Release of political prisoners compensate other reprisals

First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, commenting on the human rights situation, draws attention to the fact that in the near future Belarus reduced the list of political prisoners:"And it is very excellent, and there is, of course, fundamentally due to the very position of the U.S. and the Euro Union. On the other hand, new people planted. On the other hand, the release of political prisoners is compensated by another kind of repression. This massive administrative landing, this exclusion from school. Now put pressure on those students who were in jail last week. "Coordinator of the organizing

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Kiosks in Minsk will close?

Back in 2000 in Minsk was terminated establishment of new stalls, left only to public transport stops."I am against the arms and legs"On the small window kiosk inscription: "Open from themselves." Hostess so concealed from the wind. She let me in the booth. There is a product on the shelves included heater, has a cool. Cramped, but comfortable."Buyers are many. All take — and cigarettes, beer, beverages … We are from 7 to 22 hours. We will not stay here long, because we wish to remove, and believe that our business has already exhausted itself. And I would like more

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First collection of Jewish folklore sovetskogo in the USSR

"Lim" on This week in 1938 he writes about the publication of collections of folk songs of the Red Army, "the second collection — in the Hebrew language -" Jewish Folk Songs of the Red Army "- contains about 15 songs and rhymes 25. This first collection of Jewish folklore sovetskogo in the USSR. Both collection are catchy expression of large emotions sovetskogo boundless patriotism and love of workers sovetskogo Belarus to sovetskogo own homeland and the Red Army. Each song, each prypevtsy — constant readiness at any moment come to the defense sovetskogo Union from attacking the enemy. "About

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Government for the people

As you know, Lukashenko announced the company de-bureaucratization, even adopted in late 2006 and a directive stated that Belarus will government built for the people. Here could poernichat be thought of for whom this government was to this time, which had a lot of years to build a bureaucratic government, so that later it debureaucratized, etc. But let’s take it on faith that not counting populism playing on public Lukashenko sincerely seeks to compel municipal authorities, government officials serve the people, because it works on his style. And I must say that in this direction were prepared certain steps. In

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Trojan horse open government

U.S. intelligence agencies jeopardize the reputation of the country and spend a lot of money in order to obtain maximum information about government activities even allied powers. At the time, the Russian government itself spends a lot of money to make it as open to all its activities.

One of the favorite child of the current prime minister Dmitry Medvedev — "Open Government" celebrated on June 5, the first anniversary.

What is this structure that is in no way provided for the Basic Law of the Russian Federation? It is strongly promoted by the

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MIA reorganize vytsvyarezniki

With 2004 honey vytsvyarezniki countries are working on criteria samaakupnastsi. But low margins — not the main reason for the closure of the institution in Svetlahorsk reads its last chief Grigory Ivanov: "And where we still have vytsvyarezniki? In the former Russian Union virtually anywhere. Certainly, this system has exhausted itself. Of the total number delivered in vytsvyarezniki — not all the same zapivohi and drunkards. But for others vytsvyareznik — salvation in the winter. Because we’ll see, time will show. "Before last year’s "Dazhynki" medvytsvyareznik Rechitza was closed, and currently remains in the Gomel region 4 such institutions. Earlier

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Look at our people: no one wants to think

The Council of the European Union for six months visa sanctions stopped for 36 senior officials of Belarus. As before Travel Abroad remain Lidia Yermoshina, Sheiman, Vladimir Naumov, Dmitry Paulichenka and Yuri Sivakov. Comment listener:"Political Opponents she planted, and those had the misfortuneAnd at the moment of their asvabadila and authorities, like water off a duck’s back.And Europe has thaw partly removed obstacles,Prastsila sins and to Europe has taken,Dove check for six months. Let’s see if What government policies will continue in Belarus. "


Continuing the theme of the issue of sovereign Adam of Volozhin district sent in an

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A third of the population of Hungary on the way to poverty

The Hungarian government has been confronted with the problem of the rapid impoverishment of the population. Now ten millionth of Hungary every third citizen lives below the poverty line, and more than a million people every month receive a little more than 60 percent of the minimum wage. Economists warn the authorities that in this situation only temporary measures do not.

The economic recession has returned millions of Hungarians in the mid-1990s. This period was characterized by high inflation, low incomes and the growing trend of unemployment. Due to the strict conservation measures

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NBB: The situation has improved with the currency

Is there a problem with the purchase or sale of foreign currency in banks? About exchanger "Belarusian-Swiss bank" on the Freedom Square in Minsk — no rush. Come and me all you want. Or so for a day or always? The cashier did not explain. I ask Victoria, who works with clients that apply for visas at foreign embassies here and get currency: "I can not say that such a tense situation. Now — fine. But there are days are especially Mon when people vorachivayutsya and they say that there is no currency." According to the information managers of commercial

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Coach of SKA (Rostov) believes that only six players are ready for the new season

Igor Hankeev army said it did not have any claims to only MALOV and Shkurat [/ b]

Coach of SKA (Rostov) Igor Hankeev praised chances of FC "Krasnodar-2000" in the area "South" of the Second Division of the Russian Football. According to him, the favorite of the season will also be the Armavir "Torpedo". In this Hankeev convinced that the top place in the standings will take "Chernomorets" of Novorossiysk. Predict the fate of his team, Igor refused, citing the fact that while the team is not staffed to the end and just preparing for performances. [Cut] — Unfortunately,

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