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Ecuador-Peru conflict escalates

HOSTILITIES are mounting between Peru and Ecuador following the escalation of a long-running border dispute on January 26. Though mainly thick jungle, the disputed 48 mile (76km) stretch of the unmarked border is also rich in mineral deposits.

Aircraft from both sides have been active since the heaviest fighting occurred on February 9, when 16 Fuerza Aerea del Peru (FAP) fighter aircraft undertook continuous air strikes on Ecuadorian positions at Coangos and Base Sur in the Condor mountain range. The next day saw FAP aircraft bomb Cueva de los Tayos and Tihuinza, while Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana (FAE) aircraft responded by

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In Peru, the volcano awoke Ubinas

September 4, 2013. After four years of silence, in the south-west of Peru volcano awoke Ubinas. Several explosions were reported on Monday. Smoke and ash rose to a height of up to two kilometers. However, while the activity of the volcano is estimated to be low, and for nearby residents, he is not a threat. Experts believe that the eruption could trigger a heavy snowfall.

Source: Euronews

Ubinas volcano scare the residents of Peru

September 5, 2013. Waking up the other day volcano Ubinas Peru continues to throw ash and gas. On Wednesday, he visited the crater by helicopter President Ollanta Humala.

Ubinas intensified on Monday after a four-year lull. Awakening accompanied by five explosions. A column of ash and gas rose by 2 kilometers.

The next day, in the depths of the volcano rumbled another explosion, scaring residents of the surrounding towns.

Local resident: "This has affected the animals as well as people — children, adults. We want to help protect us, the elderly, children, our animals are seriously affected by

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In southern Peru began erupting volcano

July 19, 2013. The Province of Arequipa in southern Peru announced the introduction of a state of emergency in seven regions in connection with the activity of the volcano Sabankaya.

Emergency mode, injected for 60 days, residents of areas affected Huambo, Cabanaconde, Larry Mac, Madrigal, Tapai and Choco. According to experts of the local Institute of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy, within a radius of 20-30 kilometers from the volcano registers up to 300 aftershocks of magnitude 3 to 5.7, reports "Interfax".

Peru is located in a seismic zone — the so-called Pacific volcanic ring of fire. There is a lot

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Earthquake off the coast of central Peru

Earthquake off the coast of central Peru Danger Zone

October 28, 2011 from the central coast of Peru, an earthquake measuring 6.9. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre recorded an earthquake measuring 7 on the depth of 27 kilometers.

Following the earthquake, 83 people injured, 132 houses destroyed. On the south bank of Ica in the earthquake was off the electricity supply. The company Southern Copper (SCC) in Kuahone reports that the earthquake did not affect them, as well as other metals mines.

An earthquake measuring 6.3 in the center of Peru

An earthquake measuring 6.3 in the center of Peru Natural Disasters

January 30, 2012 at 05:11 (UTC) near the city of Ica earthquake occurred at a depth of 39 kilometers of the power of 6.3. The epicenter was located 5 km south-east of Ica and 280 kilometers from the capital of Lima. Tremors were felt in the capital region and the cities of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Junín and Arequipa.

According to preliminary data of the Committee of Civil Defence and the media, about 100 people are affected by the earthquake, 12 of them seriously injured. As a result of the incident

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In Peru, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0

September 26, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 7.0. occurred off the coast of Peru. The tremors were recorded at a depth of 45 kilometers. In some areas of damaged houses and schools. Wounds and injuries to about 20 people. One miner was pulled from the mine. The threat of a tsunami in the coastal areas has not been announced.

Source: Euronews

In the jungles of Peru landslide occurred

In the jungles of Peru landslide occurred Natural Disasters

After landslides in the small Amazon village, located in the mountainous jungles of Peru, killing at least 11 people, and about 10 at the moment considered missing. Among the dead was five children.

The village of El Parvenir growers of coffee, came under an avalanche of mud and stone in the northern Peruvian department of San Martin. As a result of a landslide demolished 24 village houses. In some of them at the time were villagers. The landslide occurred after a department generously poured rain. In El Parvenir, where

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RAC MiG has completed the modernization of MiG-29 Air Force Peru

Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" has completed the modernization of the MiG-29 for the Air Force of Peru, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the chief editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier it was reported that a contract worth more than $ 10 million for the modernization of eight MiG-29 to the MiG-29 SMT version was signed by the Ministry of Defense of Peru now Aviamir SAC (representative of RAC "MiG" in Peru) and the Russian Corporation "MiG" in August 2008.

"Corporation" MiG "has completed the transfer of the 6th Aviation Group Peruvian air force eight modernized MiG-29", — said Korochenko.

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Peru has completed the acceptance of Russian helicopters

The Ministry of Defense of Peru has completed the acceptance of the last three Russian military-transport helicopter Mi-171SH purchased under the agreement with the "Rosoboronexport" on July 23, 2010.


Total contract was for the supply of eight Russian helicopters — six Mi-171SH and two military transport Mi-35P. Mi-35P Peruvian air force received in April 2011, and the first three Mi-171SH — in May. The total cost of the agreement is estimated at 107.9 million dollars. Also, the contract provides for the supply of equipment to Peru to serve Mi-171SH and training of Peruvian pilots Russian specialists.

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