PTK ASU TK Constellation-2M

The exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition «RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS», which took place from September 8 to 11 in the capital of Russian Tank — Nizhny Tagil, Russia's largest in artillery ammunition site "Prospector", which belongs to the FSE "Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing» among other new products on display the latest design of Concern "Constellation" — program-technical complexes for automated upravleniyavoinskimi formations at the tactical level. JSC "Concern" Constellation "- the largest Russian enterprise electronic industry. It consists of 20 leading research institutes, design bureaus and plants industry. Concern is the developer of the Unified command and

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Sinkhole in Polk City. Florida. Video. Photo

Karst holes

30.12.11.Proval soil occurred on Thursday morning, December 29 in the town of Polk City (POLK CITY) Florida, depth of the dip by Friday increased by 4 feet, and now stands at 16 feet (ft — 30.48 cm).

Source: Central Florida News 13 , ABCActionNews

Photo from:

Photo from:

Photo from:

In Voronezh Reservoir fish died. Video. Photo


Photo by Alexander Zinchenko

08.05.11. — We noticed that something was wrong three days ago, when the water in the backwater for no reason, no reason is highlighted in pink — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maslovka neighborhood residents.

— Soon after, on the surface of the water was a dead fish float.

To parse the causes of environmental disasters on Friday, August 5, the place went specialists from several departments: RPN, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing control.

— We have selected a sample of water for analysis, the results will be ready in five days — told us Sergei Turchaninov, Head

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The production of the Su-30M2 and Su-35s in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Photo essay, RG

Photo report "Russian newspaper" on the production of Su-35s and Su-30M2 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft plant named after Yuri Gagarin (OJSC "Company" dry ").


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Seaside swept over two tornado. Photo


Photo: Andriy Kravets

15.07.11.Nad Primorsk harbor city yesterday, July 14, around 6:00 am just two tornado swept, tell readers 47News. Photos provided by eyewitnesses.

According to 47News deputy head of Primorsk for Civil Defense and Emergencies Sergei Rogov, no accidents related to weather, were recorded.

Photo: Andriy Kravets

Source: 47News

Sinkhole in Ryazan. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: ©

15.07.11.V Friday, July 15, at 15 o'clock near house number 29 on Gorky Street failed asphalt. No injuries were reported.

Arrived at the scene of road supervision of state inspectors in the city of Ryazan Oleg Mayorov and his assistant, who cordoned off a dangerous place.

At the scene, due to utility and road services.





Mysterious circles in the fields of Bashkiria. Photo


Photo: Anas Arslanov

29/06/11. — On this road I travel every day — excitedly says a resident Tuymazy district Askhat Khalitov.

— This time, however, I noticed that something was not right. When looked closely — Father! Circles oat field! We drove a little further — again traces. But yesterday was nothing like that!

The day before in the area was heavy rain, but the impact of natural disasters eyewitness flatly rejects.

— For their 64 years I have never in my life seen a wind like that was putting the ears in different directions — said

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Production of elevators in Krasnoyarsk

Lift the production of "Scherbinsk lift the plant"


In Krasnoyarsk, opened its first own production of elevators. The line launched on the basis of known in Russia "Scherbinsk lift the plant". This is one of the main suppliers of lifts with electric and hydraulic drives. Earlier in the territory of the new plant was only assembly plant, the plan was first necessary to work out the process and ensure the quality of products.


Details for the elevators were brought in from other cities in Russia, and now the lion's share of components

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From polluted water in the Yangtze River is yadovitoy.Foto


From severe pollution in the Yangtze River killed fish Photo:

23.03.11.Kak reported at "Focus Van Haofen" March 22 in Wuhan, located on the bank of the length of the Yangtze River in China, the pollution has reached such an extent that the water in it was just toxic, causing lost all fish. Van Haofen, the site owner, the private investigation found that on the banks of the Yangtze River are numerous plants: chemical, paint, zinc, steel, and all these factories dumped toxic waste through the pipes into the river Yangtze.

According to local residents, a river so

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Production of SSJ 100, KnAAPO and Knafo: it was (2006) and became (2012)

Riveting machines Brotje now — photo 10.04.2012

Place under Brotje, 2006:

"Excavation" on a milling machine Forest-Line, 30.01.2006:

Forest-Line now:

2011, photo by Sergey shares:

Back in 2006: a device for assembling panels SUNGLASSES:

Pit under the pulling-press:

How much is done:

And the panel to 95039:

Five years ago, in 2007 — the first SSJ 100 stands alone in the corner:

And today, 10 April 2012 — 7 SSJ

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