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The debut of self-adjusting studio lights.

We often describe studio lighting with words like «bright» or «rugged.» Now, we frequently find ourselves adding the word «smart.»

Quantum Instruments’ most recent LED ring lights, the Omicron OM3 and OM4 ($698 and $689, street), feature Auto Lighting Track (ALT). With the help of a built-in lightmeter, ALT dims or brightens Omicron output as a subject moves toward or away from the light. Because LED ring light output falls off rather rapidly, working distances are fairly shallow, and the brightening and dimming is often subtle. ALT does, however, noticeably expand a subject’s freedom

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Netherlands Concerned Over Spiralling JSF Costs

ALTHOUGH THE Netherlands plans to be involved in the next phase of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) development programme (see News Briefs, November, p12), the Dutch Court of Audit is expressing concern at the cost of the project. In its latest report to the Dutch House of Representatives, released on October 11, the Court says the cost per aircraft still cannot be calculated and there is no insight into development costs because 65% of the test phase still has to be completed.

If JSF is acquired for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF), the current

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It’s nice down there, in an apocalyptic sort of way a temperate rain cave, thanks to the misting spigots that are used to settle all the ancient dust. The rat population, too, must have learned to be skeptical after all these years, because, on this particular visit, there were no rodents in evidence. Maybe they require greater traces of urine in die atmosphere. Nor was there a third rail no risk of electrocution. The spelunkerʼs attempts to imagine himself as Snake Plissken, fending off’the Crazies in «Escape from New York» were undermined by the sandhogs cheerful graffiti: a smiley face

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Alternative View

Could liquified natural-gas fuel and hybrid-electric propulsion be the future of aviation?

Boeing’s 2035-timeframe Sugar Freeze combines cryogenic LNG fuel with advanced turbofans and BLI drag-reducing aft thruster.

What technologies could be available for an airliner entering service in 2045 that would not be ready in time for aircraft designed to be fielded in 2030? That is the question NASA asked when it awarded Boeing a year-long extension to its concept studies for «N+3»-generation airliners that could be flying in 2030-35.

In NASA’s vision, N+3 is three generations on from today’s 737 and 777. Boeing’s «N+4» study, the final results

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Yaroslavl Refinery launched diesel hydrotreater

Yaroslavl refinery Slavneft-YANOS launched commissioned a new diesel hydrotreater capacity of 1.5 million tons / year. Building installation was started in 2010, the cost of the project — 6.3 billion rubles.

The plant operates on Technology and Prime D designed for commercial diesel fuel component, characterized by an increased cetane index, as well as ultra-low sulfur (less than 10 ppm). The project is set to introduce Neftekhimproekt under license of the French Axens. Entering the unit will allow a 4% increase production of diesel fuel Euro-5, as well as to launch a project to translate one of

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Yaya Refinery (Kemerovo region). Has completed commissioning and entered the operating mode

The company "NEFTEKHIMSERVIS" RTN has received a license to operate the business.

Yaya refineries. Kemerovo region.

The first batch of products already shipped to industrial enterprises in Western Siberia. With the commissioning of Yaya refinery opened more than 500 new jobs.


Until the end of 2013, the plant will process about 2 million tons of crude oil, followed by running at full capacity, which is the first phase will be 3 million tons per year.

At the same time the company is working on the second phase of construction of

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YuGOK holds third phase of the reconstruction zhilmassiva + (photo)

"Southern Mining" in the framework of social partnership launched the third phase of the reconstruction of a housing estate in Southern Mining. Financial investments of enterprises in the project account for more than 10 million hryvnia.

YuGOK holds third phase of the reconstruction zhilmassiva

Under the program, the main work will be focused on construction and repair of infrastructure and socio-cultural.    

YuGOK holds third phase of the reconstruction zhilmassiva

Will be fully updated pontoon bridge across the river Ingulets. At this facility will be replaced by steel structures, constructed a new stair descent, friendly

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CHEP launched the project Ceramic flux-2

March 14, 2011

At the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant launched the second phase of the project "Ceramic flux." Commissioning of the new plant is scheduled for September 2011. Power Land — 7,000 tons per year. General supplier of equipment, installation of which is scheduled for May of this year, will make the company «HAZ Sweden» (Sweden). Total investment in the project will amount to approximately 650 million rubles. The first phase of the project "Ceramic flux" on CTRP capacity of 7,200 tons was put into operation in December 2004. Launch of a unique manufacturing ceramic flux allowed CTRP improve

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Sochi in the resort of Camellia completed the second phase of construction

At the construction site resort "Camellia",consisting of 73 suites and 200 rooms, the second stage of construction. The second phase was carried out on the device facades and roofs, made most of the work on laying of internal and external utilities.



The next phase — installation of decorative elements of the facade.

At the moment, work began to rebuild the image of the main building of the former sanatorium "Science". Designed resort famous Soviet architect AV Samoilov (From 1935 — to 1945).

In 2007 the building

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The reasons for the cold snap in Europe?

The reasons for the cold snap in Europe? Weather and Climate

While U.S. residents dream of a frosty snowy winter, most of Europe and Asia remains terrified of abnormally cold weather, due to the deaths of more than three hundred people. Entire communities in Italy, Bosnia and Romania covered with snow, and completely cut off from the outside world due to damaged power lines. In Bulgaria from heavy rains and massive melting of ice broke through a river dam, resulting in four deaths of local residents. In Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Turkey in the next few days is expected to

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