White slaves in the United States and Britain

White child slaves working in the mine in England, 19th century. Left two children with little or no clothing. So rabotalii boys and girls. Michael Hoffman © 1999 Two years ago, Australian Prime Minister refused to express "due respect" Queen of Great Britain during her state visit to Australia. This member of the British Parliament for the Conservative Party Terry Dicks said: "This is a country of ex-felons, so do not be surprised rudeness of their prime minister."

Such an offense would have been impossible to imagine against people of any other class or race, but not against

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Grim Island: The British were more likely to kill themselves

According to the official data released today, has significantly increased the number of people who committed suicide in 2011, and the suicide rate among the male population of the UK has reached its highest level in a decade.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) among people 15 years and over the total number of suicides was 6,045 people, which is 437 or 8% more than last year.

Suicide rates among males increased by 8% and reached the level of 4552 people, which accounted for an average of 18.2 people per 100,000 of the population and is the

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Oppositionist not found abroad is not only paradise, but even a tent

Olga Klaskouski — a journalist from Belarus opposition activist. In 2006, the first emigrated to Poland together with her little daughter. Then — in Norway and Sweden. There she married and had a son. A few days ago Swedish migration authorities have decided to deport Klaskouski.

You understand that a man suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities (not to mention Belarus) is impossible. The more valuable it becomes evidence with which to face the reality of those who want to "knock over the hill," Tesha myself with the thought that there is someone needs them … How mistakenly believed

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Nikolai Leskov writers Echo of Moscow

Russian writer Nikolai Leskov

"If you're not with us, you bastard!" Holding on to this principle, our liberals prescribe Russian society time to give up all the things and it believed that grow together with its nature. Reject the authorities, do not aspire to any ideals, have no religion (except notebooks Feuerbach and Buchner), do not hesitate any moral obligations laugh marriage over sympathies over the spiritual purity, and not what you "scoundrel!" If you are offended that you would call a villain, well, so in addition you are "stupid fool and shoddy vulgar" …

Stupid stupid and

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Sociologists suggest that emigration mood today visited every other representative of the middle class. Levada Center commissioned by the EU-Russia Centre conducted a survey according to which 50% of Russians dream of leaving the country. Among moderate or active supporters of the move to the country amounted to 75% of people under 35 years of age. 63% of respondents would like their children to study and work abroad.

Surprisingly, polls "necessary" and "unnecessary" the researchers do not coincide with the actual statistics:

Left in 2000 — 233 thousand people (rode more than 500 thousand) in 2008

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Friedrich Nietzsche: About Russia and Russian.

1. "At the wicked songs." And why do we have a Russian song?

2. "For the occurrence of any institutions was necessary there should be a will, impelling instinct, anti-liberal to the brightness — the will to tradition, to authority, to account for the entire century, the solidarity of the past and future generations … If the will is there, then there is that sometime in the way of the Roman Empire, or like Russia — the only country that currently there is a future … Russia — a phenomenon otherwise miserable nervousness smaller European states,

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The water level of the Amur River near Khabarovsk over 8 meters

September 3, 2013. As at 12:00 local time (5:00 MSK), the water level in the Amur River near Khabarovsk stood at 805 cm This is the agency "Interfax" referring to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The 4 hour, the water level rose by 4 centimeters and, according to hydrologists, it will soon be just arriving. According to "Interfax", by September 6 level reaches 830 centimeters. Authorities have assured that the city's levees can withstand all 900.

According to hydrologists, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the water will rise to 980 centimeters by mid-month. According to the MOE, in

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Cautionary tale of anti-Soviet Kazakh: Confessions of a Dissident

Many people who know in Kazakhstan, write to me today in the comments to my publications in Yu.M.Mizinova: Oh, Diamond, Diamond! Why do you need Nazarbayev? I'll answer a question with a question: Can you, without him giving me my dream: to return my citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan? Also very many close friends in spirit, in recent years, it is strongly ask: Diamond, take U.S. citizenship? In Kazakhstan, you're no use to anyone … I agree: But before you tell me to, you have to go through what I have lived, take my lifetime … Only kazahpayskuyu

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Sports complex Grozny

Opening Ceremony

Sports complex includes:

Most sports arena for 30,000 spectators. Palace of Sport for 5000 seats. Sports and children's swimming pool for 500 people. Sports recreation center for 350 people. The modern hotel complex with 500 rooms. Two fields — training soccer field with stands for 1,000 people with a natural grass driving range and with artificial turf.

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Sports center Shebekino will prepare swimmers Champions

In the city of Belgorod Oblast Shebekino a ceremonial opening of the sports center. The holiday was timed to the International Children's Day.

The two-storey building of the sports center, which was built in the heart of the city, housed two pools: a 25-meter swimming pool with 4 lanes and a children's swimming pool measuring 12m x 6m sports complex equipped with modern water treatment system, which provides filtering it through ion silver. Tribune sports center designed for 120 people. Near the center are equipped with a platform for parkour and occupation on the horizontal bar. The complex is fully

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