The last pharaoh and the fall of ancient Egypt

In 30 BCE, a love affair between a powerful queen and a respected military leader caused scandal in Rome and ultimately brought about the end of a royal dynasty

Cleopatra VII remains an icon of both the ancient and modern world. Today, she continues to captivate and puzzle historians, remaining one of history’s most enchanting and enigmatic figures.

The alliance of Mark Antony and Cleopatra changed the face of the world. A coalition which began as a political statement soon evolved into a tumultuous, and later tragic, love affair.

Despite her florid reputation, Cleopatra took only two lovers — both

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In the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh found a statue of a hippopotamus




In Egypt, the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, archaeologists found a strange plaster statue of a hippopotamus. To the ancient Egyptians, the hippopotamus was the personification of the devil. It was believed that it could only kill boom Pharaoh.

Statue, which is almost 2,500 years old, without

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Why one Pharaoh four coffins?

December 13, 2012 16:28

Experts restore the largest ancient Egyptian sarcophagus of red granite, which rested mummy Merneptah, son and successor, Ramses II. Striking not only the external dimensions of the sarcophagus, but also the fact that the sarcophagus — four, one inside the other. But the images on them to tell scientists what purpose it was made.

Thirteenth son of Pharaoh Ramses II of the 19th dynasty Merneptah rules about about ten years, from 1212 to 1202 years BC. e. Or on the dating of the modern German Egyptologist Thomas Schneider (Thomas Schneider): 1213-1204 years BC. e. By the

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UFO myth or history

It is hard to imagine that there is a UFO, if he had never seen before. Despite all possible denial of the very existence of UFOs by the authorities, people believe that there are other civilizations and aliens arrive on earth. The earliest image of cylindrical objects resembling spacecraft, which could be aliens, it figures that were carved at the foot of the granite rocks on the island in Hunan Province in China.

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TOMB: The first question is: Who? (Part 1)

Even the ancient Greeks, describing the seven wonders of the world, always the number one miracle, miracle of miracles called the Egyptian pyramids. About any monument of antiquity is not written as much about the pyramids. It is about the three largest of these, and especially about the pyramid of Cheops. But even on a conducting several centuries of research and excavations, despite an avalanche of vysokouchenyh works, and today no one knows exactly who, how, when and why to build these giant structures.

In orthodox Egyptologists, however, a different view on

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Egypt Pharaoh Tutankhamun was not murdered




Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, who died at the age of 18-19 years old in 1352 BC, died of natural causes and was not murdered as previously thought. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who conducted the tomographic survey mummies in early January of this year, said Tuesday

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Pharaoh’s Revenge: A series of mysterious deaths

Soon the trouble really started. The first fell ill and died of an unknown illness, Lord Carnarvon. In a deathbed delirium he muttered, his face breaks the terrible bird claws. Someone remembered that even during the first phase of the excavation was found an ancient spell text on the corridor wall, "Bird Nehbet razderet face of anyone who would encroach on the grave." On the pages of the world press fluttered sensation of revenge Pharaoh, peace is broken by archeologists.

Howard Carter tried in vain to calm their workers and

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Prophecy Manuscript Kolbrin

April 24, 2012 16:26

In the Kolbrin, which until 1184 was kept in the library of the Abbey of Glastonbury (England), are surprisingly accurate information about the appearance of our planet next to unusual celestial object, which is called the Destroyer. After a fire at the abbey book had disappeared. And only recently been discovered and published in Sydney (Australia). The book consists of 11 books. It is believed that six of them were written by Egyptian scribes after the Exodus, the other five — Celtic priests after Christ. But most likely, it is an ancient Indian document, which

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Black Book of Thoth

At all times, state leaders have always made a list of books that should be quickly destroyed. In the fires were burning, Proceedings of scientists, writers and philosophers. But there is always the damned book, reading the man who finds himself at the sudden death, as all, without exception, the owners of these books have died under mysterious and suspicious circumstances.

Going to the sea in the summer? Do not want to rest in the country of Thoth — Egypt? Do you want to relax better? Then, look at this

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Woman — Pharaoh

Canadian archeologists discovered in Egypt, several artifacts: 85 mummies of animals, donations to the temple and sculpture female pharaoh. What is very strange for Egypt is known pharaohs were exclusively male, and here archaeologists have found the remains of a female pharaoh.

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This is a very rare sculpture depicts a female pharaoh Hatshepsut, ruler of Egypt. Her image in the books was

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