The perfect balance.

This multifaceted outdoor area provides interest at every turn, while still maintaining a relaxed and timeless feel.

The brief from the owners of this beautiful Mosman home had a number of facets. Primarily, the clients wanted to make the most of their courtyard space by creating outdoor living areas and extending the house into the garden. All the main living spaces either opened directly into the garden or had views and vistas to be considered. The owners also used the rear gate as their main access to and from the house, so they wanted an easy way through the garden

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COMEDY Virginia esters She is beautiful, intelligent, moreover, it has a wonderful taste and style to its 38 years has the perfect resume. In short, he has achieved all of it the dream of every girl! But to take the chair of the youth chief editor of a glossy magazine, these qualities is not enough, as Alice Lantes (Ether) suggests its leadership. It’s simple: it is too flawless to the young audience of the magazine that prefers spontaneous antics, provocative style and experimenting in bed. But does Alice give up halfway to his dream? Of course not! And in so


Get perfect portraits with Guided edits

Improve your portrait retouching skills with a little help from Elements


What you’ll need

Photoshop Elements

How long it’ll take

15 minutes

The skills you’ll learn

• How to use the Guided tab to apply effects to your images

• How to enhance a portrait shot

• How to adjust the opacity of layers in Expert mode

Getting to grips with all the tools and features in Elements can be daunting if you’re new to image editing, and an easy way of learning the иаы^а while creating great-looking images at the same time is to use Elements’ Guided mode.

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Easy On The Ear


A useful pack drill to assist you in honing that oft-neglected skill – ear training.

Ear training means you can learn songs and respond to bandmates quicker. These three drills – all scales in the key of C – are singing exercises that will help you recognise scales and intervals between two notes. Bars 1 and 2 of each one show the notes first ascending then descending one octave. The pattern in bars 3 and 4 is the same each time, and the first note of each exercise’s third bar is the first note of the scale.

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Create a black and white masterpiece

Transform mundane shots with on One’s Perfect B&W app

The app market is saturated with photography apps, so when an easy-to-use yet hugely effective product catches our attention, we can’t wait to share it with our readers.

This issue we’ve downloaded Perfect B&W, brought to us by onOne. Perfect B&W has been a stalwart standalone software product for quite some time, and now the studio has launched a version compatible with mobile Apple products.

With the Perfect B&W app, photographers can either shoot scenes using the device’s camera in conjunction with the app, and then tweak them using a whole

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Bag for life

With the market for fashionable camera bags on the up, Lucy Mowatt put one through its paces on a day out seeing the sights and sounds of Norwich

When I was tasked with the assignment of writing a camera bag review, I must confess that I wasn’t overwhelmed. The thought of hauling around a drab black rucksack seemed a little unexciting. But when Photography Monthly then told me that I’d be reviewing a Kelly Moore bag, all of that changed — who wouldn’t want to play around with a fashionable handbag that’s been specially designed for a camera?

The American

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A perfect FIT

Risking all, Charlotte Colbert chose to design her own wedding dress. But would it all end happily ever after?

The train rattles its way back to London, Hogmanay still ringing in our ears. We stare at the medieval ring on my finger when it dawns on us: if we’re engaged, we’re going to have to organise a wedding.

And the logistics come tumbling down. Where? When? Who? Until we reach the question of outfits. My fiance Philip, designer (and Willy Wonka) of the fashion label The Rodnik Band, set his mind to concocting his own outfit. And, I foolishly thought,

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What about clean-thinking citizens of Minsk?

Man: "April 21 I’d love to — but apparently I can not."Lady: "Let’s go out, to work in the yard, remove".Lady: "I’m retired, I do not go."Lady: "No. I have a small child."Man: "I’m retired and would go with pleasure."Man: "No".Lady: "With pleasure would. But health does not allow."Man: "Not a bad deal. Necessary work."Lady: "I am against. Easier for people to pay money to have someone did, than spend a day off, which they could spend in the country or with their loved ones. "Lady: "Cleaning needed, but must be voluntary, not compulsory. Any internal desire that participate in

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In pictures. Add-in for corvette Perfect delivered in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

October 2 was completed transportation of large metallic structures add for being built by JSC "Amur Shipbuilding Plant" corvette "Perfect" 20380 (serial number 2101) from Cankt Petersburg in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.


At the final stage of the project pusher "Marshal Blucher" under the Amur Shipping Company delivered the goods to the quay of the Amur Shipyard, where now there is a construction of the first building of a new series of corvettes for the Russian Navy.

(C) photographs of "Sovfraht"

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L.Pyatrova: The order was perfect in their

In These days are we give aired excerpts from the memoirs of participants of the manifestation of protest.Larisa Petrova worked as an assistant professor of economics at the Institute of entrepreneurial activity. On March 19 2006 she was 70 years old. Their students Petrov said, that react positively to the fact if they are not on the exercise, and on the square. If the administration of the Institute found that she wears on the area and coffee products, she was reprimanded. Larisa Petrova explained that, unfortunately, is the only thing she can do at this point for protesters. At the

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