Two new items that the French prepared for the Frankfurt Motor Show, represent the two poles. Aggressive black and red 308-R concept appeals to the forces of chaos and destruction, and the white hybrid hatchback 208 calls for good and order.

In medieval Spain, the black cloak with blood-red lining usually worn executioners of the Inquisition. If the authors of «Peugeot-308-R» wanted to achieve exactly this effect, they succeeded: the evil LEDs pupils performed the sacred fury. And let not deceive you appearance almost 308 civil-th — is a real werewolf who just pretends to be a saint. Under

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Worldwide, the number of people working at home, growing steadily. Furniture manufacturers have caught this trend and began to produce one by one pieces of furniture for the home office. In fact, for furnishing the office or home office is sufficient only three items: a table, comfortable chairs and shelves to store all necessary. Equipping the work area at home, you can give up the standard and sometimes quite dull office furniture and items to collect a work area on the taste of the objects of different styles.

Futurism and Ergonomics

The original kit for your home office offers


The tradition of hospitality

Traditional style in design cuisine combines the charm of fine details and sophisticated decor, but at the same time provides the comfort and warm atmosphere. The secret of traditional cuisine is precisely matched accents that attract attention.

Elegant classic SILVANO GRIFONI lamp is made of painted wood with the effect of aging.

Table service for 12 persons from Cornucopia WEDGWOOD. The service is made of fine bone china and decorated with 22-carat gold. The source of its design — the mythical «Cornucopia» with unicorns and satyrs.

The image of the cuisine from the factory Dhialma MARCHI CUCINE was inspired by

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Gaiduchevici — Freedom, My mission is accomplished

According to the favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party and the member of the House of Representatives, it is now in the afternoon met with the Minister Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov. During the conversation, the parties concluded that the tasks that were assigned to a special representative, they are made. On a question, whether it means that the position is liquidated or its envoy may be take another person, owed not give an exact answer. Last envoy also said: "I continue to remain in the political process." • Gaiduchevici launched "a broad dialogue with the European Union", 23.06.2007

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The first plane «SUPER toucan» to fight the rebels arrived in Indonesia

First four of 16 aircraft (TCB) EMB-314 (A-29) «Super Tucano» (Super Tucanos) to fight the rebels Brazilian production company «Embraer» (Embraer) arrived in Indonesia. Four turboprop aircraft with tail number of CT-3101 to CT-3104 arrived at the base Perdanakusuma Indonesian Air Force (Perdanakusuma) in East Jakarta month after their official transfer of the Indonesian side of the factory «Embraer» Sao Paulo (Brazil). This was stated by the weekly «Jane’s Defence Weekly.» Aircraft ferry flights conducted in 12 states. In Indonesia, the aircraft «Super Tucano» will be relocated for operational airbase Abdulrahman Saleh (Abdulrahman Saleh) in Malang (East Java state).

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Spanish punks — against destruction in Grodno

Earlier in the campaign "Musicians against destruction" were Victor Shalkevich, Kasia Kamotskaya, Lavon Volsky and Alexander Tomatoes.• In Grodno passed artistic actions in defense of an old town, 11.06.2007 • Kamotskaya sang for Grodno pebbles, 30.05.2007 • V.Shalkevich performed at a concert against the destruction of an old Grodno, 25.05.2007

«SCORPIO» will be used in areas with low levels of threats

December 12th at McConnell Air Force Base (Wichita, pcs. Kansas) performed the first flight of the twin-engine layout light combat aircraft development Scorpion group Textron Airland, reports janes.com. Flight, which took place 24 months after the least design and development, lasted 1 hour 25 minutes, during which the machine showed «impressive stability and control.» According to the plan of developers, «Scorpion» should change expensive combat aircraft in areas with low threats. The machine is made of one hundred percent of composite materials and is a «cost-effective solution» for implementation in local conflicts, Border Patrol and conducting maritime surveillance, counter-narcotics and

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F-35B first carried out a night landing on the deck


Test Pilot of the U.S. Marine Corps for the first time carried out a night landing fighter with short takeoff and vertical landing F-35B on the deck of amphibious assault ship USS Wasp, reports flightglobal.com. Landing fulfilled Colonel SR (CR Clift).   Second series of sea trials began on March 12 fighter, landing made on August 14. «Everything went very well. In one night, missed 8 of successful landings, because we are very optimistic about the prospects for training pilots combatant, «he says.   The program is designed for 18 days. During the tests will be expanded the

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Polish media: Yushchenko advocates dialogue with Lukashenka

Polish diary «Rzeczpospolita» writes, referring to the representatives of the Office of the President of Poland, that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko wants to invite heads of the four neighboring powers Belarus in Lutsk, to discuss the case with Belarus."We know about this initiative, but it is not discussing it," — said Polish Ezhednevnik Minister in the Office of the President of Poland Elzbieta Jakubiak.Meanwhile, views on the newspaper "Rzeczpospolita", chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Paul Zalewski does not exclude that such a meeting could take place, because Ukraine is trying to fulfill the role of mediator between

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Youth Followers call to boycott

Proclamation signed Illya Bohdan, youth BPF Zmitser Dashkevich, "Young Front" Vladimir Lemesh, plainclothes campaign "For Freedom", and Paul Yukhnevich, «Jeans for Freedom!""Not done none of the Euro Union. Met none demand of the opposition. Instead expected democratization we look only increased repression.Of course, the parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for September 28, will be neither free nor democratic. We expect another farce, and the role of the opposition it will be applied only to legitimize the regime, "- said in the appeal. "We call people of Belarus not to participate in the electoral farce September 28, and go to the

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