Ambulance Maritime and disabled the Tambov region. got new cars

Transfer of the first 13 cars "first aid" UAZ today, December 20, had been sent to health facilities Primorye. The remaining 27 cars will be given until the end of the week.The first 13 cars get Arsenyev City Hospital, Dalnegorsky City Central Hospital, Dalnerechensky City Central Hospital, Lesozavodskaya City Central Hospital, Anuchinskaya Central Regional Hospital, Dalnerechensky Central Regional Hospital, Kavalerovsky central district hospital.

The remaining 27 cars "first aid" will go to health care Primorye until the end of the week.It should be noted, on the basis of UAZ cars are ideal for use in off-road conditions,

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How many lives saved Russian helicopters?

In Bolivia, the flood are going to escapewith large marshes— Well they absorb water during the rainy season. It is no wonder that Hispanics have attended this — because exactly one year ago, the countrysuffered fromsevere flooding. At the time, the Venezuelans were sent to Bolivia to help the Russian Mi-17-V5. In general, "peaceful" exploits our helicopters reason persistently ignored, everyone loves to remember just how they fired at someone in Afghanistan. But on account of our Mi-17 saved thousands of lives, as can be readin an interviewhead of the department of foreign economic activity of the state corporation

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French Enlightenment in Russian wilderness

French journalist Sylvain Tesson traveled so much that it has become for him "Disease". In search "Medicine" he went to a remote corner of Russia, Lake Baikal, where he lived for six months. Here he drove purposefully, seeking to ensure that "Feel the life and understand what will happen if you just contemplate the beautiful surroundings, and not go all the endless roads". About his experience publicist told the newspaper The Guardian.

Lake Baikal in winter he arrived two years ago and settled in a small log cabin overlooking the lake and coniferous taiga. Getting ready for

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It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint"

It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint" to save the planet

From November 28 to December 9, 2011 will be a meeting of politicians in Durban, South Africa, to discuss the program of action in the face of climate change, which are the result of human activity. However, all this is due to the scientists, who presented the problem of the public and people began to call on the world to develop "green" behavior.

Everyone knows what to do and how to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, it appears that not only is very difficult for

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The Congress of American Nazis in Atlanta

In late April, the Nazi Party USA NSM held its annual convention in Atlanta. Nazism is not in the U.S. rejection of the authorities — there believe that it is cheaper to legalize such marginal forces than to get them to terror.

NSM (National Socialist Movement) was incorporated in 1974. Its membership is about 400 people, the party has cells in 35 states. NSM guide says that the number of their supporters up to 50 thousand people, and they do not enter the party, not to catch the eye of the security services.

NSM heyday came in the

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As the Anglo-Saxons freed Europe from Hitler

From the book by William Hitchcock Bitter Road to Freedom, Europe 1944-1945

In Normandy

Thefts and robberies … farm houses [locals] began June 6 and did not stop all summer. David Webster (David Webster), landing in Normandy Invasion Day as part of the 110th Airborne Division, U.S. Army, recalled that he had stolen a bottle of brandy started a few hours after landing. In the town of Colombieres, located just a few miles from the coast and liberated on the first day, according to the memoirs of one of the local residents, Canadians thoroughly ransacked her home. "Robbery was

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The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands

The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines has reached thousands of Natural Disasters

Typhoon Bohan, two weeks ago, hit the southern part of the Philippines, still leaves local people alone, because every hour updated list of victims of the disaster. By the end of this week it has listed 1,020 islanders. The sad thing is that even 844 is still not found.

Almost all the victims were found in the southern island of Mindanao, where floods and landslides were the hardest. Of the missing half of the people were sailors who came out to the open

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Tell them NO: fireworks!

Preparing for the New Year holidays, entering the active phase. Buy firecrackers it becomes an indispensable attribute. If you want to contribute to the ecology of the planet — do not engage in it! Do not support this vicious business, do not keep the lovers of this empty and dirty fun. Go outside and with all the strength babahnut, startling sky, stars, birds, small children — well, is not this fun? If some person such primitive fun amuses and entertains, it only shows a low level of its spiritual culture. I wonder what people think of stars, looking at the

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As the British destroyed the Tasmanians

… Are we dealing with intelligent apes or very underdeveloped people? Oldfield, 1865 The only sensible and logical decision in respect of a lower race is its destruction. HG Wells, 1902

In the photo: the last indigenous people of Tasmania

One of the most shameful pages in the history of British colonial expansion is the extermination of the native population. Tasmania.,

British settlers in Australia, particularly in Tasmania, for the sake of their own prosperity systematically exterminated the indigenous population and undermine the foundations of his life. British "need" were all natives of the land with favorable

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Socialism is un-American

83,000,000 Americans — in the care of the taxpayers

The notorious nanny state in action: more than 72,000,000 Americans receive assistance under the program Medicaid, yet almost 11,000,000 people — Temporary Assistance for those unable to work. In sum, this — more than the population of any country in Western Europe (Ed. figures, of course, are overlapped, but there must also be made to 48 million Americans receiving food coupons, and 90 million unemployed).

In 2008, at the height of the crisis and the coming of a new host at the White House, the number of those who receive

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