Ivankovskoe reservoir has long been one of the popular places for fishing competitions at various levels. The reason is simple: First, it is located relatively close to Moscow — the intersection of the main routes of the modern land and air transport, and secondly, even when a relative proximity to the capital of the local nature is not experiencing such a powerful anthropogenic impact as other reservoirs near Moscow. In this case the role played and the consent of the hotel complex «Konakovo River Club» to take their possessions in a large group of anglers, who were to find

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Among my favorite reservoirs there are some that are very close to Moscow, and despite this, they delight anglers trophies. For example, recently I was from a friend at a party, and he lives near the reservoir Klyazminskim (came on the subway, and then by shuttle bus). Send as to walk alone on his boat, suddenly caught on pit kilogram zander. Catch is small, but nice. Aspic of the two perch was excellent! Below is a brief description of the most close to the Moscow reservoirs.


After the Khimki Reservoir is the closest of those who enter the


Aspects Sudakova baits

Among lovers of fishing with spinning on the jig a lot of talk about the preferred bait for catching sous-varnish. We discuss the best colors, the best performance of shapes and sizes, the recommended weight of the load under certain conditions for fishing and so on. D. And the most interesting, opinions often diverge. Having purposefully dzhigovat fanged, I did not understand on what bait to focus — so different preferences were familiar sudachatnikov. Therefore I prefer to solve the problem yourself with lures — testing method.

At times it looked like this: preparing a half-dozen baits fished them

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Yenisei zarybili sturgeon, Ob — White salmon, whitefish and perch

In the Ob released 1,500 pieces of fry white salmon, whitefish fry 1,500 pieces and 400 thousand pieces of perch larvae. Experts also installed artificial spawning of spruce twigs. In the current low water this year — a necessary measure for the normal spawning fish. The expected result of environmental promvozvrat fish stocks by setting artificial spawning reach more than 100 tons.

The king-fish returned to the Yenisei. In Esaulova army sturgeon fry delivered in a specially converted car, an aquarium on four wheels — there is even a water aeration is provided.


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23.07.12.Gibel fish under Kamensk-Uralsk. Video



23.07.12.Mertvym perch, white bream and perch strewn all along the shore, and the reeds of the river from the stone gate to Volkovsky reservoir.

On the mass death of fish reported tourists that floated on the river. At the scene, went sanitary inspectors. Laboratory studies have found no harmful substances in the water that could kill fish. But the oxygen level was low.

As explained in the local department of Rospotrebnadzor irreversible consequences had a heat wave, a very weak current and algal ponds. In stagnant water fish just gasped.

Source: Lead Urals

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Volga fish struck an unknown infection


14.12.12.Volzhskim fishermen are increasingly began to see horrific instances perch — with pink sores on the face and scales. Back in August, the first individuals strange disease of fish caught in Pervomaisk

Went up

Samara, December 14 — AIF Samara. Then carry the virus moved up the Volga. And in the fall they were caught in Vinnovskogo, Podzhabnogo, Dry Samark and beyond — in management. Fishermen with the help of the Internet has put its prey diagnosis. And they began to tell all your friends and acquaintances, it is very dangerous for human viral disease. What struck dermatofibrosarkoma perch

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In the Dnieper appeared subtropical perch


Sunny perch Photo from

30.05.12.Neobychnaya local places to fish — a sunny perch in size slightly inferior normal, actually live in the subtropics.

And, as they say, zoologists, sunny perch could bring in our region migratory ducks.

— The first time I saw the sun perch in the southwest area of the abandoned and flooded granite quarry. In my opinion, these fish spawn from warm to here to place migratory birds — ducks, for example.

Perch eggs could easily get stuck between the feathers of birds, — the professor of zoology and ecology DNU Valentine Bulakhov. According

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In Luhansk caught North American perch


18.11.11.V Lugansk local catch from the Seversky Donets sun perch, which is common in North America. The press office of PJSC "Severodonetsk association" Nitrogen ".

The fisherman who caught an unusual perch — the shop worker NOPS "Nitrogen" Albert Savenkov. He often goes fishing on the Seversky Donets. Perch caught in the early morning on the river opposite the train station.

Seeing the fish, Albert Savenkov amazed. She was not like any one of the representatives of the Seversky Donets. "The back of a captured copy was greenish-olive color with orange spots and dark transverse bands, belly

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Fish in Australia has changed color


15.11.11.Poslednie test results of samples taken from marine bay Gladstone, Australia, have confirmed the presence of fish and other marine animals of parasitic flatworms that cause infectious diseases in the population of white perch.

In this case, there was no other parasites, bacteria or fungi, which could lead to the spread of infectious diseases in marine fauna Australian coast.

It is likely that skin discoloration, recorded in some species of white perch and caused panic among fishermen and researchers have been caused by these parasites. To confirm this version further study.

No additional cases of infectious diseases in fish

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Gates in a parallel world

"All for You", 05.03.2003, Tomsk, n349, p.25

Author: Michael Rechkin

The ancient temple of the god-monkey hidden under the ground near the Siberian village Okunevo — a well-known prophet in India Sai Baba. Russian researchers of anomalous phenomena are also confident that there is located "sacred place" — the secret gateway to parallel worlds. However, scientists from the official science, in response to these allegations ironic shrug. Who is right?

Those who come here with the desire to see a miracle, are often disappointed. Perch — seemingly ordinary village. Is true, it is in a beautiful location — on

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