Dunno on the ground. 2002

The fact that you read as a child, remembered for a lifetime. But often, only this time as an adult, you realize the depth reading. For example, looking at the antics of NATO in Yugoslavia, listening delusional, arrogant speech, Jamie Shea, involuntarily just remember a small Soviet children's book writer Anatoly Moszkowski's "Five in a spaceship" which heroes, students from the Earth, were on a planet inhabited by robots. At first they were not aware of it, on the contrary, they were delighted with the exceptional organization, efficiency, energy aliens cleanliness of their streets and the straightness of their

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Happy people (4 parts)

Director Dmitry Vasiukov: Happy people — the name without any hidden meaning, without Aesopian language, without any interpretation. Just like that — happy people. Because they're really happy. I never thought it would ever be, so can feel and live person in our country.

The film — winner of the National Award "Nika".







Maria Arbatov: United States — a country of people-stumps

"A bunch of people-stumps, which can be held together only by the financial component and to make war with anyone," — says about the United States well-known Russian writer Maria Arbatov. What do you think about the country that is so actively trying to dictate to Russia, our guests shared with the editor "of PRAVDA.Ru» Inna Novikova.

— Have you recently returned from America. Do you think the U.S. has the same problem in the relations between people of different nationalities, different mentalities carriers like us?

— Actually, I have a suggestion: all sent to America to people returning

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Prohibitions and warnings: how not to do harm?

"Do not drink, Ivan, a little water from goat hooves, a kid will become!" — A phrase from the tale. But of life: "Do not jump off the bench — you fall", "wet feet — sick", "Do not be distracted in class — you will receive two", "Do not go without a hat, and then the ears ache", "Do not eat ice cream -'ll catch a sore throat "… Sound familiar?

It would seem that all these warnings are dictated solely by concern for the child, and occur for a very real reason. After all, Ivan was still a

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Youth advocates Belarusian musicians

Youth BPF members launched a campaign in support of Belarusian musicians. They need to allow fans to attend concerts of musicians, not fearing that two hours before the concert was canceled, citing the technical prerequisites. Kalinowski said Anton, what events are planned at the event:"Petition to the Minister of Culture and Minister of information. Signature Collection of concert-independent musicians, also to the heads of radio stations, so they put on the air-independent Belarusian musicians. For this campaign, we made T-shirts, badges, booklets … Giving their regional activists for distribution. "Vocalist "IQ48" Alexander Rakovets last spoke in Belarus in late spring.

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For twenty years, the number of diabetics in the U.S. increased by 50%

Another Troubling Statistics published the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): the number of diabetic patients in 42 U.S. states has increased over twenty years (1990 to 2010) by a record 50%.

The most deplorable situation exists in the state of Oklahoma. Here, the number of diabetics has jumped by 226%. This is followed by Kentucky (158%), Georgia (145%), Alabama (140%) and Washington (135%). In at least 18 states of the country people with diabetes has increased by 100%.

One of the main causes of the disease is obesity and abuse of high-calorie foods. In addition, diabetics tend

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Social Anthropology

Tepminom "social anthropology" denotes At the first stage of scientific The direction, the purpose of which was to study and description of the concepts of man as a social being, formed in the so-called "Primitive" societies. In fact, pech was a man of traditional society — as opposed to the modern society. In other words, the key to the problem of Western philosophy of "man and society" ppoetsipovalas to non-Western culture and civilization — to those whose research relates to the field of Anthropology and Ethnography.


Great stimulus to the development of social anthropology has given study primitive

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Alexander Dugin: Nothing is more despicable than the modern Russian liberal

The famous philosopher talks about why the Russians finally gave up on the "ideology of freedom"

Room for October 29, 2012 "Change" published an interview with the famous philosopher and politician, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin. It it was about how and why liberalism in the world was in a deep crisis: initially emerged as the ideology of freedom, he has gradually turned into an ideology of oppression. Such an unusual point of view (unless you meet her in the liberal media, of which a vast majority of the modern media?) Caused a lot of readers'

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An official in the United States is immoral

Employees of federal agencies were negligent in their duties, often ignore the instructions, and less likely to feel remorse for the mistakes. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of large-scale public investigation Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS).

English-language media have paid little attention to the report FEVSchereschur. None of the federal publications does not point out the fact that the deepest crisis of federal agencies — a direct result of policies of President Barack Obama, who is not going to cut the astronomical costs of the government employees as well as to deal with the bureaucracy, patronage and

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S.Klimovich: I do not have 20 years to sit and wait for change

She has the ability to keep track of both the politicized youth and for those. Who are far from politics. By Sasha, many of these guys connects voedinyzhdy desire to arrange their own destiny in the west. Because public editor week ordered journalists to prepare the transfer of Liberty on "Selecting young: to learn and to live at home or abroad?"Haretski: "I did not gladden our KGB news about leaving abroad!" Exodus of young men and women Belarusian study abroad country began after closing in Minsk Euro Humanities Institute. This process continued after the 2006 presidential elections and protests on

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