approaches to its solution, exchange of best practices. Co-Chair of the Political Council united democratic Forces of Belarus Anatoly Liabedzka, which Belarusian authorities forbid travel abroad, said:"Certainly, in the global this problem very principled. But Belarusian authorities view certain spekulyatsyya on it. A significant portion of our people are in such economic and political dependence on the authorities, which can be read: in Belarus there is a trade.

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Want to become a student — Go through professional psychological test

Own rules of admission to universities were approved by Presidential Decree two years reversed in February 2006. The authorities argued that by As the last for 5 years, they will not be changed. But here’s the configuration made, and significant enough. According to the decree abolished internal exam to university in subjects that are included in the centralized testing. Chairman unchanged Commission on Education, Culture, Science House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanowicz believes this change is fully appropriate:"It is forbidden to a higher education institution to hold an examination on the subject, which coincides with the object rendered on centralized testing.

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The Belarusian Lesya unwilling transformed into myth

The story began in 1997 when the magazine "Flame" appeared smallish "camp" poems hitherto unknown Lesi Belarusian. The publication caused a real sensation: the poet associated with Larissa Heniyush, written about her special study painters renders her portraits, her works were included in an anthology of poetry … But was essentially Belarusian poetess Lesya — a victim of Stalin’s Gulag? In our studio — historian Anatoly Volohonovich. Michas Scoble"Anatoly, as said the newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda "in Belarus", you write a book about Lesya Belarusians. Although not yet revealed any 1st document that would confirm its existence as a person. And

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V.Skorobogatov: a day will make myself something nice for friends

SkarabahatauThis is the date for Belarusian people completely exclusive, because if was not declared Belarusian People’s Republic, there would be no Russian Belorussian Socialist Republic. Obviously would not have been declared and Republic of Belarus! It’s completely phenomenal date in the history of Belarus, in the history of the Belarusian people. And it is necessary to celebrate the best way — it is prazdnichek country, no matter how we feel about this event (someone like someone does not like). Impartially — is the most significant event of the twentieth century for the Belarusian countries, the Belarusian people.Correspondent: And you personally

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Ordinary people they say that they became worse …

Lady: "Naturally, we have benefited from personal business and I loved it. I heard that they have had difficulties and I think, it is not for the benefit of us all. It my world and I for Single entrepreneurs can operate freely. "Young Man: "I do not know, I do not local."Man: "I used the services business, although earlier and he was also the personal business and I it is very liked. At the moment of their task, but as they say ordinary people become worse for them, since there is no choice and prices rose. "Woman: "And I soon

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Night Siege February 8

In the community "Living magazine" blogger fox_lj wondered whether it makes sense to put water meters in apartments? Post it caused such comments:pit0n: "Profitable. Payment for water decreased from 3 to eight times. When was the privilege to pay for your own installation of the meter, these funds recouped in about 8-9 months. Currently will pay off for a year";ldok: "If you have been prescribed one person, but actually live and grist five may be more expensive. Another aspect. If most of the tenants put counters, others can seriously grow your water bill, as it account for the scheme: the

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Vasily Avramenko: Belarus — the country complaints

Complaints — sign of democracy? One of the last meetings of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee held in district Talachyn. Regional authorities were obliged to respond to a record number of complaints sent by the people of this region. Office checks confirmed virtually all the facts in the letters: in the area do not have enough doctors and district police officers, belatedly paid wages, population dies, spyzhyvayuchy available Tolochinsky poor local wine factory, resulting in registration to Narcologist were 105 adolescents with 42 of them at once — in the past year … Local activist Nicholas Petrushenka from the village Kohanovo

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Belarusians least — this year is 9 million 689 thousand

In Last year were born in Belarus 103 425 thousand kids (for 2006 — 96 thousand 721 children), died in Last year 132 thousand 855 people (in 2006 — 138 thousand 426 people). In 2007 population decreased by 29 thousand 430 people.

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