Perfectly Planned.

A shared vision strengthens a Michigan couple’s bonds.

Phil and Denise Swy had heard that undertaking a major project, such as building a home, could stress a marriage. They’d have no part of that. Instead, they sat down and drafted a 25-year plan leading to the completion of their dream home in northern Michigan. They stuck to the plan and, when all was said and done, found that their shared experience strengthened their relationship.

The plan began with buying a pie shaped lot on Lake Michigan and building a 25-by-40-foot log cabin from Maple Island Log Homes to use as

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As we embark on the Champions League season. Reuters photographer PHIL NOBLE talks to Will Roberts about his love of sport and the conflicts within the industry.

At 38, Phil Noble is still a young man in the world of photography, but he speaks with the authority, experience and passion of someone much older.

His career — starting off as a newspaper photographer before moving on to news agencies -has coincided with a massively significant time in the news industry; a period of substantial upheaval. He took his first steps as a professional photographer when the printed media was king,


Groundhog Day in the U.S.

Groundhog Day (Groundhog Day) is celebrated in the U.S. on February 2.

According to legend, on this day we have to carefully monitor the groundhog, crawls out of his hole, to find out when spring comes. If the groundhog sees his shadow — ie if the day is sunny — marmot hides back to the burrow, and winter will continue for six weeks. If the animal does not see his shadow — ie overcast day — spring will be early.

This tradition dates back to the German rites. True, they are not part groundhog and badger, and the behavior of

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In the picture 100 years ago, the phenomenon of holy shot


Twins from Australia Phil and Mick Cahalan surprised mystical family heirloom. She was the photograph taken more than 100 years ago in Scotland. The image was captured on the ancient great-grandfather of the brothers … and the strange figure of a woman in a bright translucent dress.  

The fact is that in reality, the great-grandfather was in the picture, but the transmission of the female figure was not. Family history clarifies the mystery photo, which a hundred years of family passed each other and cherished as

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