The School Bus is implemented in Kamchatka


The first buses as part of the the project "School Bus" were presented to township schools Elizovskiy municipal district.

School teachers admitted that their school is a historic event, because having your vehicle, the school will be able to make the learning process more diverse and fascinating. "Now there will be problems in order to bring students on field trips or to sporting events at the Olympics. Previously, we had to ask the parents are, of course, we have always helped, but having your bus — it's just a dream and it came true. We're happy,

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In the river in Adygea all the fish have died. Photo


In the river in Adygea killed all the fish Photo: Victor Malashkin

2.12.11.Posle next rain Kamla river that flows through the hamlet Shevchenko Teuchezhsky district Adygea floated belly up all the fish.

Local sources say that the blame pig farm, they say, store the manure in it overflowed and faeces decided to take to the fields. After rain washed manure into the river.

— Yes, all this is nonsense. Just had severe frosts, Kamla was covered with ice and the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen, — say in the company.

— Rivers have often covered with

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Sinkhole in China’s Shenzhen. Photo

Karst holes

The failure on the road. Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. October 2011. Photo from

3.11.11.Krupny failure area of 100 square meters was formed on October 30 on the road in the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province in southern China.

This is the fourth such incident in a residential area, causing concern among local residents living in the vicinity of these wells.

According to experts, this is due to the construction of an underground tunnel, as well as with complex geological conditions and soil porosity, write Chinese media.

Ilya Ivanov

Source: The Epoch Times


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The construction of the Salekhard-Nadym

In the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, construction of 330 kilometers of roads Salekhard-Nadym. Currently Nadym part of the track builders started construction of two bridges (PC 478 and PC 531). Directions on them will be available by the end of 2011. Throughout the entire route will be built about 50 bridges. In addition to the construction of bridges on the stretch of road continues Nadym laying roadbed. Work is underway to prepare for the two trenches for laying culverts. On Salekhard area backfilled for more than 450 thousand cubic meters of soil. Packed 14 culverts. Construction of the road — "Nadim

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The Clean Water. Modular water treatment system

In the second quarter of 2011, the company "Akvametosintez" started the supply and installation of modular water treatment plants designed to prepare domestic water use in communities Polar Region Nenets Autonomous District, commissioned by the NAO Administration under the program "Clean Water. The Polar region of Nenets Autonomous Okrug ".


The modules are available in standard 20-bit or 40-foot containers, insulated sandwich panels from the inside. Plants are equipped with thermal stabilization and ventilation, lighting and internal ground loop, heating cables for connection to external utilities, and can also be fitted with alarms to opening and

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In Lithuania, the flowers bloom. Photo


Sweet William. Photo: Galina Palagina

9.11.11.Smotryu news on TV — in Russia for many where the snow fell … And we in the north-eastern Lithuania autumn is warm and endless … smoothly into the spring … The leaves have fallen from the trees, but that flowers … Enjoy yourself:

But dohlenkie, but still — chamomile. Photo: Galina Palagina

Delphinium bloomed for the third time, puny, but still … Photo: Galina Palagina

And finally — the buttercups! Photo: Galina Palagina

In short, as in the fairy tale "The Twelve Months": the grass is green, the sun

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In the desert of Nazca someone drew a five-storey building with men


Japanese scientists from the University of Yamagata studied the new satellite images of the Earth, and, to his surprise, discovered two new Geoglyphs of Nazca desert.

— Such images in Nazca still has not found! — Rejoiced study leader Professor Masato Sakai . — The drawings resemble the two human figures with large parties. This is very unusual because humanoid image uncharacteristic for this plateau.

The fact that until now has been found about 700 geometric figures primarily triangles and trapezoids and 100 spirals. There are a few drawings

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Test run the submersible Max-300 took place in Vladivostok

The robot was designed by a group of students in Institute of Marine ecologies in Vladivostok.


On the establishment of the unit told Ph.D., a leading expert Vladimir Kostenko — The cost of this unique device — about 2 million rubles, weight — 45 kg. His task — to examine the bottom of the ships, "fly" into the sea "feel out" the bottom. Max-300 — operating unit name, it can be immersed up to 300 meters, however, we have made it so that it can withstand the pressure and the greater depth. The robot has the

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About the company of a single sniper

It is no secret that, in connection with the introduction of the combined arms Army special sniper units, the troops began the formation of a phased and multi-level selection and training of snipers. After the stage of acquisition of individual sniper mouth, all snipers will be trained in training centers to once every 3-4 years.


Formed for training schools sniper developed training programs that involve the mastery of complex knowledge, skills and abilities, including those on the adjustment of artillery fire, prompting the Army Aviation and kontrsnayperskoy training. Instructors, of which will be equipped with the

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About the figure

The Ministry of Defence has named the cost of sets of new uniforms for employees. Journalists were told the head of the department of resource support of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Andrei Podoprigorin, form a set of winter clothes new sample is 2 thousand 443 rubles., A set of summer cotton clothing — 996 rubles. He added that these kits retail at about twice the price. According A.Podoprigorina, currently at the Ministry of Defense four vendor forms, the choice of which was based on auctions.

After the adoption of a new form of clothing she was sent to all

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