Russia as a unique civilization and culture

Vadim Kozhinov

From a purely geographical point of view, the problem seems to be very clear: Russia since the beginning in the XVI century accession to the territories east of the Ural Mountains, is a country that is part of the European continent, as part of the (much larger) — in Asia. However, immediately raises the question of substantial originality and uniqueness, even this state of affairs in the world today …

1. For the rest of the giant Eurasian continent wholly owned either Europe or Asia (3 percent in Turkey, located on the European continent — the

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More and more Americans get food coupons

According to the latest report of the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the number of food stamp recipients (food stamps) in the United States continues to increase. In August and September, a million people have applied for food stamps. It is interesting that in the same period, the country was created 350,000 new jobs. This statistical fact, according to analysts Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), should confirm the exit of the country from the economic crisis.

In total, the number of food stamp recipients has reached nearly 48 million people. Expert organizations believe that within the next three months, this

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Requiem for my deteriorating nation

From the author: My name is Joe Cortina. In the 60 years I was the commander of "green berets", then, in the civilian world — IBM representative and researcher at Honeywell Aerospace in Florida, later — the president of his own production company. I have two sons and two granddaughters who are the reason I write this article. In it, I wanted to show that threatens our freedom, the freedom I have used many decades ago when America was still based on Christian values sovereign state, free from Zionist influence, freedom, which, as I hope they will enjoy.

Joe Cortina

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It is not Christian — evidence against his friends

Young lady: "In 1937, many of which beat out indications, and people were put in jail, shot, because I think it’s pretty brave move by Dashkevycha. Though in 1937 shot and those who did not give any testimony. But formally they can now judge Dashkevycha because they cling to it. "Young Man: "Yes, in this country in general there is no freedom, no elections, no nothing. And our government — it seems to be not quite our government. This is my world. "Young Man: "In our country, in my opinion, many of the same things accomplished. I think what you

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Life in Spain

For deceptive lacquered fronts tourist areas is not possible to consider the real life of the country of the resort. Therefore, tourists mistakenly believe that all live in the same way as the rest. In reality — it's different …

For the majority of the citizens of the former Soviet Union, the so-called non-CIS countries still seems a role model and well-being of the island, where you just have to manage to "knock out Rushka," and then everything will supposedly in chocolate. For many of our compatriots word "Europe" is associated with a high standard of living and quality

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Instead House Museum 1 Party Congress visit comrades Communists Kurapaty

Nicholas Kiev, Russian war party: "Good morning, Radio Freedom! Listen veterans, war participants. Ukraine broadly and deeply noted day of political repression and the Holodomor. President Yushchenko made a long speech in which expressed outrage Stalinist regime for the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Putin also found the opportunity to celebrate the political repression and convey compassion destroyed. Our homeland was held in various places, where he wasand murder, and expressed their concern. Belarusian regime this time Congress has taken great scholars who welcomed like a flock heed it’s own president. Not a word of compassion to those who died,

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Stalinist repression — a special case of a global phenomenon era

February 19, 1942 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the extremely decree number 9066, by launching forcibly displaced 114,000 Japanese (of which 70,000 were U.S. citizens) in the concentration camps.

Being by nature a counterbalance to the myth of Stalin in his lifetime, according to which the Generalissimo was a living deity in the "earthly paradise", an anti-Stalinist legend has kept Stalin in the center of "hell" of the past, but in the role of the prince of darkness …

Like any myth, which denies the existence of the world outside of a closed universe, the anti-Stalinist legend ignore events

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Ivashkevich: Taboo from the area photographed Kalinowski

Summing up the Euro and the Public marches and processions on Dzyady Deputy chairman of the Party BPF Viktor Ivashkevich said:"Through dialogue demonstrative proposal from the opposition, thanks to diplomatic pressure the European Union and also thanks to the courage of people who responded to the call of the opposition this fall we managed to achieve a de facto constitutional right of freedom demonstrations: only in Minsk, only in certain several days. But yet taboo area with Kalinowski photographed. Yesterday, a few people were free to go and Independence Square. And this ultimately a combination of several areas of pressure

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U.S. erase the memory of the American Famine

Nicolas Bonnal

We talked a million times about the Soviet or Communist genocide, the Holodomor of all colors and shades, which now serve only to blame Europe, the former Soviet Union and Russia as his successor. And America is against this background that looks like a holy land, to send all neighborhoods curse and unmanned aircraft. I will not comment on these facts.

However, I was surprised by the wealth of a fatal event-date — 1933. As my readers know, the number 33 has a prophetic symbolism, it is connected with Dallas, Damascus, Los Alamos and many other places.

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Started the competition and technical creativity DYNAMIC GENERATION

Company CSTS "Dynamics" for the first time organizing a competition of technical creativity "DYNAMIC GENERATION", which aims — to find and support talented people in the technical fields related to aviation, the increasing interest of children and young people to aviation and aircraft construction, the disclosure of their creative potential, as well as community support people interested or professionally involved in the subject of creating unmanned aerial vehicles.

The main prize — 100,000 rubles!

The competition is held with the participation of the Administration of Zhukovsky, JSC "Air Show" TSESAT "TsAGI", JSC "Institute of Telecommunications,"

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