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In Belarusian musicians of winter — green harvest

In This year Belarusian viewers if not the first time could choose with whom to while away the New Year’s Eve — with the "official" Russian pop on the main municipal channels (normal "set" of Darafeyavay, Smolova brothers Hlestova etc.) or not favored by the attention of public hangouts on the satellite channel "Belsat" (from peravvasoblenaga Liavon Volsky IQ to 48 "of snow alley, 8"). However, read on vsepolnotsennuyu candidacy still not necessary, because the audience "Belsat" still quite moderate. Because almost always "telemany" preference was given to the third, the tested version — Russian channel with the usual set

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End quote: 29.12.2007 — 04.01.2008

"How significant will be introduced to our economy sanctions, we will respond very aggressively on all fronts, in politics, in economics and other fields. First who will be thrown out, it will be salting the United States."Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in a speech the other day of the New Year"This — the last point, the last warning to the United States … if the United States to bring the case before zahochut, they then receive."Nikolai Cherginets, chairman international Commission of the Republic — the dangers of A. Lukashenko to expel U.S. ambassador"Americans will continue the war against the

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What has changed with the transition to the registration?

Student: "Where I am learning, the question has intrigued many. The problem is that no citizen of Minsk can not get a job without Minsk resident. Permit costs 400 bucks. Was a rumor that instead of registration will be something for the best people. My problem and remained friends with the registration. "Lady: "I heard something. I heard that people without Minsk resident can will work in Minsk. If I truly realized … We in kindergarten was the problem: not enough nurses and vyhavatselek so minchane not want to work for such wages. Was the calculation that will commute to

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Lukashenko’s rating falls

Alexander Lukashenko’s electoral rating snizhalssya in throughout last year. And for the first time plunged below 40 percent. If elections were held tomorrow, would have voted for Lukashenko 39.9%. In January last year the figure was 50.9%.According to sociologists, the current ranking drop Alexander Lukashenko did not work out the first time. After the second presidential election in 2001, he fell on the border in 2002 and 2003 to its lowest level — 27%.Comparable to a survey conducted in November 2006, the number of adherents of today’s government fell by 10 nm and a half was 37.3%. Meanwhile number of

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Why do we communicate?

Communication (or communication) — is not a fad, and the implementation of our specific needs. Communication performs several important functions for us.

1. We communicate to satisfy the need for communication. By nature, people — are social creatures, and also in desperate need of other people, as well as food, water and shelter. Two people can watch nice chat about different things, and in a few days, none of them will remember about what was discussed. Because of depth to their conversation was not a discussion of some burning topics, and address the need to communicate.


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Changed only words — registration for registration …

Youth: "In my opinion, it was necessary to cancel all — and residence, and everything else, because it is — remnants of Russian Union. This was made earlier, that people did not go out of the village to the city. Elsewhere, there is none. It was necessary to have long- a long time to make, at least change the rules. Indeed people before to get a job, we need that? permit! A residence is not given, there is no work. "Man: "I think it is necessary to cancel the registration was long. Believe that it is done right. This freedom,

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People categorically do not accept nationalism

"Evening Minsk" in 1968 proud: "Minsk Order of the Red Banner miasokombinat now developed 160 tons of all kinds of meat, 60 tons of sausages and 30 tons of semi-finished products. These numbers correspond to the over-sized enterprises, which as an annual rassredotachivaniyu scheduled for January. Temp first Five a day or third year indicates, that the company will keep his word — a creative task to exceed 200 tonnes in January to 100 tons of meat and sausages. "On the pages of "Lima" on this week 1988 poet Galina Korzhenevskaya talks on how to stand out books on literary

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Do Narach and currently flies the white-red-white flag!

Ignorant people, being at the lake Narač, confused, as they say, of 3 or, more precisely, eight pines. Many have referred to several similar organizations, hostel, resort, hotel, holiday village and in the end, the village where the indigenous population lives. By the way, and it will have to walk a stranger. Two and a half thousand people in the streets Narach 36 yes 43 miles of pavement. Well I still on the bus was impressed Narochanskaya pensioners. Just about any of them, sitting on a long-distance route, loudly reported the driver that has benefits. In the village of Auditor

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Belarus — one million poor

This figure is now voiced Valentine Sergeeva — Managing the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Coupled with other bureaucrats from various ministries and departments, she participated in a press conference on the social assistance population after the abolition of privileges. My colleagues, asking questions, had read about, that their editors are choking under a flurry of calls. People ask, as at the moment to bring up the kids for the full price of the villages in the district center, where they are trained? And what is the point that people with disabilities first and second groups have kept free

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Belarusians hooked on gaming needle

This convinced Belarusian municipal supervision and control. The reason — a suitable geographical location of Belarus also unimportant distance from Moscow. Indeed whether Russian capital reached westward?Exactly a year earlier, in December 2006, in the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On the municipal regulation of activities in the organization and conduct of gambling." In accordance with it, is scheduled to make four play areas: in the Kaliningrad region, also in Krasnodar, Altai and Primorsky regions where naypazney by mid-2009 gaming establishments should move with all of.Russian expansion covers the periphery of the BelarusianRedistribution of gaming space has led to growth

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