Will there be enough runway to depart? To land?

PERFORMANCE PLANNING is ail important part of any preflight routine. Private pilots must understand how the aircraft will perform at different airports, elevations, temperatures, and pressures.

Takeoff and landing distances, single-engine service ceilings, and accelerate-stop distances are all important performance calculations that must be completed to ensure the aircraft can safely complete the flight.

These calculations are still performed for the airliners on which millions of people fly yearly. Albeit slightly more modified and automated, performance calculations are completed for every flight.

Rather than calculate takeoff distances in terms of amount


How Journeys Pay Off

Most executives we talk to readily grasp the journey concept, but they wonder whether perfecting journeys pays off in hard dollars. Our annual cross-industry customer experience surveys (including pay TV, retail banking, and auto insurance firms, to name a few) show that it does.

Companies that excel in delivering journeys tend to win in the market. In two industries we’ve studied, insurance and pay TV, better performance on journeys corresponds to faster revenue growth: In measurements of customer satisfaction with the firms’ most important journeys, performing one point better than peer companies on a 10-point scale corresponds to at least

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METHODS improve productivity

In the collective and state farms of the East Kazakhstan region it concentrated half of all bee colonies of the Republic. This contributes to an abundant food supply.

Along with the increase in the collection of honey and productivity increases as a result of enlargement beekeepers beekeeping farms, mass adoption of wintering bees in the wild, breeding, use multiple effect of beekeeping and new service organization apiaries.

Currently, in the creation of two of the largest in the Soviet Union specialized state — «Cheremshansky» having 15 thousand bee colonies, and «Putintsevsky» — more than 20 thousand families. State and

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Certification of workplaces RESERVE INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

Accelerating scientific and technological progress is inextricably linked with the improvement of the organization and stimulation of labor, the steady growth of labor productivity and economical use of resources. One of the most effective methods to identify the reserves for increasing the efficiency of production is a certification of workplaces.

Ministry of Railways has decided to hold the recording and certification of workplaces on all railway transport enterprises since 1985

The recommendations of the procedure for certification of workplaces. It is carried out in four stages.

At the first stage the inventory and accounting jobs in the enterprise with

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Prague: Alexander Milinkevich speak at FORUM 2000

Once a year in the forum uchavstvujut prominent politicians around the world. From Belarus to the forum This year comes the ex-presidential candidate and pioneer of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich. Planned his speech at the forum.Midst recognizable politicians — Polish economist and politician Leszek Balcerowicz and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright. By the way, speaking in Czech TV broadcast, Madeline Albright stated that it supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton on the following presidential elections.About Milinkevich speech and interview with him — later on our web site.

Lyceum in Poland show performance

Lyceum show musical performance within the International Festival of national cultures, which will begin in Gdansk a week. Lyceum will represent Belarus at the festival.Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos sure that the Polish public understands perfectly the theme and the time specified in the "People’s album" — the action takes place in the interwar Rakov in the 20s of the last century.Especially since, Lyceum students that have already performed this musical towns in Zakopane, Gdansk, also in Warsaw."I think it is fascinating that is indicated by the formation of culture, which was just destroyed later."According to Vladimir Kolos, in the "People’s

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Pushkin: You show me — and I have for you!

According to present in court Orsha Council Chairman Igor Kazmercheka youth organizations, the requirements were expressed Ales Pushkin in very categorical terms:"Pushkin ensure that protocols are written in Belarusian and spoken to Belarusian. Requested to put on record that he says post — actually hunger strike. Said that he really stole that flag. And then he explained it all together properly. Say, I went to the festival — a cultural event, and I had a police clearance performance with some shells. Because I say, also make the play. Such was his statement to the court. "In the case of Ales

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Othello Shakespeare week opens in Minsk

The festival uchavstvujut as the State Theatre of Yanka Kupala, the Russian State Theatre named after Maxim bitter and Academic Theater Faith Komissarzhevsky from St. Petersburg. Kupala show on its own scene tragedy "Macbeth" directed by Algirdas Latenas. This will happen tomorrow, September 27. "Macbeth" is on stage for almost Kupala two years, but each performance — a true event in the theatrical life of the town.On Sunday, the 28th, at the Russian Theatre will be given performance of "The Taming of the opposite," which set Valentine Erenkova. Production also distinctive — the first time in Belarus Shakespeare show in

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Free Theatre: candidacy — underground

Courtyard cottage is great. If desired, there can be positioned several hundred spectators. Dumb, no chairs, stalls, boxes and the gallery. Many scenes. All attributes of improvised theater.Only abroad "Free Theatre" plays in the traditional theatrical performances criteria. Belarus hall and the scene made apartments, cafes, even the forest glades."Free Theatre" experimenting. Writers and directors are not afraid to go beyond the boundaries of traditional theater canons. One of the spectators — Olga — confessed after acquaintance with the work of "Free Theatre" has been walking on the municipal theater performances:"You need something burning about us. Fact already sick of

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K.Benedetsi: We have seen a lot of people thought the euro

Christian Benedetti — one of the 3 people in France, which on August 22 among the 50 people still detained by Belarusian police on the "Free Theatre". This Benedetti staged "Eleven shirts" based on British director Edward Bond."On these things we already have forgotten"As you know, the premiere attempt was repeated for the next day, but no longer in Minsk and in the Volozhin district. And it turned out more successful. After hearing the congratulations with the premiere, directed by Christian Benedetti shared his impressions of the observed in Belarus."What I saw there, not really amazed me. Because I was

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