American Zombie

Described below category — it is a typical product of the American education system. This is, to put a term psychologists, self-created and samovospitannye (Behind a computer screen, to ignore the parents, deprived once communication with the public, which grew by one-way communication with the television show) specimens of the human race.

They grew up without a traditional upbringing, because the law allows them to ignore their teachers and caregivers. They were brought up from childhood by gravity. This new generation of avant-garde, to break the old concept of human relations.

According to official statistics, in 2003, about 10 million

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The consequences of a landslide in central Mexico

May 28, 2013. On a plot of Mexico-Queretaro highway, located in the Central Mexican municipality Tepehi del Rio, Hidalgo, after a series of heavy rains and hail formed a landslide. At the time of the cataclysm on the road were dozens of cars. The five cars that were in the zone collapse, severely damaged.

As it became known, a landslide claimed the lives of seven people who were trapped in tons of mud and tree branches machines. Five of them were inside the taxi, two more victims were traveling in our own minibus. Another four passengers, who were

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Homeless Poles have to hide under the ground

Homeless Poles has to hide underground Facts

In winter 2010/11 from the cold in Poland, killed 212 people. This year, while the number of victims is 37. February 3 the temperature dropped to -35 degrees in the eastern part of the country, taking the lives of 8 homeless people. In most regions of Poland night temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius. But 5 meters underground in a huge concreted area with water pipes are comfortable at 20 degrees.

Some homeless people recognized that they should live in the heating ducts, rather than in shelters because there are not allowed to drink

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Severe frosts in Europe recede

Severe frosts in Europe recede Weather and Climate

Photo: February 2, 2012, the ice floating on the river Spree in Berlin.

Cold weather in Europe continues to grow, and the forecast for February 4-5 portend further decrease in temperature. In the Czech Republic the night temperature readings reached -38 degrees Celsius, and Rome powder with snow. To date, as a result of severe weather conditions killed about 218 people, most of whom were villagers.

In Ukraine, the number of victims has risen to 101, almost twice a week, of which 64 people have died in the street. As a result

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The entire central part of the United States was dominated by a tornado

May 20, 2013. In the U.S., count the number of victims of the tornado, which was at the mercy of the central part of the country.

For a few hours there dozens of tornadoes swept. So far we know of one who died and 20 wounded. Only in Oklahoma completely destroyed about a hundred houses, more than ten thousand people were left without electricity.

The state authorities have announced the alarm and urged people rushed to take refuge in underground shelters. And from the major airports in Kansas evacuated all passengers. According to weather forecasts, in the next few

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Australia has formed an "internal sea"

Australia has formed an "internal sea" Natural disasters

Eastern Australian coast is still suffering from the floods. Around 7275 people can not get timely help in heavily flooded New South Wales. The prime minister said Barry O'Farella manned by their region from a helicopter looks like a great inland sea.

In the city of Morea, where more than 600 people were affected by the flood and Gvidir Megi, the evacuation of residents. Some homes and other buildings were completely under water, the streets of the city, which is more reminiscent of Venice, looking like water channels. The same situation in

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Comments on Russian trace in Boston overseas users Twitter

English-speaking users of Twitter:

@ Peter_Bridgman almost funny. Expert on Chechnya at the Bi-bi-si said that the suspect — a zealous Muslim. The interviewer immediately switched on Chechen policy.

@ Rineer07 Russian Chechens … It's breakaway republic in which they live adherents of Sunni Islam!

@ RileyRebel129 Anyone who asks why the Chechen terrorists organize the attack against the Americans, obviously not in the know, like Russian dealt with terrorists …

@ Iboudreau So, that Chechen rebels have staged the attack on the Boston Marathon, so … Okay, will have to start drinking during the day, otherwise you will

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Tavistock experiment

Imagine you were told that "The Beatles" — is the result of a social experiment on the change of consciousness that has no parallel in history. Whose popularity has been artificially created by the British and American social scientists. Fans 'Fab Four', for sure, will tear a man to pieces (before they, apparently, on this basis, crazy [1]). The rest will raise say these words to laugh, or find a madman. Especially if they once took part in the youth movement of the 60s with the motto: «sex, drugs and rock-n-roll». And those in the West — the majority.

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32 million people were displaced due to natural disasters in 2012

May 20, 2013. Various natural disasters have led to the fact that 32.4 million people have lost their place of residence and have been listed as refugees. About 98% of the total number of people evacuated from the usual places of residence in 2012, were made homeless due to weather or climate natural disasters.

The highest percentage of evacuees refers to the Indian and Nigerian floods (41% of the world). Monsoon rains in India affected the well-being of 6.9 million people, Nigeria's 6.1 million forced from their homes. If it were not for Hurricane Sandy, one could say

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Cold check the Social Security of Greece on the strength

Cold check the Social Security Greece strength Weather and Climate

Cold, which claimed the lives of dozens of Europeans, check budget crisis shattered the Social Security in Greece for strength. In Athens, the temperature dropped to a record this year, -5 degrees Celsius, while in other parts of Greece frosts even reach 20 degrees at night. The consequences of sudden cold in Greece, as in any other European country, discouraging: killing more than 80 people. Many victims were refugees who attempted to cross the Greek border by swimming.

To help the poor and homeless people stay warm, the authorities provided

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