Are all doctors and candidates of sciences will receive additional payments for degrees and titles?

According to the decree, academicians and corresponding members of the State Academy, including pensioners and get in addition to wages or pensions, respectively 14 and 12 tariff rates on the first discharge. The faculty of the University — doctors and candidates — 6 and 4 rate of the first discharge. Surcharges for degrees were before the presidential decree. How underpaid scientists at the moment, explains Head of wages faculty BSU

Opinion poll: 52% for the configuration in Belarus

In your opinion, whether katigorichnye probable configuration of internal and external policy of Belarus in the coming 5 years?Probable — 31.8%Unlikely — 46.6%Impossible — 15.2%I can not answer — 6.4%If you think that such configurations are probable, who, in your opinion, will they initiate? (Can be more than 1 answer)Belarusian authorities — 32.7%Belarusian people — 23.6%Belarusian opposition 9.8%West — 8.1%Our homeland — 6.3%I can not answer — 12.0%You want to, that such changes have occurred?Yes — 52.2%No — 15.6%I do not care — 14.7%I can not answer — 17.5%Do you trust the president of Belarus?Trust — 51.9%I do not trust

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Observers complain about violations of Vitebsk

By Boris Khamaida, which conducts surveillance on site 34-Vitebsk Railway Area number 19, now in the morning members of the commission said that the vote at home expressed a desire to 300 people, but written statements from their show refused. According to the list, this is the third part of voters registered on the site."At 9:40 am and took the portable urns are going to go. Observers to question how much people will to vote at home. Said that about three hundred, but the lists are not shown. Statement was made to the prosecutor, the prosecutor came and talked with

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S.Shushkevich: One representative of the Democratic Party on the 150 sites

Exemplary voters manifested first control-independent Belarus, ex-chairman of the Supreme Soviet, and now a candidate for the House of Representatives on Odintsovo constituency № 101 Minsk. Stanislav ShushkevichOn a plot in the community he came soon after its opening. However, it is recognized that reason — not a desire to quickly perform their own debt, and the need to out with the next lecture abroad. Even had to sacrifice rejoiced nephew.In the near future sovereign Shushkevich partially ignored the political campaign. Does that mean its present role in the election, which is essentially akreslilasya liberalization of the electoral process?"No,

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All drive on early elections!

With Tatiana Seviarynets require means for withdrawing from the election This is more than the former candidate is received. As she uttered the Commission that an additional amount — it means "the state invested in its election campaign."What role is withdrawn prematurely voting power? Why did the authorities not afraid that people will start to resent? Why all the machine to ensure the appropriate authorities acts result without crashing? As foreign observers will be treated to a massive premature vote? Brand new transmission series "Examination of Liberty."Yarmoshyna calls calls for a boycott "irresponsible and immoral" Now chairman of the Central

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And the boycott, and the role in the elections lead to legitimize the regime

Tsigankov: "How can explain fluctuations in the opposition during this election? Soim BPF meeting September 20 changed its earlier decision to remove candidates from the party from elections. UCP weighed 5 candidates, while others remained. Or has not diminished the credibility and weight of the democratic forces in the result of these fluctuations? "

Denis MelyantsouMelyantsou: "Fluctuations were the lack of a consolidated position on the elections SLM. Indeed, from the beginning there was a realization, or participate in or boycott the elections — and in what form. You can definitely say that it does not increase the chances of

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The apartments candidate Grjaznova

Retrieval Ludmila Grjaznova— The inhabitants of the neighborhood adjacent to the Minsk Tractor Plant. The house down the street Vaneeva — nine-ordinary. Apartment dwellers open top floor:Hraznova"Good morning, thank you discovered us."Prince"Come to us at the light."Hraznova

Prince"Thank you, certainly. A coffee can have a cup?"Hraznova"My name is Ludmila Hraznova, I am your candidate for deputy and brought to you their flyers."Mrs."Is that you?"Hraznova "Yes, I am. Read you and let people read, that knew what kind of person I am, how I breathe air, and let determine who to vote for."Mrs."We promise much all decent, but then do not.

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For eight years the first picket have allowed

In the midst of current topics:Dyatlovo. Candidate from power Misha Horde during the campaign to grant computers, simulators, hockey formMogilev. UDF nominee Sergei Gvaya warned that because of sharply negative assessment of the MPs last convocation he probably will be in courtKobrin. Then began a fundraiser to support the family fired for his role in the election engineer Alexander FursIncidentsThis week will be held in Brest three street pickets candidate from SLM Igor Maslovskoye. Radio Liberty he said that permission to campaign pickets received in Brest city executive committee. "I think it’s even a couple of small steps forward, as

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Lukashenko dealings with the West: antecedents and consequences

We bring you the full text transmission.Drakakhrust"The election remains the main theme in the political life of the country. But we talk about it a bit later, but I suggest to start a conversation with a sensational statement by the Chairman of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin, made in an interview" Our field. "In her favorite Communist Party called for official recognition from Belarus South Ossetia and Abkhazia, because they, according to Kalyakina, "no worse than Kosovo Albanians." In addition, he noted that "our country acquired its independence in a rather weird way, when three people in the Bialowieza Forest

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Before the Congress of Democratic Forces remained a day or two

Presentations will be made chairman of the political council of Alexander Milinkevich, managing the campaign of one candidate from the democratic forces 2006 Sergei Kalyakin, chairman of the State Committee of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko, a representative of the presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin — Igor Rinkevich and managing his election headquarters Mieczyslaw Mushroom.The Congress will form a faction. On the second day of the Congress meant to adopt a strategy and program documents of the democratic forces. Will also approved the new Political Council of the United Democratic Forces.Committee Chairman Alexander Bukhvostau said:"The last congress was even better

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