Fascinated planet. Lord of water

August 5, 2012 13:53

70 years ago in Paris, was born one amazing story. Group of French anthropologists into the midst of Mali to examine the people of Sudan. There, they made contact with the Dogon tribe, far away, and the primitive race of people that will make a wonderful revelation.

The participation of aliens in the construction of stone tomb

November 18, 2011 21:22

The legendary Stone Grave. Ten minutes from Melitopol. Fantastic pile of huge boulders. Looks much better than the statues of Easter Island, and even the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu. No scientist in the world did not give even the slightest acceptable version: where did it come from the steppes of Ukraine? .. Famous sayings legendary Makhno — "Oh, in the gate — we were not the set, which is a pity …" (from memory).

Hence people go …

This prehistoric monument psychics feel thanks outgoing streams of light energy. It

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What are the causes of diseases and problems of man

The main reasons for which a person is sick

Every person at least once in his life faced with a situation where conventional treatments are not able to cope with the disease. At best, the result of their application is a minor or transitory feeling better patient.

The first picture aura sick man, and the second — a healthy

This article focuses mainly on such "difficult" cases, and the possibilities of so-called non-traditional healing methods. Attitude of modern science to religion is based on a deep respect for her and a serious assessment of its role and place

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Lightning left without electricity for part of the Stavropol

Stavropol, September 2. More than 30 thousand people were left without power in the Stavropol region by passing thunderstorm.

According to the official website of the regional Emergencies Ministry, in the village of St. George, Nezlobnoy, Lysogorskaya, x. Prietokskom, pos. Shahumyan George municipal area as a result of high winds, thunderstorms is broken power lines. Just left without electricity 31,225 people. In the de-energized parts are 7 repair teams, 23 people, 5 units. In place of the emergency task force went EMERCOM Russia's Stavropol region

More: http://news.mail.ru/incident/6721510/. 


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Two fire departments have taken under the protection of Sholokhov Reserve

Rescuers discovered in the north of the Rostov region two fire stations, which, in particular, will provide fire protection Sholokhov Reserve, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday GUMCHS representative of Russia in the region.

The largest wildfire in the region in 2010 occurred on June 27 at the Sholokhov's a mile from Veshenskaya where the State Museum-Reserve Mikhail Sholokhov. Because of the high temperatures and strong winds the fire began to spread rapidly and covered an area of 700 hectares. Extinguish the flames managed just four days. Then it was decided to create two fire stations.

"In some places of permanent

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BIOCAD developed a new social network for people diagnosed with hepatitis C

July 28, 2013 in St. Petersburg hosted an event to celebrate International Day against hepatitis. The organizer was a biopharmaceutical company BIOCAD. At 200 meters in the space of Gallery "Formula" at the Cultural Center "Loft Project" located thematic photo exhibition, clearly showing the path of hepatitis C. The real life cases as Captions successfully complement the conceptual design. Program of the event started with a presentation a new social network of "One World", developed by BIOCAD for people diagnosed with hepatitis C. In addition to the numerous options that do not exist in other social networks and online

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Vladimir bearded: Witnesses murder Zakharenka killed

Society of Former Special Forces Brigade Commander Interior Ministry of Belarus, prominent opposition leader Vladimir bearded man asked for political asylum in Germany. Today, he gave an interview to Radio Liberty.

— What is the situation with your request for political asylum?

— The procedure is quite complicated. Go check the documents for all the lines and structures. Usually, it takes 3 months. But here the situation is such that you can always make a stop, suspend the case — in case the situation changes — and go home. This is not an end in itself — to take and

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Call sign of the parallel worlds

Since conceived science, philosophers, psychologists, environmentalists and representatives of other disciplines to discuss the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. There are different ideas. For example, some people speak of a single mind of the universe, the other — on the minds of not only protein, but also inorganic matter. But the most popular are the subject of other civilizations, aliens and UFOs.

Certainly have seen a flight of "dish" famous English writer Jonathan Swift. He not only described it (of course, with elements of fiction) in his "Gulliver's Travels," calling it a country Laputa, but also "sent"

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This mysterious creature

One of the most mysterious and beautiful phenomena of nature can be called the Northern Lights. But. Strange is so wonderful phenomenon for centuries had a bad reputation, and it was considered a harbinger of disaster, wars and tragedies. Northern Dawn (Aurora Borealis) are directly associated with the sun, and some ufologists believe that this is not just a natural phenomenon. A creature of solar origin, intelligent and powerful.

Bombing OVER

Official science agrees that the Northern Lights are in direct contact with the sun, depending on solar activity. Americans generally stated that they had finally uncovered the best kept

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People want to love a presidential candidate (announcement)

Society What changes in the attitudes of society revealed the campaign? Can it be said that in the current campaign ideological positions give way to political strategies? What is the role played by the Internet in political mobilization and dissemination of political information?On these issues in the "Prague accent 'reasoning: blogger Victor Maliszewski, political scientist Leading and a member of Sojm BPF, a political scientist Yuri Chausov.

Transmission listen to Sunday, October 17, at 18 hours.

We offer fragments of transmission.

Victor Maliszewski

Maliszewski: The opposition is doing to collect signatures show … One politician, former showman, once said: "I

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