Capital of Pomerania hail smote. Photo


2.08.11.V Arkhangelsk in the 29th timber was a powerful hurricane.

There was a feeling that was the end of the news agency sveta.Ob 'Dvina-Inform "said one reader.

The sky shone every 2 seconds bright peals, a heavy thunder, and then came the hurricane. As a result, the weather had been felled trees, ripped off roofs, shattered windows and broken wire.

"This fear in my life I have never experienced. Wind tended trees to the ground, pulled them back, breaking branches. Instantly a heavy downpour, so that at a distance of half a meter could not see anything. Then rain

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Energodar roses bloom in December. Photo


Such beauty pleases passersby at the end of December. Photo by Galina BLANUTSY newspaper "GROWTH-info»

27.12.11.Neobychny gift for the New Year were residents Energodara.V late December in the city center, at the bust of Shevchenko blossomed roses.

Local public utilities for the flowers carefully tended: dig in and trimmed bushes. But environmentalists Zaporozhye to such news are treated with caution. — Autumn was warm and dry, in early December, we had a slight chill, and now again the heat, but still moist. Here plants and wake up, as if spring has come, — told the "KP" Ph.D. Valentine

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17.05.12.Gibel fish in the Lipetsk region. Photo


Photo from:

17.05.12.Ves Voronezh River in the village Syrskoe littered with dead fish. Many inhabitants of the reservoir are fighting for their lives last legs, gasping for air at the water surface. According to local residents, and the frogs were gone. Earlier in the evening they croaked in chorus, but two days is completely silent.

On this fact Rosprirodnadzor started checking. The water samples were sent to a laboratory for examination.

Recall that in the village in October Syrskoe bridge five days ago, burst sewer pipe. Content Collector for several days running down to the river Voronezh.

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Every aircraft, two aircraft … seven aircraft!

It seems picture from this angle has not yet appeared, we



This is the final assembly plant. Another 23 aircraft are in various stages of readiness in other shops KNAAPO.

Time Machine — not fiction, but a reality

It turns out the time machine — it is not fiction, but a reality in the photo made in 1941 have found a man of the future. The museum, which is located in Canada, which has become a unique exhibit in the exhibition "Their past lives here." After the exhibition, it has become the most replicated photograph in this world.

Do you want to buy an air conditioner in your apartment? Then, you need a sale and installation of air conditioning, which the company osuschesvlyayut


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17.07.12.Mor fish Nanhu Lake in China. Photo


17.07.12.Mnozhestvo dead fish were found along the shore of Lake Nanhu morning of July 15 in the central city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. Experts attribute this to the heavy rains and high temperatures. According to the Chinese edition of "Chutyan Dushibao" dead fish, including many large specimens weighing more than 5 pounds, stretched tight band along the length of the lake for a few hundred meters.

According to the expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Huanchzhana, this was the result of heavy Doges, collapsed recently in central China, as well as high temperature, resulting in water significantly

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Five former kindergarten PAC opened in Vladivostok

November 23, all five former kindergarten PF otkrylis.Teper these institutions operate in the status of municipalities. With the transfer of the gardens at their disposal the municipality has received 235 pre-school places — so many children are designed to ex-military gardens.


Three of the five gardens to address the military were closed from the beginning of autumn. Department of Defense agencies did not communicate to the balance of the city. The mechanism of transmission of the defense department was launched only in the beginning of November. Then the on-line began to bring in the order of

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Journey to the fire

Kostroma — A city on the Volga River and the administrative center of Kostroma region, a major river port. The date of foundation of Kostroma is officially considered 1152. This date proposed historian VNTatischev, linking the event to the activities of Yuri Dolgoruky in the north-east Russia. Population — 269,711 people (2010)


"Wonderful Kostroma. Very clean, well maintained, beautiful. A lot of people walking foreigners. Interesting form of Zoning: streets fan out from a central square. Mass of sculptures and monuments. Basically, what I've been telling you, see for yourself ….. "

Station "Kostroma-new"

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Track machines for Europe





The rail car is a two-axle self-propelled carriage. On the front of the console is carrying cabin with a crane at the top, in the middle of a frame diesel JAMZ-238B-14. The power from the diesel engine is transmitted through the propeller shafts, camshaft gear for pumps, compressor, hydraulic drive GP-300 (or GMPM-220), and from it via a drive gear to the axial gear wheels and three-phase generator. At the request of the customer on the back of the console rail car can be mounted crane cranes, significantly

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Consequences of rains in Cherkassy. Photo. Video


photo — Cherkasky forum/MAXIMUM2

29.06.11.Segodnya, June 29, due to heavy rains flooded several streets in Cherkassy. In some areas of the city paralyzed traffic. Authorities may declare a state of emergency in the city. This morning, most people in the South-Western district is not able to reach the city center. Buses and trolley buses did not move neither one way or the other.

Most problem areas formed on the street Konev in the southwestern area, and near the railway station. In addition, as the first deputy mayor of Cherkasy Victor Bezzubenko, burst sewer at the intersection of Prospect

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