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Libya is getting used to life in a democracy

Just over a year ago, started a revolution in Libya, which has become the main event of the year 2011. The revolution has moved into a qualitatively new phase, followed by foreign intervention, after it was reported that at the hands of government troops killed "more than a thousand people." These figures are largely determined the adoption of the infamous UN Security Council resolutions, the implementation of which has led to the situation in Libya, which you can watch right now.

Human rights organizations, presidents and heads of foreign and defense ministers unanimously approved — a sense of justice

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In China, the Hornets zakusali to death 40 people

October 2, 2013. In central China, more than 40 people were killed and hundreds injured in an attack by hornets.

Incidents of insects occurred in recent weeks in the province of Shaanxi.

Authorities had to bring fire to destroy nests and Shershneva open special treatment centers for victims of insect bites.

According to local officials, the dry and hot weather, the well-established in the country, has led to an increase in vegetation cover, which in turn led to an increase in the population of hornets.

Source: BBC Russian Service

The most interesting discoveries of last week


What science has brought us last week? Surprisingly long life of brain cells, rat-telepaths and travel to Mars for two — that's what brought us to this week's Science.


See for yourself…

Pessimists may live longer


Low expectations of happiness in the future may allow people to live longer.

A recent study of elderly Germans showed that people with a more pessimistic view of life live longer and healthier than their more optimistic fellow.

Rat telepathy?


The scientists managed to create something

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Their customs-26 (4 — 25 August)

August 5. 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, who served in a special unit of the U.S. Army psychological warfare, opened fire on the Sikh congregation of the church in the town of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. As a result, six people were killed. Another 20 people, including a policeman, were injured. The offender committed suicide with a headshot.

August 7. In the state of Missouri mosque was burned. Police suspect arson: A month ago, installed video cameras on mosques recorded as an unknown person threw a bottle onto the roof of the building with Molotov cocktails. Then the fire caused only

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Their customs-23. (14 — 21 July)

July 17. In sandwiches on board American Airlines Delta Air, designed for business class passengers were found sewing needles

July 17. Unknown shot of bar patrons in Alabama: 17 injured

July 18. In Bulgaria, a suicide bomber blew up a bus with a driver-Bulgarian and Israeli tourists. Eight people were killed and more than 30 injured. Israel blamed for what happened to all the known number one terrorist state in the world — Iran.

July 18. In the U.S. state of Utah forty-year pilot Brian Hedglin, wanted for the murder of his mistress hijacked airliner rammed it several vehicles

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Their customs-22. (7 — July 14)

July 8. Secular news from the U.S.. 72-year-old Democratic congressman Barney Frank registered the marriage with her man dreams of 44-year-old Jim Redi. Marriage registered Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. At a ceremony attended by about 300 guests, among them: Senator John Kerry, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, etc. We congratulate the Congressman and the American people on this happy occasion.

July 9. The heat in the U.S. has killed more than 70 people

July 10. In the U.S. state of Delaware in the stadium during a soccer match attackers shot three people.

July 10. The

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10 barbarous practices which still exist


When we hear about the various barbaric practices that were common in the lives of our ancestors, we tend to look at them with conviction and to think of them as an absolutely uncivilized and totally wild.


Most of us wonder if our ancestors who are prone to violence, or those who enjoyed the sight of the bloody gladiator fights and condoned violent medieval practices are less developed than the modern man.

Is it really so much of humanity is progressing, and yet we are the same bloodthirsty and ruthless

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Discovered volcano that shook the entire medieval world

October 2, 2013. Samalas volcano on the island of Lombok in the Indonesian province West Nusa Tenggara, caused disaster people on the planet. Almost 750 years ago, the tropical giant released into the atmosphere about 40 cubic kilometers of ash, changing weather in many parts of the world and destroying the local civilization.

In order to prove the guilt of the volcano, an international team of scientists, which included representatives of the United Kingdom, Indonesia, France and Switzerland, had to visit different areas of the planet, including the Arctic and Antarctic. By the way, it was in centuries-old ice of

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West Pakistan was struck by another earthquake of magnitude 6.8

September 29, 2013. In the south-west Pakistan in an area where this week earthquake has killed at least 400 people, there was a new seismic cataclysm of magnitude 6.8.

According to reports, the most affected district Avaran, killing at least 12 people.

As stated by one of the officials of the Pakistani television station, the message already has been interrupted due to a previous earthquake, completely broken.

Attempts to help people left homeless are difficult because of impassable roads and the actions of local separatists.

According to U.S. seismologists, new tremors were felt throughout the province of Baluchistan.


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The number of dead in the Pakistani earthquake has doubled

October 2, 2013. According to the latest information from the National Service for Emergency Situations of Pakistan, the number of victims the two strongest earthquakes of September of the year has grown to 825 people. All the victims were residents of remote and sparsely populated fairly poor mountainous province of Baluchistan.

From natural disasters affected more than 30 Pakistani villages, about 20,000 huts in which the family lived in Baluchistan, razed to the ground. The area of destruction in the province reached almost 40 thousand km ², and every day in this huge area from the rubble and mud sediment

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