Tornadoes in Portugal. Video. Photo


2.05.12.Odin people were injured as a consequence of the hurricane in the Lagoa de Albufeira (Portugal), damaged power lines, uproot about 30 — 40 trees, rooftops posryvalo shingles.

The area on which pohozyaynichat element was about 1000 meters long and 40 meters wide, said channel tvi24 representative Civil Defense District Lusa Dinis de Jesus. On the probability of occurrence of a tornado Institute of Meteorology storm warning was issued.

Source: tvi24

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Development of NSU calculates the tsunami is 150 times faster than systems in the United States.


The algorithm developed in Novosibirsk State University, will reduce the computation time tsunami 150 times as compared with the systems used in USA, and will quickly and accurately assess the location and the level of destruction, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Vice President for Information NSU Mikhail Lavrentiev.

Tsunami wave on the ocean at the speed of a jet plane — about 700-800 kilometers per hour. For example, to Sakhalin from the coast Chile it extends beyond the 22 hours. Specialized program for tsunami hazard calculations used by the National Agency for the atmosphere and the

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Sinkhole in Berdsk. Photo

Karst holes

Photo by Anatoly Malyshev

29.03.12.Proval, measuring about two by three meters, occurred in intra-road. The hole, which was reported to the Editor residents of nearby houses, formed during the afternoon of 29 March. So far no public services do not eliminate the consequences of emergency. In the adjacent homes off the water.

Photo by Anatoly Malyshev

Source: Kurer.Sreda.Berdsk


Photo by Anatoly Malyshev

Photo by Anatoly Malyshev

Ground failures in Tuva earthquake on June 6. Video. Photo

Karst holes

Severed tree roots part landslide pulled down, and the second part of the roots goes on. Photo by: Alexander Saryg-Sep

07.07.12.Eti Oshta falls on the river in the Kaa-Khem district, occurred during the earthquake June 6, 2012 Location ~ 8 km. upriver from m.Makeevka

This view of the floodplain Oshta Saryg-Sepa 3 km. + 8 km. All this June 5 was not.

Here the water bubbling out of the void and apparently replaced the track, the day before yesterday (5 June 2012), it's not bylo.Avtor Photo: Alexander Saryg-Sep

Photo by: Alexander Saryg-Sep

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In Kerch failed asphalt. Photo

Karst holes

Photo from: KERCH.COM.UA

11.01.12.V Kerch failed pavement on a busy road trasse.Doroga failed in about 18 hours. No injuries were reported.

Sewer, which almost every three months to repair "Gorvodocanal" continues to crumble and wash away the highway. At that time the road has failed in stopping the "Library". From the resulting hole is blowing terribly sanitation.

Currently pit fenced little emergency cones. Traffic policemen who provided cones, left the scene. Now there is the chief engineer on duty "Gorvodocanal" before the pit is a machine. According to Valery Starichenko on one side of the road does

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Size matters

Denis Mokrushin compares to my LJ and our American military navigator. Many have called our system GLONASS only as a disgrace. But another myth dispelled. Next story Dennis.

Everyone is mocked the size of the Russian military GLONASS navigator, they say, he is a giant that is stydobischem in the twenty-first century. Today was another piece of reproaches from one of the visitors to my journal. She looked so — that's our navigator


But the best American (right)


American positioned as a compact and ours — as a whopper. I'm not being

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The development of agriculture in the district of Smolensk region POCHINKOVSKOE

In April POCHINKOVSKOE near Smolensk region was put into operation plant of the company "Agro-Capital", which produces products under the brand name "Milk Smolensk". The size of investments — 15 million rubles. The administration of subsidized half the cost of the equipment. The company has gained a strong position in the Smolensk market. Improves the competitiveness of its resource base. Milk plant receives from the farms of its holding company, which are located in several areas of the region.


A large investment project is implemented in CJSC "Troparevo". In the near future it will begin construction

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Another puzzle: ideal scenery OR SECRET HELICOPTER?

Reporter David Tsentsiotti published a picture of the helicopter, similar to the one that was used U.S. Special Forces in May 2011 during a raid to capture Osama bin Laden. Maybe the picture is one of the hidden stealth helicopters created for covert penetration spetsnaz groups in the enemy’s rear.   On the other hand, the current being filmed movie about a special operation in Pakistan, and can be fully that the stealth version of the helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk is the backdrop to this film.   Even if it is a set, then it looks very impressive. Cause

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Development of Vladivostok


Sent comments leprosy. Photos are added. The result was a report of what has been done in Vladivostok. Very helpful blog, there are many photos of projects under construction.

============================================== Clearly surprised about such large-scale inflows into the city for some two-day APEC summit. In fact, the Summit is just an excuse to develop the infrastructure of the largest in the Far East of the city and the port from which rapidly began to put off people. Built not only one bridge, it is a set of objects to the construction site where the fourth

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Debunking the Myth (part 1)

I decided to make this photo review in order to dispel myths about the new form. In the Internet often walk photo of the old form of the first samples on the basis of what people are doing negative findings, while calling them to serve in the army Yudashkin 3.14 rum and cut "trehhetazhnym" whole government. Let's go on …

Field form

This form is a field and is designed for exercises, guard duty, and so on. It is worth noting that the equipment will be

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