Engineering design of new spacecraft Russia would be ready in six months


Tech. the newest design of the transport complex will be completed by mid-2012 then the project documentation will submit to the Russian Federal Space Agency, told about it Vitaly Lopota, President of RSC "Energia" in an interview to "Interfax".

"According to the agreement, which entered into RSC" Energia "and Roscosmos, those. project future transportation system piloted the first stage, which is part of the PTK NP (promising next-generation transport sector), to be completed in December 2012, "- said Lopota. But Roscosmos need time for examination of those. project, in connection with the RSC "Energia" plans to

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Number opposition exceeded 3 million

Congratulations Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from listeners Liberty:Lady: "I congratulate you on Christmas and New Year coming. I wish you happiness, health and longevity of your hard work. "Continue to call this program from:Lady: "Please let us know via the radio, where you can buy new discs Danchika."December 19 in Minsk was presented to all studio albums Danchika. They reissued on CD. Previously, these albums existed only on vinyl.Listener responds to question the project manager, producer Belarusian Vitaly Supranovich musical nominations:Supranovich: "In Minsk disks can be found on the BPF and in the office of the BLS. Can

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200-400 thousand for men — not wages

Not so long ago the government in Belarus municipal incentive program from employment in 21 of the 187 small communities. The Gomel region included in said program from Kalinkavičy, Vasilevičy, October, also the village I. Rogachev district. Officially, the unemployment rate in the same Kalinkavichy low. Head of Economics Department of the local executive committee Vasily Borisenko said that the promotion of employment being first a 2-directions:"We have improved employment is the method of creation of jobs in existing and new businesses. Second important factor — the development of personal work, personal business."Meanwhile inhabitants of the district center noted that

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The territory of dopamine addicts

Original taken from da-dzi

Dopamine? N (dopamine? n, DA) — neurotransmitter, produced in the brain of humans and animals. Also hormone, produced by the medulla Adrenal and other tissues (e.g., Kidney), But in the subcortical brain from the blood of this hormone is almost through. According to the chemical structure of dopamine referred to catecholamines. Dopamine is a biochemical precursor noradrenaline (U adrenaline).

Interesting article respected gutta_honey has prompted a number of thoughts that sin not to sound. Especially with regard to the active politicization of the Internet in recent times.

Look in the popular liberal opposition blogs —

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Understanding between Albanians and Serbs unenforceable?

When it comes to Kosovo, the main question in the political and geopolitical dimensions. How are ordinary people live there? What relations between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs? How to apply to everyday difficulties Kosovo Serbs in Belgrade?Drakakhrust"Valentinas that your memories of life in Kosovo?"Mite"In short answer to this question, people live very hard. Unemployment in Kosovo — more than 60%. When you go out on the street Kosovo’s capital Pristina, is to note that around almost no old, very often young people everywhere.Have the highest unemployment particularly among young people, young people do not have jobs, or they are trained,

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UN condemns human rights violations in Belarus

The resolution was proposed by the United States, 72 countries voted against — 33, in including Our homeland, yet 78 abstained.The resolution states, in Belarus last systematic violation Human Rights, harassment of the opposition and human rights activists, as pressure on media of information.

Count Puslovskys not given 6 acres, as we

City of Kosovo. Eighth morning. People on the street almost none. Opposite battered buildings cinema middle-aged man trying to make an old "Volkswagen Golf". I come to light and set the endless question of life-being. Volodya: "Works nowhere. Prop all factories. Not listen to anybody. Poprodavat all."Reporter: "Here was a plant …"Volodya: "Furniture. All in private hands is gone. You more or less get the guys. Four 500 — Kosovo malehankih enough. And so all. Scourge."Reporter: "And what people live? "Volodya: "On earnings are driving on Russia. Vaughn, look, our cinema. Not smoke there."Reporter: "The movie does not show?"Volodya: "Cinema

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Food is like a drug

Scientists from the Florida experimental way proved that the excessive consumption of high-calorie foods causes changes in the brain characteristic of drug addiction. It turns out that the tendency to overeat more serious problem than most people think.

Because of what people are "hooked" on food? As produced food addiction? How to get rid of it? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat, please tell us, as there is a dependence on food?


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Migrants in Belarus

Total number of legal and illegal migrants in the world exceeds 70 million people. Another 125 million people live outside of their own citizenship. In other words, about 3% of the population of the planet scattered outside own states. Most of the migrants seek out happiness in industrialized regions. In the first place then the U.S., where 35 million foreigners live. Our homeland is followed by 13 million and 7 million — Germany. According to preliminary estimates, in rich countries every tenth inhabitant — immigrant. Migrants in Belarus — the political stigmaBelarus Migrants mention more in MIA reports when reporting

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Picket against repeal of benefits in Mogilev

In the chain were 10 people, all people age Incline. Protest lasted one hour. Support protesters came from Minsk secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Valery Ukhnalev.The protesters held placards condemning the government, which abolished the benefits: "Save the poor and the rising cost of power shame", "Civilization is dying, and the government denies benefits lady mother.""I’m worried about all the people who have taken any benefits. Somehow I’d see, and they? And if suddenly the second Chernobyl who will protect us? That’s why I’m here and feel cold. People who have now come to

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