A fine ceramic case — a first for CW -will be just one of an impressive line-up of hi-tech features. The watch will be powered by a modified Eta Valjoux 7750 movement. The model will take its design cues from the RAF’s delta-wing multirole Typhoon fighter jet.


Renowned for its customer service from Day 1, Christopher Ward is adding yet another level to its famous «personal touch». From March, clients will

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Twilight of My City: On the Personal in the Project

How does one choose a photographic project? How does one project differ from the other? How does one photograph time, or the passage of? Can we photograph something that does not even exist anymore? Is a personal body of work merely personal?

After a six-year project on Kashmir, I was emotionally sapped. I wanted to take on a project through which I could connect with myself. I wanted to look inwards. And thus began a journey of going back to my roots, my memories of growing up in old Delhi.

I thought this was going to be a very simple

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Personal Items of the British Soldier during WWI

The identity disc is arguably the most personal of all the multitude of items issued to soldiers in WWI. Worn at all times around the neck and underneath the clothing the identity discs accompanied the soldier everywhere, from his enlistment, through training to his theatre of war and through the familiar routine of front line, support and rest. They absorbed the sweat of his labours and sometimes the blood of his wounds. In the event of his death ‘in the Field’ they identified him for appropriate burial in the faith he declared on enlistment and many discs found their way

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Dear readers of «Preschool Education»!

From this room the appearance of our publication changed: in a magazine format, it has become more compact, beautiful and easy to use.

But in fact everything remains the same.

We will acquaint you with the ideas and developments of leading specialists in the field of early childhood education and the experience of your fellow practitioners, to discuss topical issues of education and to develop tactics of behavior in complex situations.

Today’s education is experiencing a chaotic period. Teachers live a difficult life. The difficulty is not just forced overwork and give rise to

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Ask the expert. Personal vs. Standard meal plans.

Q: Many of my clients ask me for written meal plans. Should I provide standardized or personalized plans?

A: When nutrition professionals tailor meal plans for clients, they take into account food and cultural preferences, health concerns, lifestyle, and ethnic traditions, which usually doesn’t happen with standardized meal plans.

Benefits of Tailored Meal Plans.

This year, the theme for National Nutrition Month, organized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy), was «Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day,» encouraging personalized healthful eating styles and recognizing that food preferences, lifestyle, cultural and ethnic traditions, and health concerns all impact individual

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What are the results of business strikes?

October 2 strike individual entrepreneurs who protest against the presidential decree number 760. Who is right in this conflict — the power or entrepreneurs?What will strike? What are the prerequisites split entrepreneurial movement? Who is right in the conflict of authorities and businessmen?Valery Karbalevich: "In Belarus held another strike personal business. They protest against the presidential decree number 760, prohibiting the use of employees — not counting relatives.According to the organizers of the strike, was attended by about 30 thousand people. Conflict between the authorities and individual entrepreneurs davneshny. Every year there are presidential decrees or government regulations that restrict

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Figure a day or 1%

According to presidential decree № 760 from 1 January 2008, private entrepreneurs will be able to hire workers only their own relatives and less than 3. Late decree number 302 enables them to re-register in personal businesses and hire more employees, and not just relatives. But the possibility of such use until only 2 thousand individual entrepreneurs from 200 thousand, which operate in the country.

Yury Istomin: This decision is a private

At the same time, Yury Istomin declares that the Grodno UCP members continue in the role of campaign:"I support those candidates who withdrew in Minsk, as to the criteria that have been established in their election campaigns (And it was not printed campaign materials), can not continue further.If similar happened in Grodno, we too would remove their candidacy. Forced to announce that the decision private and not party, because we go on, we’re going to end. "

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Behavior of top officials — under extremely controlled

Kozulin: "The President lives with another lady"Last rector of BSU, the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin 2006 in his own television appearances before voters said bluntly:"In all the 12 years we have the first lady did not have seen — no television, no matter prazdnichkom nor at official receptions. Not a mystery to many, nowshny head of the country lives with another lady is from her son — a gift to its own 50th anniversary. Well, about the mother-civilians, ex-Minister of Health, gossip above the ceiling. Well, God be their arbiter. But private life policy must be seen. So for

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Jabinka: Businessmen do sponsors regional Dazhynak

In search of executive committee sent all personal businessmen Zhabinkovsky district special agreements regarding the provision of them gratuitous (sponsor) assistance. Businessmen amazed by the fact that in the agreement says nothing about "Dozhinki": purpose of benefits contained in document such makarom, that the funds collected should be prepaid at the expense of local "vertical", so that she used it "to purchase paving slabs on the improvement of the town." But in oral conversations executive committee members say that the collected funds are needed for the particular "Dazhynki."Under the agreement, each private businessman should list from 1 till 2 million

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