Recently, a lot of articles on the benefits of alcohol

A few words about Carthage: The state must take care not only and not so much the alcohol lobby, but about their own people

Recently, a lot of articles on "the benefits of alcohol." Every time I read them and I understand that journalists who write them or transfer, it is not aware of the country in which we live. We have, however, even a poet more than a poet, and that talking about alcohol? He, too, more than alcohol! This is a national sport, what comes to alcohol before — good or death? Most often, death is quicker.

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Belarus after dispensations days

Society If the Belarusian society will overcome the shock of December 19, 2010 and subsequent brutal repression? Will the current monetary and economic crisis burst of civic and social activities? Understand each other political activists and those who stand in queues in exchange?

On these issues in the "Prague accent 'reasoning: blogger Dmitry Isayonok, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina and head of the Department of Political Science of the European Humanities University Victor Martinovich.

Drakakhrust: The regular process in the case of December 19, 2010. They showed that the price for political and civic activity increased sharply, which

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Social Taxi gathers pace

Service of transport for people with disabilities is becoming more accessible in the western Russian region.

In 2012, in the Kaliningrad region the services of "social taxi" took advantage of about 5.5 thousand people with health problems. This is ten percent higher than it was in 2011.

As reported by the regional Ministry for Social Policy, is currently available transportation service of citizens with disabilities has 37 vans. 27 of them are adapted to carry wheelchairs.

As part of the regional program "Accessible Environment" for the "social taxi" is planned

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African shaman about aliens


It would seem that interesting things can talk about aliens African shaman? — Turns out, it is not enough …

In the interview, which took Rick Martin (Rick Martin) from the famous South African shaman Credo Mutwa (Credo Mutwa), along with a curious historical information Africans Zulu about their contacts with the aliens, are also memories of his personal experience in the kidnapping of a youth. (During an interview with Credo Mutwa was nearly eighty).

Says Credo Mutwa, many African tribes believe that their ancestors came from the sky. As for the

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«Trump» of the Earth

Starting in 2011, the whole world was shocked unusual incident — everywhere heard a strange hum of unknown origin. Scientists are at a loss, because none of the codex have not seen even a mention, let alone a detailed description of this phenomenon, or at least similar in some parameters. Official science "disarmed", it does not have any information about the origins, causes and nature of the drone lands of the consequences. There is no option, as these alleged consequences avoided. The answer is no, but still, there are some assumptions …

The researchers found that the Earth, as

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10 myths about disasters and disaster


Myths about disasters are often frightening reality, according to The Times, the journalist and writer Amanda Ripley, who for many years writing about a variety of emergency situations and interviewed survivors. In her article, she refutes the 10 most common myths about disasters and natural calamities.

Contrary to popular belief, even serious accidents in aviation (including fire) is not necessarily fatal in 56% of the passengers caught in such disasters from 1983 to 2000, survived. "The main thing is to quickly leave the plane" — the author writes, stressing that the best way

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Victims of snowfall in Japan over the past week was 51 people

More than 50 people have been killed during the past week as a result of prolonged snowfall that hit the northern and central parts of Japan, Kyodo news agency reported.

According to data received from the representatives of the Agency Kyodo fire safety and control in emergencies, the majority of the dead, of which as of Tuesday was 51 people — the elderly, aged about 65 years old and older.

We also learned that 42 people died in a fall from the roof of their houses while trying to clear the snow from the roof of the building.

The number

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The mysterious power of the people



At first glance, it's ordinary people. But not really. Some months are able to voluntarily subject themselves to torture others — for years did not sleep while managing to turn back the clock and look younger, others quietly enter the cell with the snakes, the fourth burn down everything that comes their way, while the fifth instead of tears falling from her eyes Gems! Who they are and who gave their mysterious powers? Yogi from the Indian city of Bhopal

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Day Svarog

In spring 1918, the great Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Academician Pavlov made in Petrograd public lectures "about the mind in general, and in particular the Russian mind." Their motive was the Great Commandment: "Know thyself."

Scientist counted his duty to try to give some material to characterize the Russian mind. He established and characterized the 8 basic tools and techniques, what has the proper functioning mind, and put this feature as a criterion, a bushel for the Russian mind.

One can speculate about the reasons that prompted Pavlov apply to the classification of the features of the

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5.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in western Indonesia

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred on Wednesday at the south-west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, no tsunami threat, RIA Novosti reported at the National Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (NUMKG) of Indonesia.

Quake epicenter was located 30 kilometers south-west of the city Benkulu (capital of the province of the same name), and the focus lies at a depth of 29 kilometers in the Indian Ocean.

No casualties or damage were reported.

In Indonesia is the world's most earthquake. In 2004, at the north-western coast of Sumatra, there was the strongest in 40 years the world's earthquakes. Consequent tsunami claimed

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