Dmitry Dedenko: I believe in the truth that hurts

There is a large bukovkoy Faith — in God, in the Fatherland. And have faith in malehankih bukovkoy — a truth that hurts for you … I believe that at one point, foreign investors have finished giving Belarusian opposition means to "struggle against dictatorship." And give — "just to win." After all, I remember that the verb "beat" has unfinished vigil and "overcome" — completed. hunt And so in the end to finish this period, to go further . Indeed, the process for the process to bring ordinary people enjoying a completely different field …I believe in the fact

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Happiness must be found at the gates of Europe

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In Minsk the Belarusian Popular Front party congress. As a result, voting as chairman elected Lavon Barshcheuski. By this occasion Council listener:Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "In my opinion, it is

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So what makes Moscow?

The head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov did not realize that produces Moscow. And so he said, "What is the residents of Moscow? It janitors, drivers, office plankton, journalists … Officials agree. Service sector and trade. In extreme cases bloggers. There is a specialty. That the 15-20 millionth mass produce? Absolutely nothing. Intellectual property? Question doubtful. Take Novosibirsk, where produce high-tech products, aircraft assemblies for nuclear reactors that are sought after around the world. There produce products with which to pay taxes. What is produced in Moscow, I do not understand. " Rhetorical question Ivanov deserves two answers.

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How much is imperative Belarusian elite?

Western politicians and the position of really silly, clarification of the German ambassador, according to which the supreme power in the Belarusian elections "wished the best way", and bad performers made "as usual", causes a lot of emotions and they are not very flattering for the sovereign Weiss. Comparison of previous statements that follow deal with Minsk will be determined by the results of elections, and today’s statement about the ability of the lifting of sanctions resemble funny story about a hare, which threatened that if he did not return the stolen bag, it will be like in past times.

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That Belarusians can learn from the Jews?

Lady: "If it is believed that Jesus was a Jew, he was carrying only good. Is not it? So. Kitchen I never encountered them, and generally about them only know that." Her husband: "Jews cohesion worth adopt. Jew, he was a Jew everywhere. Wherever he was, he will always be Jew. In short, their cohesion as it should, since we humans — is absolutely not the … "Man: "You can take them from the desire of the slothful to education, their correct attitude toward people. Also — restraint berazhlivasts, kulturnasts because Jews — cultural civilization. Still said I would, that

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Syktyvkar gone for new experiences

To the north, Russia go for new experiences, health, knowledge and testing, hunting and fishing trophies. In the Republic of Komi has all the conditions for the development of tourism: the unique historical and cultural monuments, lively festivals and ceremonial traditions, extensive grounds with a variety of landscapes and climatic features.

But the way this neblizok, for large distances in the region, and on the way meets a curious lot. So the best way to travel in the region — on the train.

Is embarking on a journey from the capital of the Komi Republic

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Putin must go and Putin should remain …

Drakakhrust: Why Russian power leads a brutal campaign? It would seem that there is nothing to worry about, according to the polls, "United Our homeland" will receive the most and even constitutional. Why the company is conducted as if the enemy stands near Moscow?Radzikhovsky: You know, at the moment I no longer have to explain to you, and you must explain to us, as we are rapidly moving in the direction of Belarus. You — our teachers on real time. It seems to me that there are several circumstances. First — purely technological. Under the election created a large machine:

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Case of an explosion: no suspects

Investigators so far have not detained any 1st suspect in an explosion during a gala concert on July 4 in Minsk. Despite the fact that the criminal case, which was qualified as hooliganism, interviewed hundreds of people and many of them took fingerprints and saliva on expertise, investigators continue every day new interrogations. On remand prison cell to freedom came another of those interviewed in a criminal case brought after a bomb explosion on July 4. He was detained last week. In some media reported that in fact there was a suspect. In the city police department denied this information:"Now

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In Kurapaty CHelyuskincev Park and commemorated the victims of Stalinism

The park CHelyuskincev members of the public lit candles Committee about the memorial cross and paid tribute to the victims of Stalinist repression moment of silence.Co-chairman of the committee of public writer Vasily Yakovenko began totaling announced public commemoration."People do this, those who lie in the land, apparently expecting that someone will remember about them. And not only good word, and loaf, how to change this situation. Year completed before the end of memory. Another such action will "- Basil says Yakovenko.It is expected that the following tribute to the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression held on December

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Yuri Drakakhrust: Authorities responded to the emergence of the Charter, as usual, stupid

"Star" in the 1937 song prints A.Turankova A.Astreyki the words:Oh because of the mountains and because of the large mountains bright sun comes up. (Eh!) Happiness comes from the Kremlin stars to us at home in the kolkhoz.Those star-Stars clear flame burning over the towers. (Eh!) Come vote for Council We twelfth of December.Whether we choose our power very highest (eh!) Will we all vote for their own sons, for the Falcons."Lim" in 1947, in an editorial, "Five-Year Plan — four years!" Summons: "Comrades, writers! Stakhanovite worker when undertakes, then by all means do it. Let us also in this

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