Cloud Angel — a phenomenon over?


"Cloud Angel" appeared over South Florida on the day of the election of a new pope. As a result, many have linked this event with a seal of approval from above.

But, experts say, this phenomenon is not something supernatural, most likely, a common phenomenon took on a special meaning in connection with the election of Pope Francis. On this day, some saw a slender figure in a cloud, which the picture is shown below. But according to the assertions of others, appeared in the sky just enough interesting cloud.


Ian Loxley

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China: Rainbow clouds over the Jiangxi

July 2, 2013. Evening of July 1, the sky over Syushuanom (Suichuan), Jiangxi, after the rain painted in bright colors.

Unusual clouds, with a slight tinge of green, yellow and red, appeared in the sky. Colorful spectacle attracted passers-by, they stayed to enjoy the incredible skies.




Iridescent clouds — is a relatively rare optical phenomenon. It may be observed at all times of the year, but most often — in the fall.

So when the sun takes a certain position in the sky, while hidden in a fairly dense

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Especially in shallow water by the tsunami explained

October 1. Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder have used mathematical methods to the characteristics of the waves appearing in the shallow water before the tsunami, and found that their characteristics depend on what kind of force wave will cover the island.

Total found two distinct types of waves — X-shaped and U-shaped, so called because of the form that takes water mass.

Through his research in the natural environment, the scientists saw that the conventional direct waves in the interaction form a different type of waves, X-or Y-type. Thus, if closer to the coast during the

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Villagers saw the sky Newbie secret signs


Victor Gaidukov lives in the village of shiny new (Pavlovsky District, Voronezh Oblast). At the beginning of the sixth morning he was awakened by his wife Galina, who read the book and pointed to the window. On another dark sky above the forest, a large glowing object clavate had joined with him a bright arc, like a rainbow.

From the outside it looked like a giant lantern. He still hung to the south-west of the house Gaidukova. Grabbing digital home "bar of soap" couple time to make a single frame of the window. But too weak for

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In Ukraine, the Chupacabra comes to people through the portal


Original hypothesis concerning the origin of the elusive nature of the beast called "Chupacabra" announced days researcher of anomalous phenomena Vladimir Litovka, the initiator of the "anomalous" in the school museum Romni (Sumy region).

Ukrainian researcher manifestation of the "phenomenon of Chupacabra" believes that the solution lies in the phenomenon of other unsolved areas of our existence.

"Being referred to as the phenomenon of" Chupacabra ", enters into our world through space-time portals, which are located at the positions of the Scythian burial cemeteries" — in all seriousness, the researcher has to consider its version of colleagues.

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USA: Ominous clouds covered Michigan

July 25, 2013. Yesterday at about 20:30 local time on the staff of Michigan appeared ominous clouds yellow-orange color. According to one of the local newspapers, the witnesses of this strange phenomenon immediately began to shoot video and take pictures, and then putting them online. One of the locals in the comments wrote that what he saw is the craziest thing he had ever met. In fact, many Michigan residents expect after such a horrifying sight to see a hurricane or tornado.

But meteorologists have denied such allegations, noting that it is a rare phenomenon called Mammatus. In

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Concerns about El Niño saved

Experts that monitor the phenomenon of El Niño, they say that it continued the positive phase still has a significant effect on the mode of atmospheric circulation and weather patterns in many parts of the world where it is usually the case. The beginning of the episode of El Niño was diagnosed in June 2009. Its peak was recorded in November and December 2009, when the sea surface temperature anomaly in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, reaching 1,5 °. According to the model predicted termination of this phenomenon should be expected in mid-2010. However, it is generally believed that the

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In Kharkov, made a scientific discovery at the cellular level

At the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery. Zaitseva namni in Kharkiv was opened and proved previously unknown phenomenon pezobiosinteza.

  This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of Health, reports"Word and Deed".

The authors of the opening were scientists Valery Boyko, Peter Zamyatin, Viktor Zhukov, Paul Shchapov, Vyacheslav Klimov Nevzorov and Elena.

According to the head of the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery. Zaitsev Valery Boyko this discovery that by deforming the cell can affect the energy conversion, and therefore the synthesis of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

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Short memory shimmering quantum dots

Researchers from the Institute of Physics of PN Lebedev and his colleagues have made the next step to understanding the nature of the shimmering luminescence of quantum dots. They found that semiconductor nanocrystals CdSe / CdS have a certain memory effect — the last state of the system affect the evolution of its fluorescence. The data obtained will help to find ways to control flickering fluorescent, unpredictable nature of which still limits the perspectives of nanodots.

Light emitted quantum dot semiconductor or conductor particle with characteristic sizes from 1 nm to 100 nm

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Near Rome's airport formed a geyser

August 30, 2013. Saturday morning near Rome's Fiumicino airport was found a small fumarole — a hole through which the surface of the earth come hot steam and gas. The depth of a crater about 1.2 meters in diameter — 1.8 meters.

Airport workers immediately put the fence and caused seismologists, but witnesses managed to capture an unusual phenomenon in the video.

As reported by witnesses, right in the middle of the circular intersection formed geyzeropodobny source, who began to throw mud and steam to a height of one meter.

Now the Italian geologists study the nature of this

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