In Somalia, floods, there are victims

May 14, 2013. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the floods in Somalia have caused the deaths of seven children. Thousands of people were left homeless.

The biggest damage is done settlements in the southern and central regions of the country. Worse things are in the cities of Baidoa, Dzhovhar, Miido in southern Somalia, reports Press TV.

Experts warn about the danger of cholera, diarrhea and malaria in people who come in contact with standing water in the areas most affected by the floods. UN hopes to develop a long term strategy that will

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Their customs. Enlightened Europe in the XV — XVI centuries

In the West, Russia XVI century are the "barbarous state", filled with mass executions, the elimination of political opponents, the oppression of the people, and other ugly phenomena. Ivan the Terrible looks at some of the descriptions of the monster is actually equal to the mythical Dracula.

However, if you look closely to Western Europe from about the same period, we can see that the history of Russia in comparison with the pages of the history of Western European countries in the field of morals rulers, life nobility and the common people, it's almost a sample of humanity and

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Sleepwalking: myths and reality


Professor Antonio Dzadra and his colleagues at the University of Montreal (Canada) reviewed the work of somnambulism made over the past fifteen years, and came to the conclusion that some of the concepts of this intriguing disorder sleep no more than myths.

Episodes of somnambulism is usually too short to man managed to hurt yourself. (Photo by Rainer Holz.)

For example, it is believed that somnambulism affects only children 6-12 years, and the cases in which this disorder manifests itself in adults — a rare exception.

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The city in the state of Arkansas was drenched in oil pipeline after pipe rupture owned by Exxon-Mobil

City of Mayflower, Arkansas experts are trying to clean up the oil that spilled after a pipe break Exxon-Mobil. It is already established that the mixture flooded the streets — it's not just oil and tar sands, which is more toxic. According to local residents, many of them do not even know that pipe runs under the houses.

22 families have been evacuated and are now waiting for officials from the "green light" to go home. The discontent of the local people is growing every day — drenched black muck house cordoned off by the police, people were accommodated

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Old people back to work. By the collapse of the idea of Eurostar

Fresh labor market statistics European Foundation for the Improvement of living and working conditions is not met: the onset of the crisis with new jobs that require higher education, appeared in the majority of cases in salary categories "above average" and "highest."

What's so interesting: these vacancies were filled by 60% of workers in the age group of 30 to 50. And the remaining 40% of the people came pre-and poslepensionnogo age (50 years and older).

In this case, well-educated young people under 30 years old, which would be on the edge of progress and would earn good money

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Mysterious hiccup


The mysterious phenomenon known for almost two centuries, and called the people hiccup, at various times been the subject of litigation and research, which, however, have not been able to give him a reasonable explanation. In the 70 years of the last century, the famous Soviet writer Fyodor Abramov in the book "Of the tribe of Avakumova" wrote: "There is in the North, but rather, on Pinyega and Mezeni, a woman's disease — a hiccup, which, however, is now a little subsided, and more recently a rare Deeds Babu not to shoot the breeze. Finds rolled forward on

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Man — ape experiments continue?


In 1978, a well-known geneticist Academician NP Dubinin during a trip to the U.S., his American colleague told me that they have conducted experiments on breeding hybrid of a man with a monkey and a positive result have to wait long. The scandal broke out in the late 80s, when the domain of the European press was the information about the experiments conducted in the United States. At the initiative of the French president in Paris was even assembled a national committee on bioethics, his decision prohibiting a three year research work on

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The victims of bad weather in southern China were 55 people

May 17, 2013. Continuing with the environment in 10 southern provinces of China torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms in some areas, high winds and hail, but also caused floods in some places, floods and landslides have killed 55 people, another 14 were missing, the ministry said on Friday Civil Affairs of the PRC.

As of 20.00 (16.00 MSK) Friday, from elements in the most affected province of Guangdong, where 36 people were killed and 10 remain missing.

In Jiangxi Province victims of disaster are six people, four were missing. Three people were killed in the provinces of Fujian, Hunan and

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In Europe, because of the cold weather people are still dying

In Europe, because of the cold weather people are still dying Natural Disasters

In the period from January 1 to February 13, 2012 in Russia, where the average temperature was 7-14 degrees below normal, died from hypothermia 215 people, 5546 people suffered from various degrees of frostbite. Last day is the lowest temperature at -52,8 ° C was recorded in the north of the Russian republic of Sakha in Toko.

February 12th the thermometer in the Georgian capital dropped to -10 ° C. The reported two dead homeless. In order to maintain this segment of the population in Tbilisi and

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The humanitarian catastrophe in the EU

A disaster for the residents of the European Union was the collapse of the world familiar to them, the destruction seemed natural social partnership between the state and society, society and capital.

The scale of the social standards in Europe are really impressive …

27% of European children younger than 18 years are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Thus in Ireland, the figure is 38%, Hungary — 40%, in Latvia — 44%, while in Bulgaria — 56%. (1) UNICEF brings even more terrifying figure: 72.6% of Romanian children living in poverty. (2) According to Eurostat figures for

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